Courses For Transcriptionists And Audio Typists

Becoming online transcriptionists is a great job to consider when working from home.

It is a great work from home job for college students or stay at home mums.  

It provides flexibility and freedom to work when you want.

One of the best ways to succeed in transcribing is to enrol in a transcription course.

Which Transcription Course Is Right For You?

There are three types of transcriptionist jobs that you can specialise in.  

Before enrolling in a course you need to choose if you wish to transcribe in the medical, legal or the general field of transcribing.

Schools Offering Online Courses In Transcription

There are a number of schools offering online courses in transcription. I have detailed some of the better known schools below:

Transcribe Anywhere

Transcribe Anywhere offer a free course called Transcription Foundations, this is a 7 lesson mini course.

It covers a wealth of information:

Transcribe Anywhere Mini Course

This is a great course to give you a complete overview of transcribing.  

When you've completed this course, you'll know whether transcribing is for you, so you can then choose if you would like to purchase Janet's courses.

Transcribe Anywhere Courses are designed to take upto 4months.

Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription Course

The General Transcription Course aims for its students to mast transcribing audio and video content into text documents. 

The courses has six modules:

1.  Laying the Foundation - Provides an understanding for what general transcription is.

2.  Essential Skills for Excellent Transcription - Concentrates on punctation, spelling and critical thinking.

3. Time-Saving Tools for Efficient Transcription  

  • Explains what equipment you require to become successful
  • Transcription Styles
  • Formatting
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Transcribing Numbers
  • Coding for Video production
  • Short keys
  • Using transcription templates

4.  Practice Dictations - Audio and Video dictation practice.

5.  Building Your Business - Step by step guide to becoming a home based transcriptionist.

6.  Final Exam and Certification of Completion

You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon passing the Transcribe Anywhere exam.

Purchase the General Transcription Course here.

There are are a number of pricing options for the Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription Course:

Transcribe Anywhere - General Course Prices

Transcribe Anywhere Legal Transcription Course

The Legal Transcription course prepares students to transcribe legal proceedings from audio or view files into text.

There are 14 modules.

1. Introduction to Legal Transcription

2.  Tools of the Trade - Equipment required

3.  Lawyers Litigate; Transcriptionists Punctuate

  •  Legal Terminology
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation and CapitalizationTranscribing Numbers
  • Abbreviations, Capitalization, and Punctuation for Legal Transcriptionists

4.  Microsoft Word for Legal Transcriptionists

  • Commonly Used Transcriptionists' Notations
  • Spell Check, Search + Replace, & Modern Usage Notes 
  • Screenshots and Video Tutorials

5.  Basic Legal Correspondence & Practice Dictation

  • Introduction to Transcription in the Law Office 
  • Transcribing EBTs (Examination Before Trial)
  • Property Deeds

6.  The Legal Process and Court Procedure

  • Definition and Descriptions of Types of Law 
  • Civil Case steps
  • Steps in a Criminal Case
  • Anatomy of a Court Transcript

7.  Forms and Templates - Legal document

8.  Practice Transcription of Court Proceedings

9.  Depositions - Guidelines for Transcribing Depositions 

10.  Law Enforcement

  • Transcription Overview of Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Practice Transcription Files

11.  Conferences and Legal Association Meetings - Conference Transcription

12.  Time Coding for Legal Transcriptionists - Inserting Time Codes in Legal Documents.

13.  Resources and Final Exam

14.  Building Your Business - Market your skills

On completion of the final exam students will be awarded Certificates of Completion.

Purchase the legal Transcription Course here.

There are are a number of pricing options for the Transcribe Anywhere Legal Transcription Course:

Transcribe Anywhere Legal Course Prices

U.S Career Institute

On completion of the Medical Transcriptionist program at U.S Career Institute, you will receive a medical Transcription Certificate, which allows you to apply for Medical Transcription positions upon completion.

The course includes medical terminology, HIPAA guidelines, medical record formatting and information about various medical procedures.

It consists of 5 units:

Unit 1

  1. Welcome to the Exciting World of Medical Transcription
  2. Word Parts and Root Words
  3. Prefixes and Suffixes
  4. Divide Medical Terms
  5. Combine Medical Terms
  6. Listening Skills
  7. Forming Plurals
  8. Proper Names and Acronyms
  9. Abbreviations and Numbers
  10. Medical Capitalization and Medical Punctuation
  11. Grammar Basics
  12. Listening Skills: Opposites and Sound Alikes
  13. Overview of Human Biology
  14. Anatomy: Locate Parts of the Body

Unit 2

  1. Anatomy: Landmarks, Divisions and Body Cavities
  2. Anatomy and Function of a Cell
  3. Tissues and Organ Systems
  4. Specialists
  5. Disease Processes
  6. Medical Reports
  7. Transcribing Skills
  8. The Medical Transcriptionist's Tool Box
  9. Integumentary System
  10. Musculoskeletal System

Unit 3

  1. Neurological System
  2. Cardiovascular System
  3. Immune System and Respiratory System
  4. Gastrointestinal System
  5. Genitourinary System
  6. Transcription Technology
  7. Reproductive System
  8. Endocrine System

Unit 4

  1. Pediatrics
  2. Neuropsychiatry
  3. Professional Medical Ethics and Procedures
  4. Healthcare Records
  5. Electronic Health Records
  6. The Pharmacy and Clinical Laboratory

Unit 5

  1. Pathology Transcription
  2. Diagnostic Imaging
  3. E-mail and Security
  4. Medical Transcription Report Editing
  5. Putting It All Together

The course can be completed in as little as 4 months and completed at your own pace.

