Content Writing Jobs From Home; Become a Freelance Writer

If you are a content writer or are keen to become a freelance content writer, then rest assure that there is a rising demand for content.

Making money online and working from home are becoming popular ways of making an additional income for the family.

This article concentrates on how to become a content writer and provides you with a list of the best websites to find work as a remote content writer.

What Is Content Writing?

Content Writing Definition

Content Writing is a type of online writing, generally linked to marketing campaigns.

When a company wants to promote a specific product content writers create the writing which appears on these campaigns.

It is mostly related to SEO marketing campaigns and writers focus on producing high-quality content, including a set of keywords and phrases relevant to the product marketed. 

What Is A Content Writer?

A Content Writer is a professional writer who can turn a brief into an engaging article, blog or other written content ready to be advertised online.

Copywriting Vs Content Writing

Copywriters produce text, whereas content writers produce engaging, persuasive written content from a brief.

Types of Content Writers

Blog Writer

blog writer devotes their time to write engaging content about their selected niche.

The writer will research information relating to the blog subject, working with other experts to produce credible, well-written articles.

Blog Writers usually are experts in Search Engine Optimization and perform keyword research while optimizing the content written.


A scriptwriter has expertise in storytelling; they produce the written content for TV shows, movies, podcasts, radio advertising and more.

​Email writer

An email writer is responsible typically for the generation of sales through their emails. 

They are required to write headlines and phrases that attract the attention of the email reader, ensuring it is directed correctly at them.

Ghost Writer

A Ghostwriter produces original work, but someone who does not take credit for the work produced. 

They fill gaps in organizations that do not have the skills or motivation to complete the task. 

Ghostwriters require confidence and credibility as they often write for CEOs and other team members producing Leadership pieces, white papers and other important articles.

Social Media Writer

Becoming a Social Media Writer is one of the more accessible options when considering content writing jobs.

We nearly all do social media writing already on our Facebook or Instagram pages, so there is not a lot to learn. 

A Social media writer will publish written content into various social media sites, promoting their product, initiation conversations and interactions with social media users.

Social Media Writers understand the most popular social medial platforms and keep up to date with any changes, to ensure they keep engaging followers.

As Social Media Writer, you will be responsible for social media posts, quizzes, PR outreach and other tasks associated with social media advertising.

Technical writer

Technical writers produce understandable written content from complex technical information for a non-technical audience.

The writers specialize in particular niches and produce guides, How to's, manuals, training and marketing material, in house publications and advertisements, to name a few.

What Skills Do Content Writers Need? 

Content writers need a variety of skills:

Grammar - It is crucial Content Writers understand all grammar rules.

Researching Skills - You will need to find interesting and trustworthy information from recognized, reliable sources.

Organization Skills - You'll have to develop a routine to organize articles; the last thing you would want to do is forget something when you are completing a task.

The Ability to Meet Deadlines - Ensuring your high-quality content on time is paramount.

Time management is a must.

Creativity - To ensure your articles stand out from the crowd, you must ensure you create content that is unique and different than your competitors. 

The more creative you are, the more your content will get noticed.

Adaptability - You must be able to meet the brief of the client you are working for; this involves ensuring the content fits with their brand.

SEO Experience - As a successful content writer, you must be aware of SEO trends and know how to optimize your content to get ranked by the search engines.

These skills are vital to becoming successful as a freelance content writer.

How To Become A Successful Content Writer

Steps to becoming a successful Content writer:

1. Develop Your Writing Skills

Before beginning your career as a content writer, you will need to ensure your writing skills are top-notch.

Freelance writing jobs require you to have excellent English language skills:

Daily Grammar offers free grammar lessons and quizzes for you to learn and test your knowledge.

ProWriting Aid analyzes your content writing for a fee; this includes reviewing and helping you edit full chapters, entire reports and in-depth articles.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is a great guide to keep by your desk. It is full of useful tips.


Aim your writing at an 8th-grade reading level; there is no point in using big fancy words when half the readers will not understand them. Instead use simple words.


Ensure you write as you speak.


Keeping your paragraphs to one sentence makes it easier for the reader to read the content.

Make your writing easy on the eyes.


I personally always start with an outline, I detail each of my headings and subheadings so I can ensure the format looks good and reads easily; this ensures I have included everything I want to write.

2. Provide Answers to Questions

To keep your readers engaged, ask and answer questions throughout your content.

People read articles and blogs to increase their knowledge, so ensure you provide well thought out accurate answers.

3. Be Unique

To keep your readers engaged, ensure your content is unique, people don't want to read the same articles over and over. Be different than your competitors and try a new angle.

Producing original content is also essential for SEO optimization. If you post duplicate content google will detect it, and you may get penalized. 

In all honesty, you will save time and effort by writing unique content.

