Best Online Jobs For College Students

Finding a job that is flexible and fits in with your college studies can be difficult,  however don't despair, this article covers a range of online jobs for college students that will not only pay well, but provide you with the flexibility you require to be successful in your studies.

During your college years, having a part time job is a great idea, it helps offset high college tution fees and provides some money so you can enjoy your college experience without worrying about falling into too much debt.

A few of my other articles, earning money as a kid and the  jobs to do from home will give you some great ideas, but this article concentrates more on jobs that are focused on college and high school students.

So if you're studying and want to find a job for students that provides you with flexibility and an income check the jobs below out:

1.  Freelance writer

There are some fantastic opportunities out there within the freelance writing world as an online jobs for college students.


If you enjoy writing and find it easy to locate grammatical errors in articles then you shouldn't find it hard to find freelance writing work online as there are thousands of companies out there looking for your skills.

The best thing about freelance writing is you can have some control over who you write for, when you write and can often negotiate rates.

If you are interested in more information about become a freelance content writer please read my article.

Where To Find Work As A Freelance Writer:

There are numerous websites out there that specialise in writing positions.

  • Problogger - The job board has a variety of blogging jobs available in a variety of niches.
  • ProWritersTime - You will have to  answer some questions about yourself and then sit a grammar test when applying, but then they will contact you when suitable positions become available.
  • WPHUB - Is one of many sites paying for articles.  This one in particular concentrates on wordpress.
  • Upwork - Sign up as a freelance writer and they will connect you with agencies looking for your particular strengths.

Freelance Writer Pay:  $50 to $100+ per article

2.  Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants offer services such as data entry, email management, bookkeeping, graphic design, content creation and more to contractors and self-employed clients.

Organization and communication skills are key in this role, as you will be expected to manage your workload in addition to your schoolwork and extracurricular actives.

The number of virtual assistant roles are growing so these positions are in high demand.

For more information on become a Virtual Assistant check out VANetworking as they have come great information particularly this checklist showing the 200 services a VA can offer.

Where To Find Work As A Virtual Assistant:

You can start working as a virtual assistant by creating profiles on the following websites, indicating what services you can provide.

  • Virtual - This company provides assistants for a range of tasks.
  • People Per Hour - Apply on their website by completing an online application and then you will be matched to client projects.
  • VA Networking - Create a profile and book your clients.

Virtual Assistant Pay:  $10 to $100+ per hour

Pay for a Virtual assistant can vary significantly, depending on what your skills and experiences include. 

3.  social media manager

The majority of businesses out there use social media as part of their advertising campaigns and many of them need help managing it.

There are also thousands of small businesses that are not on social media and require someone to help them set up media accounts.

I'm presuming you already have a vast knowledge of the social media sites available and are highly knowledgeable about how they work.  If this is the case then being the online social media manager of a few local businesses could be a great role.

Social media manager are responsible for building relationships with new, potential clients and ensuring the company becomes visible to the local community.

Where To Find Work As A Social Media Manager:

As I said above, a number of small businesses in your local area will not have an online social presence.  

You could contact these companies and offer your services, especially companies that you spend time at, maybe there is a local coffee shop you go into each morning that you could start at.

These companies would be really happy to support you as a provider of online jobs for college students.

Other avenues you could explore would be posting on job boards.

Social Media Manager Pay:  $10 to $40+ per hour

​4.  Blogging

Bloggers produce written and visual content, that they share with an audience.  

It is a great way to make a passive income, as you can make money from people reading your articles.

As the number of visitors to your blog site grows the more income you will receive through a variety of sources such as affiliate marketing and google ads.

 It is really easy to work on blogging part time, fitting it in around your studies.

Before you start blogging check out my step by step guide to blogging.  

The guide gives you information on popular niches and how you can become profitable.

Then once you're ready to start your blog you will need to sign up to a web hosting company.

I recommend Bluehost for someone starting out.


Where To Find Work As A Blogger:

Starting a blog is relatively easy and can be done in your own home, you just need to purchase web hosting and you can start writing.

Bloggers Pay:  $500 per month to $100,000 per month.

Bloggers income varies, really successful ones can earn in excess of $100,00 per month, but the average income of a blogger is between $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

​5.  Participating In Research Studies

Carrying out online research studies can be a quick and easy way to make some additional income.

Where To Find Work Participating In Research Studies:

There are a number of companies that pay users who participate in their research studies

User Interviews - will pay for you to provide reviews on various subjects

Respondent - You will get paid for every study you complete.

Vindale Research - There are numerous surveys to complete on this site, they are normally on a first come, first serve basis.

Participating In Research Studies Pay:  $50 to $400+ per survey

​​6.  Proofreader

Spotting grammar and punctuation mistakes is the key to becoming a successful proofreader.  

If you have those skills, then this is a great job for a college student as you should be proofreading all your assignments anyway.

Proofreading is the last element of producing a piece of content, so it is really important that it is carried out right, as who wants to read an article with glaring mistakes.  

Proofread Anywhere have some great free courses that you can sign up for before starting applying for positions. 

Where To Find Work In Proofreading

Proofreading positions can be found on 

Proofreader Pay:  $10 to $50 per hour

​7.  Online Tutor

As you are already studying, online tutoring could be the perfect role for you, it is flexible and you can tutor from anywhere quiet.