U.S Career Institute Transcription course


Blueledge offer students who wish to become legal transcriptionists a 8 week (70 to 80 hour) course providing students with the skills to transcribe, edit and proofread legal transcripts.

Course Contents:

  •  Module 1 - Professionalism and the Legal System
    •  1 - Professionalism and Decorum
    •  2 - Ethics
    •  3 - Ethical Issues
    •  4 - Maintain Confidentiality
    •  5 - Transcription Equipment 
  •  Module 2 - The Legal System
    •  1 - Court System
    •  2 - Laws
    •  3 - Life Cycle of a Case
    •  4 - Proceedings
    •  5 - Types of Court Reporters
  •  Module 3 - English Language 
    •  1 - Parts of Speech
    •  2 - Confusing Words
    •  3 - Spelling Rules
    •  4 - International English
  •  Module 4 - Terminology
    •  1 - Historic Terminology
    •  2 - Legal Terminology
    •  3 - Medical Terminology
    •  4 - Business Terminology
  •  Module 5 - Grammar and Punctuation
    •  1 - Capitalization
    •  2 - Numbers
    •  3 -  Introduction to Punctuation
    •  4 -  Sentence Punctuation
    •  5 - More Punctuation and Formatting 
  •  Module 6 - Building the Transcript
    •  1 - Annotations from Reporter
    •  2 - Transcript Formatting
    •  3 - Proofreading Assignments
    •  4 - Researching
    •  5 - Transcription Assignments
  •  Module 7 - Transcription Assignments & Working Environment
    •  1 - Working Environment
    •   2 - Transcription Assignments
  •  Module 8 - Transcription Assignments & Course Wrap up
    •  1 - Transcription Assignments
    •  2 - Certification
    •  3 - Finals

At the end of each module and for each part students sit a test to ensure they are fully understanding the content.

BlueLedge offer the Legal Transcription Course for $795.

Transcription Certification Institute (TCI)

The TCI offer a formal transcription course and enable you to sign up for in an internship program to gain valuable hands on experience if you are successful and pass the course with a qualifying final course score.

Their program includes general transcription lessons, which require you to pass a test at the end of each one.

1. Transcription Tips

2.  Speech

3.  Punctuation

4.  Interruptive Dialogue

5.  Sentence Structure

6.  Proofreading

7.  Keyboard Skills

8.  Regional Accents

9.  Microsoft Word

10.  Time Management

11.  Getting a Job In Transcription

12.  Verbatim vs. Non-Verbatim

13.  How to be a professional IC

14.  How to make the most money

The Transcription Certification Institute offer the transcriptionist course for a fee of $699.

Penn Foster

Penn Foster offer nationally accredited legal and medical transcriptionist career diploma's, enabling you to study from home.

Both courses will take you approximately 6 months to complete.

Legal Transcriptionist Diploma Program

This course prepares students for an entry level career as a legal transcriptionist:

1.  Introduction to legal transcription

2.  Legal Terminology - Part 1

3.  Legal Terminology - Part2

4.  How the law works

5.  The US Court system - Part 1

6.  The US Court System - Part 2

7.  Interpersonal Communication skills

8.  Stress and time management

9.  legal research

10.  Legal Writing

11.  Legal Transcription

Penn Foster offer the legal transcriptionist diploma tuition for $1,039.

Medical Transcriptionist Diploma Program

This course prepares students for an entry level career as a medical transcriptionist:

1.  Introduction to Allied Health
2.  Law, Ethics, and Confidentiality in Allied Health
3.  Medical Billing and Health Insurance
4.  Medical Office Procedures
5.  Body Systems and Medical Terminology 1
6.  Body Systems and Medical Terminology 2
7.  Electronic Medical Records

8.  Pathology and Pharmacology

9.  Medical Transcription 1

10.  Medical Transcription 2

Penn Foster offer the medical Transcriptionist Diploma tuition for $669.

Udemy Courses

Udemy offer a number of transcriptionist courses, with this being the bestseller.

Transcription Skills - Learn Beginning to Advanced Skills

This is one of Udemy's bestsellers with 4.4 out of 5 ranking from 893 ratings.

The tutorials in this course cover how to master the skills needed to professionally transcribe.:

  • Working with Express Scribe
  • Transcribing, editing, and proofing a transcription file
  • Using correct spelling and grammar
  • Increasing your productivity with text expanders
  • Cleaning up hard to hear audio
  • Advanced techniques such as timestamping a file and tracking speakers in a multiple-speaker file
  • Productivity shortcuts to use in Word and on your computer for both PC and Mac computers

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