7 Best Low Stress Jobs For 2020

Low-stress jobs working from home are becoming more popular as people are changing the way they view life.

Having a job no longer means suffering through a 9-to-5 job you hate to make an income.

Many working moms find it hard to work all day in a demanding job, and run their family home so give up on their careers. 

This doesn't need to be the case, as there are many low stress jobs available for everyone.

What Are The Best No Stress Jobs ?

Stress is something that occurs in everyone's career at some point or another.

One of the leading causes of stress is that we don't have enough time to concentrate on what we want to do, instead of what we have to do, to earn an income for our families.

More and more of us are swapping our stressful job for ones that allow us to make decisions. These could be decisions about where we are going to work and for how long we are going to work each day.

For most people working from home can be a lifesaver providing them with more time to do the things they love. Working part-time from home is even better, giving even more time.

If money isn't the most critical factor for you to consider when choosing a job, view these job low-stress jobs.

Best Low Stress Job - Start A High End Blog

Today, it seems like everyone is blogging, some for fun, and some even make it into a career. Your acquaintances and co-workers are blogging; even Grandma Heather is having a go.

Bogging to make money is not something you should get into without giving it some serious consideration first.

Writing about your passions and hobbies will not make you rich, so like 80% of all bloggers, you will likely give up.

If you are serious about blogging, and want to make a decent living, read my article on how to start a blog. This will help you know if blogging is for you and what you need to do to reach your blogging goals.

A brief overview of starting your blog involves

1. Get a domain name from Namecheap.

2. Sign up for a WordPress hosting service.

Bluehost is one of the more popular hosting services out there. It is cheap, and all you need when you start your blog.

You can check out reviews on the best web hosting for 2020 if you want to check out other hosting companies.

3. Building your blog

Don't worry if you are not a great writer, you will get in a flow, and the words will come. Your primary focus is to share stories and information about things people want to know.

Pick a popular niche; there is no point in writing about your life if it doesn't provide anyone with answers to their questions.

The most popular blogs do just that, answer readers' questions. Focus on choosing a niche that has a good search volume and low competition on Google.

4. Now write, and write some more.

Low Stress Jobs For Medical Staff

Low-stress medical jobs are on the upswing for some time.

Nowadays, workers are increasingly leaving their desk jobs in favor of working at home.

You can try simple digital medical jobs by becoming a medical transcriptionist, which is a good option while you hustle and try to build up your portfolio.

You can earn the right amount of money, merely typing out the recorded dictation from doctors.

Where Will You Find Low Stress Jobs In The Digital Medical Fields?

I would recommend applying  to freelance websites, such as:

Walk Dogs

Pet sitting is a very popular hustle for Teenagers and College Student because it is a fun and easy job and plays a big part in relieving stress.

Pet sitting is ideal if you want a side gig to go along with a weekday job that you can do part-time on weekends.

Rover provides pet sitting opportunities to many side hustlers.


With Rover, you can earn $1,000 to $1,500 a month. If you go full-time, you can make even more.

Walking the dog is great for someone who wants a low-stress job and who loves animals.


If you love taking photos, you should look into Photography as it is a great side hustle that could turn into something more.

 A Hobby  that you enjoy and can potentially earn a full-time income is considered a low-stress job.

I love taking photos, I recently purchased a  Canon 7733, and it takes AMAZING pictures.

I have NO experience at ALL.

I also purchased the Canon EF90mm f/1.8 STd Lens, which is a KEY component of taking quality photos.

It is a good investment that can pay off significantly.

How do you get started in Photography?

Start taking photos of everything, take photography classes, and to polish off your photos, learn how to use photoshop.

Start an online portfolio on 500px  and post your photos on your social media networks.

You can also:

  • Contact real estate agents and offer your services to take professional photos of their new listings 
  • License your photos online through stock photography sites like  Shutterstock and iStock 
  • Offer your services for free to friends, work colleagues. If you do a great job, those people could turn into paying customers.

How much can I make in Photography?

  • Wedding Photography -$900 – $3,500+
  • Senior Portrait Photography – $150-$300 a session
  • Local businesses – $20 – $200 per image

House Sitter 

If we talk about an easy no-stress job with high pay, this has got to be the most straightforward job to do. 

Living in someone else’s home while they’re away on holidays and having the whole house to yourself might be an upgrade from living in your own home.

You would be surprised to know that some house sitters make $100 per day. Just make sure you don’t Trash the house!

Personal Shoppers

People who are too busy to shop for themselves who are in the corporate world or celebrity circles hires a corporate concierge. 

If you are a die-hard shopaholic, this will be ideal, as it is an easy job with high pay.

Speech Therapists

Speech Therapists diagnose and treat all manner of speech disorders.

To practice Speech Therapists, you require to have a master's degree and a held license in your state.

 A speech therapist helps the patient use proper terminology to better express thoughts and feelings and overcome a speech impediment.

Conclusion - Low Stress Jobs 

If you want to find the best low stress jobs that you can work at home or travel while you work, you have many options. 

These opportunities give you the flexibility to work from any location.

About The Author

Susan Elaine

Susan is a stay at home mum of three young girls.  Originally a chartered Accountant, but moved into content writing so she could have flexibility and be there for her kids


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