If you are studying English as your major, then why not tutor English, not only will you get paid, you will put into practice those kills you are learning.

You might not even want to focus on academic tutoring, maybe you are awesome at playing the piano or love art, you could provide tutoring services relating to these areas too.  

Where To Find Work In Online Tutoring

There are a number of online companies offering online tutoring that could help you secure a role.

  • VIPKid - an online education company that will connect you with students globally.
  • Wyza​​​​nt - Offer a variety of subjects to their students, sign up and students are able to choose you.
  • - offers a variety of subjects, sign up, sit an exam in your subject choice, have a mock session and then begin tutoring.
  • Chegg - another online tutoring company

Online Tutor Pay:  $14 to $30 per hour

​8.  Data Entry Jobs

All Businesses need to be organised so data entry online jobs are very much in demand.  

They don't require any specific skills, which makes them one of the easiest jobs on this list and a great job for college students who don't want anything too stressful whilst they are studying.

Where To Find Work In Data Entry

Here are a few websites specialising in data entry positions:

  • Clickworker - sign up free of charge to work independently, with flexible hours.  You will be asked to create or correct texts and categorise data amongst other things.
  • DionData Solutions
  • The Smart Crowd sign up to be contacted to work for companies across the globe.

Data Entry Pay:  $10 to $20 per hour

Data Entry positions don't pay a really high wage, but all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

​9.  Transcribing

If you can type what you hear at a relatively fast speed then a role as a transcriber could be for you.

Transcription offers flexible hours which will work around your studies, the work it easy but requires you to pay attention to detail.

To becoema Transcriber, you can complete an online Transcribing course.

For futher information please read my article on Transcribing jobs.

Where To Find Work In Transcribing

The following sites offer transcriptionist jobs:

  • TranscribeMe - recommended by a number of companies this company offers a steady work stream.
  • Scribie - submit your application, take the online test and earn an hourly rate.
  • Rev - choose from hundreds of transcription jobs and work when you want.
  • Quicktate - another company offering flexible work

Transcriber Pay:  $15 to $25 per hour

​10.  App Tester

App testing is a great online jobs for students, its flexible and you can earn a decent income from it.

Apps need testing before they are launched, so they need people like you to provide feedback online relating to the App.  

They want to know how you felt about every aspect of the App, was it easy to use, did it look attractive, were there spelling mistakes and so on.

Normally your review takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Where To Find Work In Testing Apps

These companies offer work in testing apps.

  • User Testing - great site for getting paid to test apps and online products.
  • UserFeel - sign up to take a 10 - 20 minute test on your home computer or smart phone.
  • UserZoom - sign up to take more online tests.

App Tester Pay:  $10 to $15 per test

11.  Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines are always trying to clean up their search results as they are full of errors.

Companies want users to review search results and offer their views on the quality, accuracy and how useful the results they searched for were.

Where To Find Work In Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluator jobs can be found at these two sites:

  • Lionbridge - are always on the hunt for testers, rates and curators.
  • Appen - another company offering work from home opportunities for a range of projects

Search Engine Evaluator Pay:  $12 to $15 per hour

12.  Powerpoint Presentation Designer

Many Businesses don't have the time to create their own presentations for events and business meetings so who better to do the job, than a student who is an expert at using powerpoint for their own presentations.

You can use google slides if you do not have access to Microsoft powerpoint.

Where To Find Work In Designing Powerpoint Presentations

Sign up on the following websites:

Powerpoint Presentation Designer Pay:  $10 to $15 per slide

13.  Coding

There are numerous opportunities for people who are good at a coding language like python or java.

Where To Find Work In Coding

Automattic - This is the company behind some of the biggest sites on the web such as and Tumblr.

They hire employees from across the world, so working for them part time whilst studying would be a great opportunity.

Coding Pay:  $20 to $50 per hour

14.  Selling Your Services On Fiverr

Offering your services on Fiverr could be a great job to earn a few extra dollars whilst studying, it is a great online jobs for college students as it is flexible and you only need to do it when you want.

You can offer projects at three different service levels on Friverr, each costing a different amount.

You can offer what ever you want on Fiverr, so any of the jobs we've talked about above.

Where To Find Work Selling Your Services On Fiverr

Fiverr Pay:  $5+

15.  teaching A Foreign Language

Do you speak a foreign language fluently?  If you do then teaching a foreign language to English speaking students could be for you.

If you speak Spanish, Arabic or Mandarin then you will be in high demand.

Where To Find Work Teaching A Foreign Language

iTalki - is a great place to sign up to teach a foreign language, you will sign up, they will review your language skills and then prospective students will choose the teacher they want.

Foreign Language Teachers Pay:  $10 to $35 per hour

Online Jobs For College Students

Working in one of these online jobs for college students provides you with the flexibility of working from home, is a great way to earn some extra income to see your through college.

Not only will you earn an income, you will learn some important life skills and maybe even find a job that you love and can turn into a full time career when you leave full time education.

Good Luck!

Susan Elaine

Susan is a stay at home mum of three young girls.  Originally a chartered Accountant, but moved into content writing so she could have flexibility and be there for her kids


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