No Experience Jobs: Find A Job With No Experience.

Do you want to know which the best jobs are to make money from home with no experience?

There is a range of jobs providing an excellent opportunity for stay at home moms who want to earn some extra cash.

Jobs are available for those who have no experience and want something with no stress to make some extra cash fast. 

The application process for jobs requiring no experience usually is simple. They have very few requirements for people seeking online Jobs.

Some opportunities need very little commitment, and you can choose your schedules.

These work-at-home-jobs don't pay much. Most of them are only part-time positions, so you may need to consider more than one online job. 

What they do provide is a way to gain experience while earning some extra cash.

Use The Skills You Already Have!

If you are starting out on your career, it's hard to believe that you will get a job because you have no experience. You could not be more wrong!

In your everyday life, you have been picking up skills that will be useful in the workplace. You've been gaining experiences that will make you more qualified than you realize.

Do you take part in sports? Are you a member of a local club? Do you help your neighbors?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If you did, there is a high probability that you already have communication, teamwork, and organizational skills.

Companies want to know about you, what are you like, what type of personality you have and, when you are available. 

If you show enthusiasm, are keen to learn and show what you can do, then the lack of experience will not be an issue.

No Experience Jobs For Teens

There are hundreds, if not thousands of jobs available for teenagers.

You are just starting in your work life, so now is the time to acquire the experience and skills you need to become successful as you grow. 

Here is a range of the top no experience jobs for teenagers:

Start A Blog

You are never too young to start a blog; you require determination and a positive mindset.

Do you want to share your ideas with the world and become a positive role model for others, then this could be your calling.

Use your imagination, read my blog on starting a blog, and give it ago, what do you have to lose.

Fast Food

If you ask any adult what their first role was, as a teenager, the majority of them will reply, working in a fast-food restaurant.

You will learn so many skills for your future, including communication, teamwork, and organizational skills.

Most fast-food restaurants will offer free or heavily discounted meals on top of your basic salary.

Restaurant Hostess or Waitress

A hostess is the first person a customer sees upon entering a restaurant; the only skills you require are a friendly face and a smile.

You will be required to greet and seat customers and answer phones.

As a waitress, you will be responsible for ensuring the customer has an enjoyable meal, taking orders, serving food, and clearing away.

Both of these roles require several skills, including communication, organization, and teamwork skills.

In addition to your base wage, you will receive tips, and the restaurants usually provide you with a meal or discounts.


Making coffee for customers is the primary role of a barista, you will receive on the job training, so could potentially be the perfect job if you have no experience.

You will receive tips in addition to your base wage, along with coffee and an employee discount.


If you have experience with kids and enjoy their company, then this could be a perfect role for you.

No experience is required, or should I say minimal knowledge is required, you need to ensure the children are happy and safe.

You will gain several skills in this role, such as negotiation, communication, organizational, and patience.

If you are considering a future in education, then this would be a perfect stepping stone.


Have you spent your life by the pool or on the beach? Even better, have you spent weekends attending life-saving school?

If you have, becoming a lifeguard could be the perfect role for you.

The only experience you require is to be a confident swimmer and hold a CPR certification.

You will gain some excellent skills, teamwork, health and safety, communication, and motivation skills.


As with blogging, become a successful YouTuber takes hard work and commitment; that said, it is possible and could prove to be the best decision you will ever make.

There are plenty of teenagers who run successful YouTube channels, so give it ago.

No Experience Jobs for College Students 

Finding a role to balance with your college work should be relatively easy with the number of positions available.

Waiter / Waitress

You are responsible for taking customer food orders, serving the customers, and ensuring they have an enjoyable meal.

In addition to your base salary, you will include tips and receive a meal.


If you are studying to become a chef at college, a great job to apply for would be a job as a cook.

A large number of restaurants, cafe's and other eateries will train their staff in the job, so what's stopping you applying.

Library Assistant

Becoming a library assistant on your college campus could be a great way to acquire a range of skills while interacting with other students.

I can think of nothing better than being surrounded by a considerable number of books.


Becoming a Nanny would be a great role to provide you with experience in looking after children and give you the skills required when looking at jobs in education or early childhood.

You will pick up children from school, take them to play dates, and help the family with household chores.

In-Home Carer For the Elderly

You might be considering becoming a nurse or health care worker; if that is the case, then providing in-home help for the elderly would provide you with some great experience.

Experience is not typically required; however you would be required to attend a first aid training course.

Pet Sitter or Walker

Walking someone's pet or pet sitting can provide you will valuable experience if you are considering a future role as a vet.

You will require no experience, just a love of dogs or other animals.

You can offer your services across your neighborhood or visit Rover for dog sitting jobs. 


Tutoring is a great way to earn some extra income while at college. If you have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, then advertise your services on the campus notice board.

