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Remote Editing jobs are the perfect job for those of you who want to work from home. Whatever reason you have for wanting to work from home, this is a great way to make a few extra dollars.  

The majority of home editing jobs only require you to havea computer, fast Internet access, and a place to work quietly and for you to have some experience in editing.

As a remote Editor you need to ensure the content you are reading is engaging and flows well.  Then if its possible you will need to improve the content to make it more enjoyable for the readers.

Editors help make content logical, organized, and most important clear for the readers.

Remote editing jobs are accessible for writers searching for work-life-balance as completing the work is flexible and not usually determined by the employer.

Remote Editing Jobs:  Skills & Competencies 

To be successful in a remote editing job, you should have the following:

  • Reading skills: Editors love to read books; the majority spend a great deal of time reading manuscripts.
  • Writing skills: Editors must write clearly, and ensure all written content has correct grammar and punctuation.  
  • Interpersonal skills: An essential ability of an Editor is to maintain good working relationships with customers.
  • Sound judgment: Editors must ensure the manuscript is ethical and free from plagiarism.

Education Requirements And Qualifications


Most editors have a bachelor's degree in English, journalism, or communications and have a passion for reading and aptitude for editing.

The majority of remote editorial positions will also expect you to have gained experience at publishing houses or in a media position, such as a newspaper or magazine editing.

How Do I Become A Remote Editor With No Experience?


You don't need an English degree to become a remote editor.  However you must have an excellent command of the English language, recognize poor grammar, and the ability to correct spelling mistakes.

Editors also must Love To Read, have an eye for detail, have good self-control, and the ability to manage time well.

If you have a college degree and are a native English speaker, an online course can help give you an edge in finding Remote Editing Jobs.

Udemy is an excellent resource that provides affordable and comprehensive courses online.

Proofreading anywhere offers general proofreading skills that could assist you in gaining that competitive edge.

Responsibilities Of An Editor

The responsibilities of an Editor are to correct all types of mistakes: grammatical, stylistic, and formatting of the English text.

Editors must also be able to elaborate on content, paper structure, idea development, and must have the skills to ensure the paper meets the customer requirements.

Companies That Offer Remote Editing Jobs

Many editors work in the offices; however, a growing number of editors work from home as part time editors and others as full time editors.

Those who work remotely need the proper equipment, such as electronic publishing software, scanners, and other communication equipment, to perform their job correctly.

​​The following companies employ ongoing or occasional work available for people looking to work-at-home editors jobs:


Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is a company that reviews books for publishers. 

The Company is always looking for experienced book reviewers, work-at-home editors, and copywriters.


A writing and editing company that offers professional editing services for students in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish.

Scribbr offers content assistance, such as tips and tricks, and writing samples for students.

The Company primarily works with academics, so you require a degree to become an editor.

Scribbr post remote jobs for full-time and part-time schedules.

Freelance editors can earn between $20 and $30 an hour.


A writing and editing company, in the business of editing and proofreading essays that help students, scholars, researchers, and professionals write compelling and clear narratives.

Wordvice offers proofreading and editing services for businesses and research and academic editing services for undergraduate and graduate institutions.

Writers, academics, and researchers turn to Wordvice to give their papers extra impact.

To be hired as an editor, you must be a native English speaker and have a keen eye for errors!


Based in San Francisco, California, SalesFolk focuses on creating cold emails for clients that lead to more qualified leads.

The Company creates outbound sales email templates that increase response rates by 300% or more.

Their service also includes up-selling emails, marketing, and customer onboarding.

SalesFolk is growing fast, and to meet the demand for its marketing services.

Its editorial department offers flexible full-time and part-time editing job opportunities you can do from anywhere.


A German-based e-learning platform tailored towards trainees and organizations in the medical field.

It supplies online education services that supplement medical education and teaching for medical and pre-med trainees.

Checklist Seo 

A database of over a thousand checklists.

Users can access their checklists through their mobile applications or computer with the capability to synchronize between the two or print them off. hires for a variety of jobs, including editing from home.


A company offering English-language editing services. 

Enago works with researchers in the academic community, and hire more than 850 editors worldwide.

Remote Editing jobs at Enago are all freelance.

The Company has edited over 600,000 manuscripts and assisted over 2 million authors.

Enago employs Remote Editors to work on topics related to engineering, science, physics, chemistry, and more.

Candidates must pass a test and must have a master's degree before invited to work.


A content marketing agency that offers content marketing services for businesses.

Their main objective is to create the best content online.

Animalz regular hires editors to help clients create content that informs and educates their readers. 

The Company has a distributed team that works remotely across the world.

Most remote editing jobs are full time. You will be required to work 40-hour weeks and edit a minimum number of documents during that time. 

American Journal Experts

Ph.D. experts offer English language editing, academic translation, and other manuscript preparation services.

They hire work from home editors with a salary range of between $11 and $25 per hour.

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing

Offers subject-specialist proofreading and editing services. 

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing has edited over 100,000 documents worldwide. 

To apply, applicants must have a bachelor's degree. The average pay is between $20 and $30 hour.

Edit Fast

This company provides high-quality editing and proofreader services for students all over the world. 

Editfast pays 40 percent of the final project price to their editors.


Based out of Portland, Oregon, Gramlee, is an online copy-editing service.

The Company is always looking for exceptional editors to work at home. 


Offering editing & proofreading services for a range of academic papers, from essays to personal statements and lab reports. 

Kibin claims to edit everything from grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, and sentence structures.

The Company hires freelance proofreaders and editors.


Provides advice, free tips, and informational how-to guides on hundreds of subjects ranging from love and dating to health and beauty.

LifeTips hire freelancers - You can apply here

Jobs For Editors 

The Company specializes in writing quality papers and editing texts in English for Businesses across the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Jobs for Editor hire flexible and remote editing Jobs. The Company offers free tutorials and allows you to choose the field to find editing jobs. 

An advanced level of English and the ability to meet deadlines is required.

A degree in linguistics, journalism, translation, and interpreting, or international relations is not obligatory but favorable.

Finding Remote Editing Jobs

Remote.Co,  Indeed, and Glassdoor are great websites to view each day to find the latest job postings.

You can also subscribe to Editors Only newsletter to receive current job openings and access to the directory of professional associations for editors.

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