Transcription Definition

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Transcription Meaning: 

Transcription is the process of turning oral language into a written, typed or printed form.

Transcriptionists listen to an audio or video recording, then type it as a written transcript using specialised software.

There are three types of transcription.

Verbatim Transcription

Verbamin Transcription Definition: 

This is where the transcriptionist records all the information heard in an audio file or video in addition to recording every word spoken.

False starts, repetitions, background noises, emotional states, garbled sentences and coughs are included.

Verbatim Transcription is used when the main objective is to record the environment the recording has taken place. 

This would include interviews for legal purposes, market research, psychology and court proceedings and police investigations.

Edited Transcription

Edited Transcription Definition: 

An edited transcription is when only the relevant points of an audio file are recorded.  

This normally means just the words are transcribed, any stuttering or garbled sentences would be ignored.

The transcriber must possess the skills to know which elements of the audio are required.

Edited Transcription is normally carried out for interviews, speeches, conferences and meeting minutes.

Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent Transcription Definition: 

An intelligent transcription edits the audio fil further than the edited transcription method.  

In addition to excluding stuttering, emotions, pauses and the like, the text will be edited in an integlligent manner so it just conveys the message required.

The transcriber will be experience and highly skilled and have a full understanding of the subject matter.

Intelligent transcription is sued for business communications and in medicine.

Transcriptionists Definition

There are three main types of transcriptionists - Legal, Medical and General.

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription Definition: 

Transcriptionists convert any type of legal audio file into written text.

Services can include transcription of testimonies, offical court hearings, legal briefs , depositions and general legal correspondence.

Legal transcription is sometimes confused for court reporting.  However Court reporting differs as court reporter transcribe the real time spoken words, they do not transcribe from a recording.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Definition: 

A medical transcript is a dictation from a physician, nurse or other health practitioners.

The healthcare provider produces an audio file detailing notes for inclusion within patients files, including patient visits, chart reviews, discharge summaries.

A medical transcriptionist is a specialist in their field and must have experience within the medical field in addition to post secondary training.

General  Transcription

General Transcription Definition: 

General Transcription covers all the transcription categories not including medical and legal transcription.

Real-Time Transcription

Real-Time Transcription Definition: 

This is the general term for transcription using real time text technologies to transcribe the proceeding in court by court reporters.

Real time transcribers must be able to type between 200 to 300 words a minute, theses transcribers are called stenographers and require specialist training.  

In addition to be able to type at that speed they must have excellent listening skills and be able to concentrate for long periods of time.

Academic Transcription

Academic Transcription Definition: 

These transcripts are produced to assist students, researchers and professors in their academic studies.

They include transcription of content from seminars, lectures, academic interview and focus groups.

Media Transcription

Media Transcription Definition: 

A form of transcription recording the audio from various media recordings including movie and television clips, video clips, radio recordings and podcasts.

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