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Welcome To Our Scribie Review:

There are so many different ways to make money online from home.

Making money as a transcriptionist online is becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of individuals. Scribie is one company offering typists of all levels the option to make some extra cash.

This review will help you in your decision as to whether Scribie is the company for you.

What Is Scribie?


Scribie is a transcription service company offering its customers easy access to transcribers.

Rajiv Poddar founded the company in 2008, after winding up Sedna Wireless. Rajiv realised customers were having a hard time finding high-quality transcribers, so Scribie was born.

Now Scribie transcribes audio files for their clients with up to 99% accuracy.

Scribie state that their mission is to

'build the world's best transcription service and the best place to find audio transcription work.'

As a freelance transcriptionist, you can become a certified transcriber. You can earn an income by transcribing files.

Transcribers listen to an audio file and type what you hear as accurately as you can.

The company has transcribed more than 4 million minutes of audio and have paid their certified transcribers more than $2.1m.

They employ more than 31 thousand work from home freelance transcribers from across the globe.

Scribie offers transcribers of all experiences the opportunity to work for them.

Experienced transcribers can work in their spare time to bump their earnings up.

Transcriptionists starting out can gain experience and perfect their skills.


Is Scribie A Scam?


Scribie is a legit company providing transcribing services.

You may not make a lot of money there, but it is a great company to start your transcribing career.

Transcriptionists can specialise in a range of transcription jobs. You will gain experience before you move on to a company paying more.

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How Does Scribie Work?


Scribie’s website states the steps involved in the transcription process. Transcribers can contribute to each of these steps:

File splitting

Many Transcribers will split each audio file, received by the customer.

They will split it into several parts consisting of approximately 6 minutes each.

These parts are -sent to many transcribers.

Scribie Raw Transcription 

Scribie uses its automated transcription generator to transcribe the file.

As the generator is not 100% accurate, they then ask transcribers to transcribe the audio. You will correct the automated transcript in line with their guidelines.

Review Process 

Scribie reviews the raw transcript. Then checks the transcribed work to ensure it meets their quality requirements. It is also checked for correctness against the audio.

Timestamps and speaker tracking are also added.


Scribie also employs proofreaders.

The proofreader will check the final transcription to the original file. Proofreaders correct any final errors at this stage.

Quality Checking 

The final stage in the transcribing process is quality control.

A final review determines if the transcription work is accurate and ready for the customer.

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What Are The Requirements To Become A Transcriptionist For Scribie?


As with any online job, you will need to ensure you have the following skills to be able to apply for a transcribing role:

  • Your English language comprehension must be good.
  • The ability to interpret conversations from audio files is essential.
  • Identifying mistakes when checking audio files against transcripts is another skill required.
  • You must have a verified PayPal account.

All Transcriptionists must have the following items at home, to be able to complete the work:

  • Computer with the latest version of your browser (Firefox, Safari etc.)
  • Headset or headphones
  • A reliable internet connection.

How Do I Apply To Be A Transcriptionist For Scribie?


To become a Scribie Certified transcriber, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Submit Your Application:

Send your application by clicking on the blue apply now button.

You will now enter their freelance transcription page. Have your PayPal account details handy as you will need this to move forward. You will then receive an application number which enables you to track your progress.

2.  Confirm Your Email

An email link will arrive in your inbox. You can verify your email which will complete this part of the application.

3.  Receipt of Invitation

Scribie states they will review most applications within one business day. You will receive an email advising if you can progress with your request.

If accepted, you will then have to wait for the transcription entry test. You can check your application progress using the application number provided.

4.  Scribie Transcription Test

You will receive another email with a link to the website when it is time to take your test. You will need to create an account with them before you take the test.

Log into your Scribie account. You will find some files to choose from. You will need to transcribe these files to the best of your ability before submitting it.

Scribie will then review your work to see if you have passed their quality standards.

5.  Becoming A Certified Scribie Transcriptionist

If you pass the test, you will then become a certified Transcriptionist.

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Scribie Transcriptionist Test


Scribie allows all applicants the opportunity to re-take the transcriptionist test. You can take ten attempts.

You will receive your first payment for the transcription work you completed when taking your test. Payment is only made if you pass the test.

If you fail the test, you can check your work against the reviewed file to see where you went wrong.

This will give you an idea of your weaknesses, so you can work on them before taking the next test.

When you pass the test, you can start working immediately.

How Much Does Scribie Pay?


Scribie's website states that they pay Transcriptionists between $5 and $25 per audio hour.

It is essential to know that the pay you receive is for an audio hour, not hour worked. These can be two very different things.

One audio hour could take you more than two hours to transcribe. It all depends on your transcription and typing skills.

The hourly rate is dependant on many factors, two of them being:

  • Quality of Audio - how easy it is to understand
  • Level of Difficulty - complexity of the subject

Consider that when you start as a transcriptionist, it may take you 20 minutes to transcribe a 6-minute audio file.

However, as you gain experience, your transcribing skills will improve, and your speed will increase.

When you have completed your transcription, Scribie will review your work. You will then receive your payment in your account.

There are no minimum requirements for you to withdraw your pay. However, they do charge a 2% fee for any amounts withdrawn under $30.

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Scribie Transcription Bonuses


As a transcriptionist, you will receive a $5 bonus for every 3 hours of audio work you complete each month.

You will receive the bonus on the 1st day of each month.

The bonus you receive is dependant on your ability and how many files you submit.

Other Ways To Make Money With Scribie 


There are also additional ways to make money:

Scribie Referral System:

You will receive a unique referral link when signing up; you can use this link to promote the company. If you refer other transcribers to Scribie, you will receive 2.5% of the transcriber's earnings.

Scribie Affiliate Commissions:

An affiliate program is when you promote the services of another company.

By using the link provided, you can advertise their services; this will earn you 5% of the customer's order.

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Will I Be Promoted When Working For Scribie?


Scribie track all transcriptionists performance.

They grade all transcriptionists using a range of A+(5) to D(1). You will receive a grade for each piece of work you submit.

Maintaining an excellent average grade will determine if you get promoted or demoted.

First Promotion: Scribie Reviewer

Promotions are available to transcriptionists after transcribing 1 hour of audio. If the reviewed work earns you an average grade of 3 or above, you can move on up to a reviewer.

Reviewers check transcripts submitted by transcribers and provide them with a grading.

Second Promotion: Self-reviewer

When you have reviewed ten submissions, and you have maintained an average grade of 3, you can become a self-reviewer.

You can then select raw transcript assignments. You will transcribe them, submit it and then select the same file for review.

When you self-review files, you double your pay as you check the same record twice.

Third Promotion: Proofreader

If you continue to maintain your average grade when self reviewing, the opportunity of becoming a proofreader may become available.

Proofreaders check longer files. You will receive higher pay than a transcriber. The salary depends again on the duration of the job, accents and difficulty.

Contract proofreading positions where you will receive a fixed monthly salary are also offered.

If your average grade falls below 2.5, your account will remain active, but you will no longer be able to transcribe.

On occasions transcribers don't agree with the grading given, so Scribie provides a dispute resolution mechanism.

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Scribie Pro's and Cons


  • Great Work From Home Opportunity
  • You can receive bonuses and promotions
  • Legitimate company 


  • Reviewing process
  • Pay is not great when you start out


Scribie is a great company to start your career as a transcriptionist.

If you are studying to become a medical or legal transcriptionist, then working here can provide you with some valuable experience.

You are not going to get rich, but transcribing from home is a really popular way to be able to work from your own home.


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