Types of Transcription Jobs

When you first think about transciption jobs, medial transcription comes to mind.

Transcription is the art of listening to audio and typing what is said and turning it into a document.

You'll be surprised to know that there are a variety of transcription roles, including legal, business, medical and general transcription.  Transcriptionists are also employed to aid the deaf.

What Does A Transcriber Do?

A Transcriber is described as someone who records a written/typed version of what someone else is saying.

Transcribers would previously record these discussions, speeches or conversations by short hand.

Today, transcribers don't even have to be in the same room, office or even country to be able to transcribe.  

Instead recordings are made, uploaded to the transcriptionist who then downloads the audio file, uploads it to their professional software and then types what they hear.

Transcribers listen to the audio files on a headset, using a foot pedal to pause the audio file if required.  They then type the information, producing the required documents.

In addition to transcribing, experienced transcribers ensure the grammar is accurate too.

Legal Transcription Jobs

Legal Transcriptionists are responsible for transcribing audio files produced by attorneys, legal professionals and paralegals into legal documents.

Their role is to transcribe a wide range of legal audio, including court hearings, dictated notes, depositions and articles for legal journals and transcribe them into legal documents.

Most legal firms require knowledge of the legal system and terminology.

Employers can include law firms, courts and attorneys.  A vast number of these positions work from home.

Legal Transcriptionist - Qualifications required:

Although there are no formal education requirements required, many employers prefer that applicants hold a legal transcriptionist certifcation.  

Salary Range

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018 the median pay for a Legal Transcriptionsist was $35,000

Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcriptionists are extremely busy, transcribing Doctors or other medical practitioners audio files, ready for inclusion into the patient's medical records.

The documents transcribed can include confidential information  including patient summaries, medical documents, insurance summaries and progress notes.

You must have experience of medical terminology in order transcribe patients information accurately as medical transcriptionists play a pivotable role in providing accurate records.

Medical Transcriptionist - Qualifications required:

To become a medical transcriber you require post secondary training.  Read more about what is required to become a medical transcriptionist and what qualifications are required..

Salary Range

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018 the median pay for a Medical Transcriptionsist was $35,000.

General Transcription Jobs

General Transcriptionists, transcribe anything that is not legal or medical.

They work for organisations, businesses and individuals transcribing anything needed.

The most common transcription work includes transcribing, meetings, conference calls, focus groups, interviews, and many more. 

Most general transcribers work from home for financial institutions, public speakers, writers and many more.

You will find it much easier to start work in a general transcription positions than a medical or legal position.  This makes this kind of transcription work a great place to start.

General Transcriptionist - Qualifications required:

To become a general transcriptionsist you require no formal qualifications, however you do need strong writing/typing skills, grammar skills and excellent listening skills.

There are a range of transcriptionist courses available, which will help you become a successful transcriptionist.

Salary Range

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018 the median pay for a General Transcriptionsist was $35,000, although demand is high so these figures could be slightly low.

See a list of General Transcriptionist jobs.

Translation Transcription Jobs

Translation transcriptionists convert audio in one language into a written document in another language.

An example would be a Chineses speaker requires the document to be transcribed into English.

Translation transcriptionsist often work at home as freelancers and would be expected to transcribe interviews, speaker notes, interviews and presentations.

General Transcriptionist - Qualifications required:

There are no formal qualifications required, however you would be required to speak fluently in two or more languages.

Salary Range

There is no specified salary range for translation transcription jobs, but as they are classes as general transcription jobs the salary would have a medium pay of $35,000.

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