Generating new content ideas is a challenge, thinking of new subjects related to a particular niche is hard and takes time, but it is worthwhile to set you aside from the rest.

4. Understand Search Engine Optimization 

You must understand the SEO basics if you want to become a successful content writer.

Search engines are continually updating the factors they use to rank websites, so you need to keep up to date with the changes and understand them so you can optimize your content to take advantage of them.

5. Reviewing Your Content

Review your content, review it again and then come back the next morning and review it.

You need to review it as if you were reading it for the first time, does it flow well, are there spelling or grammatical mistakes, have you missed any hints.

Checking it over and over ensures there are no mistakes.

Why Become A Content Writer?

Becoming a freelance content writer offers some great benefits:

Its Flexible - Content writer jobs from home provide you with flexibility. You can choose when you want to work, where you want to work from and how you want to work.

I write when my girls are at school. I lock myself in my study in the quiet to produce articles while they are away from home.

You are also in control of how many hours of writing you do per week and the amount of money you want to earn.

It Is Satisfying - If you enjoy writing, then what a great job to have!

How Content Writers Spend Their Time

There are several tasks content writers need to do to produce engaging, unique content.


Every time they write content, readers must read and research all about the topic. 

Content writers need a plan.

By committing ideas to paper before writing, content writers can determine if an article will work. It helps organize the specific subjects, to make the writing flow. 

Now, to the best bit. Writing

Writers probably spend half their time writing and editing their content.

Finally, Writers must review their work. 

Content Writer Courses

If you have no experience in content writing, there are several courses that can set you in the right direction.

Freelance Writers Den

An online resource for writers who wish to launch their writing careers.

It provides you with a range of online learning, including how to pitch and write reviews, live events to build your skills, s24/7 forum, so you have access to an active community of writer. 

Lisa Tener - Book Writing Coach

This website gives you a comprehensive guide on how to write a book and get it published. 

Movie In a Month

If you fancy becoming a screenwriter, a movie in a month is a great option. Developed by screenwriters, it is designed to help you write a screenplay.

Content Writer Jobs

There are several places that you can find Freelance Content Writer positions:


This company will pay your $100 for writing a list. 

The list must have a minimum of 10 items, between 1,500 and 2,000 words and can be about anything; it just needs to have excellent English.

Freelance Writing Gigs

The Freelance Writing gigs job board is updated weekly. You will find both content writing jobs and Blogging jobs.

If you subscribe, jobs get posted directly to your inbox.


The ProBlogger jobs board lists a range of blogging assignments.

The ads are great as they explain what is required and the salary range.

Freelance Writing

By signing up to Freelance, you will receive job alerts each morning of any new freelance writing jobs.

They produce a Morning Coffee Newsletter each week which contains 8 of the best new writing jobs for freelancers.

Blogging Pro

Updated daily with new jobs, Blogging Pro is a free site full of content writer jobs.

All Freelance Writing

For all kinds of freelance writing, this website advertises blogging and technical writing jobs and also allows you to sort by salary range.

One Space

Before applying for any positions at one space you will have to take a qualification test, once passed, you will be able to apply for jobs that match your skillset.

There are a number of places that you can find Freelance Content Writer positions:

Content Writing Salary

According to PayScale, the average content writer earns $46,000 per annum. 

Content Writing Software

Once you've got a name for yourself as a successful content writer, it's time to consider what software tools there are that can make your life much more comfortable.

Having some of your daily tasks automated helps you to stay focus on the writing instead of spending all your time on making the article look good.

Here are some content writing tools that will help you become a successful content writer:


To successfully optimize your articles, you cannot do without this SEO toolkit.

Ahrefs allows you to check any domain, domain ranking, backlink profiles, keyword research and ranking, and so much more.

Before I write an article, I key in the desired keyword into Ahrefs to analyse my competition and get ideas for alternative keywords.

Blog Topic Generator

This tool will assist you in generating new ideas for your blog posts. You can enter the keywords you want to rank for, and it will produce a list of subjects they can use.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console analyzes the number of visitors to your blog. You can sort out the information by country or what type of device was used to read that blog.

You can then use this information to see what your most popular blogs were, then analyse these to find out what you did right.


I love this spelling and grammar checker. It spots errors and other grammatical mistakes.

It also optimizes your text, making it easier to read for your viewers.


Plagiarism is where you copy someone else's work.

Google will penalize your website, leading to a low ranking so to keep your content as original as you can, use this fabulous website.

Power Thesaurus

This software is a fast, convenient and comprehensive online thesaurus.

It is free and a great tool when trying to produce unique content.


This platform makes managing your social media content easy.

You can schedule posts in advance, meaning you can leave them and forget saving you valuable time and allowing you to post in the optimal period.

About The Author

Susan Elaine

Susan is a stay at home mum of three young girls.  Originally a chartered Accountant, but moved into content writing so she could have flexibility and be there for her kids


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