Work At Home Remote Customer Service Jobs

As the service market in the world grows, more companies and businesses need workers with customer service abilities.

Many businesses outsource their customer service jobs to an agency that specializes in finding workers for customer support positions.

The increasing growth of the web and Apps have made remote jobs from home more prevalent, increasing the number of remote customer service jobs available and the type of customer service jobs online.


Remote Customer Service jobs are great for individuals looking for Part-Time Work.

If you have customer service skills and you are looking for flexible work-from-home-jobs, one of these five customer service jobs could be right for you:

Call Center Agent Customer Service Jobs

Call Center Remote Jobs from Home can be completed anywhere across the globe; the majority of companies will employ workers who reside in a particular country.

Call center agents, who work at home must meet a range of requirements:

  • They must have fast access to the internet and access to phone lines.
  •  Call center agents need to be fluent in the language of the company's customers.
  • Depending on your time zone, be able to work flexibly.

Technical Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service assistants specializing in technical support Remote jobs typically carry out their tasks by online chat, email, and phone. 

Most companies will educate Customer Service workers to provide support for their products.

To work from home as a Technical customer service assistant, you must possess:

  • The job requires excellent communication skills
  • Specialized computer and technical expertise, when applying for roles, you will be expected to demonstrate these skills.

Jobs are available part-time or full time with flexible schedules.

Travel Agent Customer Service Jobs

A large number of travel agents are now working from home instead of in the office.

Customers are changing the way they book holidays, with more and more of us using discount travel websites to arrange our itineraries.

Travel agents are still required to assist frequent travelers, book corporate travel, or make long plan trips with groups.

Remote Travel agent jobs require to have experience and certification, and many of them offer flexible schedules.

Online Chat Agent Customer Services Jobs

Remote Online Chat Agent Jobs are great for those who wish to work at home and who do not like using the phone.

These customer support jobs may vary,  from answering billing questions, selling products via email,  processing returns, or selling products via chat and email.

Chat Agent Customer Service jobs, can be part-time or full-time work, and offer flexible times, including days, evenings, and weekends.

Virtual Assistant Customer Service Jobs

Virtual Assistant Customer Service Jobs working remotely, assist with a range of tasks, including booking travel, email management, research, scheduling, and more. 

Virtual Assistants who work for a company may work for multiple clients or a single client. 

Some are freelancers who run their online business.

If you run your own VA business, you can set the hours that you wish to work. 

If you work for a large company, they may set your work times, including days, evenings, and weekends that you required to be available. 

When looking for VA work, some companies advertise call center jobs as VA jobs.

How much does Customer Service Make Per Hour?

Most customer service jobs pay reasonably well.

In most cases, the average hourly wage for a Customer Service Assistant in the USA is $17 per hour.

The range can be as low as $15 and as high as $20 per hour. 

Some Companies may pay for only the time you are actually on the phone or chats.

Some sales Jobs may also include commissions.

Requirements for Remote Customer Service Jobs

To become a Remote Customer Service Representative working from home, you will require:

  • You must have access to a landline phone and a high-speed internet connection.
  • Your Computer needs to run fast.
  • Call center headset
  • The ability to download and use specified software.
  • You require a quiet working environment and Basic Computer Skills.
  • A High School diploma
  • Be committed to complete any training requested by the employer.

Remote Customer Service Jobs

There are a few job boards that list remote customer service opportunities. 

To assist you in your search for customer service jobs, check out these boards:

Live Ops

This company is actively seeking work from home customer service focused individuals.

Working Solutions

To employed by Working solutions, you will need to apply to be a working solutions agent, take an assessment, and then apply for current opportunities.

American Express

American Express is regularly posting remote customer service positions across the world.


Amazon has virtual positions available to qualified individuals in a variety of areas across the globe.


To apply for a remote position in tech support at Apple, you will need to introduce yourself, and they will then get in touch if a suitable place becomes available.

Aspire Lifestyles

Contact Aspire Lifestyles for many work from home roles.

ABC Financial

Often advertising a range of remote customer service jobs.

BCD Travel

BCD Travel employee home travel consultants to work from home.

Enterprise Rent A Car

Employing many work from home call center representatives, so it could be a great place to look for a role.


A job board is promoting a range of positions.

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