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Are you looking for Work at Home Interpreter Jobs? Can you speak more than one language? 

Those of you that are lucky enough to possess the ability to speak in more than one language should read on.   This article will provide you with several options for working at home as an Interpreter.

​There are hundreds of Interpretation jobs out there.  A high percentage of them being home-based jobs, allowing you to earn money online.

​I​nterpret​er Job Description


Interpreters are highly skilled at interpreting verbal communication from one language into another.

They listen to verbal information, memorize it, and then provide a recount of the information in another language.

Interpreters can work in a variety of sectors, including education, health care, legal, insurance, and more.

​For online interpreter jobs from home, you will record your interpretation. Then provide a clear and exact translation to your customer to convey the message. 

You will provide interpretations of questions, answers, arguments, explanations, and statements.  Ensuring you do not add or omit any part of the verbal message.

An interpreter needs to use their skills to convey the verbal ​message, so it makes sense into the language they are ​interpreting.

How To Work As An Interpreter Online

​​The majority of Interpreters working from home, provide the interpretation service utilizing a telephone or over the internet using a video remote interpretation program.

​Interpretation vs  Translation


Interpretation and Translation are often confused. 

Translators deliver the meaning from one language to another in writing.  While Interpreters convey the meaning orally.

What Type Of Work Will I Do As An ​Interpreter?


Interpreter's working from home will be required to listen to one person speaking on a telephone call or a video conferencing call.  Then they will interpret the message to someone else.

You will participate in live conversations and conference calls.  Most conversations are conducted over skype or another oral communication program.

​There is a range of Interpreter jobs:

  • Conference Interpreter - Working for businesses online.  Interpreting online conferences or Online meetings, and online training sessions.
  • Medical Interpreter - Most medical interpreters will work in a medical facility.  However some are required to work from home, facilitating communication between health care workers in different locations.
  • Legal Interpreters - Legal professionals based in a different country than their clients, who may require interpreters to assist them working from home.
  • Education Interpreters - Lecturers and teachers may provide online​ verbal lecture materials, that require interpretation for foreign or deaf students.

Interpreter Jobs Skills Re​​​​​​​​​quired

To be successful as an Interpreter, you will require several essential skills in addition to being orally fluent in at least two languages.

  • ​An ability to think fast is crucial, as you ​will choose the most effective way to convey a message.
  • You will have to listen and talk at the same time, so listening skills are essential.
  • Pronounce your words clearly and audibly, so your client understands you.
  • Being able to read body language to interpret emotion is an important skill, as this enables you to communicate the true meaning of the message.

Qualifications Requir​​​​ed To Become An Interpreter


Interpreters need to be proficient in at least two languages.

The majority of companies employing Interpreters will require you to have your high school diploma, GED, or equivalent as their minimum requirement.

However, a number will ​expect you to have a bachelor's degree​.

How Much Can I Earn As An Interpreter?


​On average, an Interpreter earns approximately $​50,000 a year, according to ​the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An interpreter's income will be dependent on a variety of factors.  The demand for the languages you speak, your qualifications, and what experience you have will all impact.

The more experience you have, the higher your hourly rate will be.

​Different Industries will also pay more; if you have experience in the medical industry, you can expect to earn much more than a general Interpreter.

Where to Find ​Interpretation Jobs


Online Interpretation jobs are in high demand today, as the world seems to becoming smaller.  Business who provide Interpretation jobs include: 


​Working with independent contractors, Clickworker offers interpretation services​.

​You will need to register ​and pass an assessment test before working for them.


​Advertise Remote Interpreter positions.

Language Translation Inc

​Send ​your resume ​to an e-mail address displayed on their site​ for more information.

CyraCom International Inc

​Employing home-based interpreters of any language, submit your resume to CyraCom through the e-mail address provided​.

Estudio Balda

To be considered for Interpretation work with Estudio Balda, ​Freelance interpreters ​require at least two years of experience.

Interpreters and Translators, Inc. ​

Hires interpreters of many languages and with a variety of experience​.


​Interpreters ​must have internationally recognized qualifications​ to be hired by Lingo24.

​Complete the recruitment form and wait for feedback​.

Language Line ​

​​Hire work at home interpreters in various languages.


​Lionbridge offers interpretation ​services and requires Interpreters in a range of languages.

Language Service Associates 

​Hiring Virtual sign language interpreters, face to face interpreters, telephonic interpreters, and translators.

Multilingual Connections 

​​Work From Home Interpreters positions ​is available with Multilingual Connections.


You can apply for a freelance Interpreter position on Acclaro's localization jobs page. ​

Pacific Interpretation 

​Require Remote Interpreters for telephonic interpret​

​​Work At Home Interpreter Jobs Conclusion

Working at home as an Interpreter is a great career choice.

​Interpretation jobs are in high demand, so if you speak multiple languages fluently and have excellent communication skills, then you can make a great income working from home, proving interpretation services.

If you are interested in discovering other work from home, my article may assist you in your search.

As a work from home mum myself, ​I think this could work as a part-time job or a weekend job too, making work as a translator flexible and accessible to all.

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