You could also sign up on one of the many tutoring websites.

Social Media Assistants

Who understands social media like a college student, nobody!

For this reason alone, companies are actively seeking college students to manage their social media accounts.

Hours are flexible, and you can work from home.

You will be responsible for producing posts, uploading images, and interacting with customers.

Start A Blog

Starting a blog while at college could be an excellent opportunity to do some money writing and give you the experience required if you plan on a career in journalism or content writing.

You will be your own boss, be able to organize your schedule, work from home, and write about whatever interests you.

Check out my article on starting a blog.

Selling Art Online

Several online stores sell handmade products.

If you have a flair for designing and producing bags, clothes, and other handmade goods, then you can sell these on Etsy and other sites.

No Experience Jobs Online

So many online jobs do not require experience. 

You need commitment, motivation, and the drive to succeed.

Writing Jobs

It is possible to find a Writing Jobs with little-to-no experience.

It helps to have a portfolio of writing samples to show potential employers your writing style. 

Websites that have blogs need writers to create content on a variety of category topics, and this particular form of writing is growing, providing numerous opportunities.

You can find online writing jobs for any industry such as Education, legal fashion, health, finance, Pets, technology, and more.

Editing Jobs

An Online Editing Job is an excellent work from home role and ideal for individuals with an eye for detail, spelling skills, and proper grammar, and the ability to offer feedback. 

It is possible to obtain an editing work with no experience if you excel in English or the language you are editing in, and have strong writing skills.

Those seeking an editor job online may find one with Lexipol, Vox Media, and Gizmodo.

Create Online Courses

A very profitable way to make money with no experience is to create an online course.

If there is something you have a vast knowledge of, then you could consider building a course to sell to those who require an understanding of that particular subject.

Data Entry

Work from home jobs is a growing industry, and data entry is accessible in the work-at-home field.

Data entry jobs require very little training, so it's quite easy to get started.

As a data entry operator, you will need to perform with a high degree of accuracy and type quickly and efficiently.

You require basic computer skills, such as how to operate a computer, install software, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Companies that hire Data entry operators remotely may have access to their infrastructure or using crowdsourcing technologies.

Data entry can include general transcription tasks; however, most transcription jobs require more experience.

 Axion Data Services, Sigtrack, and Support Ninja hire data entry positions.


transcription job is a good option if you are starting to looking for jobs that require no experience.

Many companies will hire you if you have excellent typing skills. You most likely have to take a typing test to prove your skills.

The companies that hire newbies in transcription are:

TranscribeMe - They pay low at $20 per audio hour. However, you can qualify for a higher rate if you have legal or medical transcription experience.

TranscribeMe pays weekly via Paypal.

Tigerfish are another company that has been around for a while. The company requires a transcription skills test before being accepted to work.

Other Companies that hire transcription jobs are Scribie, AccuTran Global, GMR Transcription, and Ubiqus.

Virtual Assistant

Hired as a virtual assistant, you will be assigned work that is similar to an office assistant.

Although you will be working from home, you should be very organized, dependable, and efficient.

Duties of a virtual assistant, typically include scheduling appointments and events, filing and maintaining records, and answering phones. 

 Timeetc provides virtual assistants to help customers accomplish their goals.

Servcorp is another company that provides virtual offices and services worldwide.

It offers coworkers, meeting rooms, workstations to support your business needs. 

Online Customer Service Jobs

Online customer service jobs help customers via chat, email, or phone by assisting customers with questions, resolve complaints, and process orders.

Online customer service jobs may be flexible and allow you to choose your schedules, while other companies may require specific days and hours to work.

If you have strong communication skills and excellent people skills, a customer service job could be a good fit. 

TeamSnap, Liveops, and Sutherland hire online customer service Jobs.


You may be well-suited as a proofreader if you have an eye for spotting spelling errors or typos, as well as an excellent knowledge of grammar.

A proofreader job may require to take a Training course and take a test before getting hired by the companies.

No Experience Casual Jobs from Home

Finally, here are a few jobs you may not have considered that require no experience, you just require an internet connection and some free time.


An Online survey job is great for earning extra money when you are just a beginner in the work-at-home field.

The Job requires you to voice your opinions about new brands.

They are easy to do and require no experience, and many of them pay good money.

If you sign up for all surveys, you can make up to $50 to $250 a month.

The legitimate Survey sites a Survey Junkie, Springboard America, Swagbucks, and PineCone Research. 

MyPoints lets you earn a quick $10 when you do your usual shopping online.

You can also earn money through surveys, watching videos, and playing games.

Website Tester

Reviewing websites could earn you a few extra bucks each month.

A number of websites pay you for testing websites from home.  You provide your opinion on what works and what doesn't.

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