How To Earn Extra Money With The Intellizoom Website

One way to make some extra cash is to work in one of the popular side hustles. Intellizoom is an online site offering the opportunity to test websites for payment.

This article details who Intellizoom is and how you can work for them if you are looking for another way to make an extra income.

Who Are IntelliZoom?

IntelliZoom Panel forms part of UserZoom, who is the UX insights company. They have offices in Europe and the United States, with their headquarters based in San Jose, California.

On their website, they state that their goal is to "Make digital products awesome to use."

What Do IntelliZoom Do?

Intellizoom help their customers make their websites and applications better. Using opinions from a wide range of different people can give their customers an idea of how to improve their website.

If you sign up, they will ask you a variety of questions relating to your demographic. They will use your personal information to send you studies to complete, which are relevant to you.

Reasons Why You Should Test Websites With Intellizoom!

There are a few reasons you sign up to IntelliZoom today to provide your opinion on websites that interest you:

  • Great way to earn some extra money from home. Completing studies where-ever, you like using your computer; this couldn't get any easier.
  • Website studies take approximately 15 to 20 minutes so you can easily make a few dollars in your spare time.
  • Getting paid is simple and relatively fast.
  • Intellizoom listens and shares your opinions so you will have an impact on future products.

Can You Make Money With Intellizoom?

 Intellizoom pays you reasonably well, compared to many of the online micro worker sites.

For simple studies, you will earn $5; these studies will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You will make $10 for a more detailed analysis, which will take you about 20 minutes.

Earning this amount for a small amount of work sounds like you will have the opportunity to make a good income. The reality is you will only receive studies that your demographic information matches. This means you may not receive regular jobs.

You will not be able to guarantee your income with Intellizoom, so you may want to complete jobs besides other part-time work from home jobs. 

How Do You Join Intellizoom?

If you wish to become an IntelliZoom Panel participant, you must:

  • All members must be 18 years or older to complete studies
  • Participants must be able to speak English, German, or Spanish.
  • All participants must take part in face and voice recording.
  • Members must always be able to follow directions and think out loud.

They also expect you to meet the following technical requirements: 

  • All participants need to have access to a laptop or desktop computer or a mobile device.
  • Your computer must have a built-in or external webcam.
  • You must also have access to an external microphone.
  • Participants must have an excellent internet connection (minimum of 3Mbps).
  • Members must also have email and SMS capabilities.

If you meet all these requirements, you can sign up for IntelliZoom here. 

When you've completed the sign-up, you can now log into the IntelliZoom portal. 

You will need to complete practice studies. These studies ensure you have equipment that works. It also makes sure that you can think out loud and articulate your thoughts well.

It will take approximately one week for you to receive the results from your practice study. You will only get one chance to participate, so ensure your equipment is working before you take the practice.

When you receive confirmation that you were successful in the practice studies, you are eligible for paid study opportunities. 

What Type Of Studies Can I Take With IntelliZoom?

There is a range of studies you could complete as an IntelliZoom participant:

  • Think Out Loud Studies (TOL)
  • Non-Think Out Loud Studies (Non-TOL)
  • Card sort
  • Screenshot click test (SSCT)
  • Moderated 
  • Diary

The most common study you receive an invitation to complete is a TOL study. 

Think Out Loud Studies

You will record your face and voice while you complete a TOL study. You will need to register your thoughts as you go through each task set. 

The company wants to hear your thoughts on the whole task. If you get stuck on one element, then you need to talk them through it.

They expect you to:

  • Speak loudly and explain everything.
  • You need to complete the whole task.
  • Sit somewhere where your face is visible.
  • Your face must be in the camera's view.
  • Cut background noise, by sitting somewhere quiet.

Non-Think Out Loud Studies

You do not have to record your face and voice when you complete a non-think out loud study.

There are four different types of Non-TOL studies:

  • Card sort

With a card sort study, you will sort items into different categories based on your understanding of the item description.

  • Screenshot Click Test (SSCT)

For this test, you will review a static image and record where you might click on it to find something.

  • Moderated

A moderator will assist you with this type of study. You will have a one-on-one session with the moderator and a group of other participants. 

You will receive an invitation to moderated studies in advance.

During a virtual meeting, you will complete a study while the moderator interacts with you. 

  • Diary

A diary study will need you to complete tasks over a specified period. You will need to document your thoughts and findings while conducting the study.

Intellizoom Payments

You will receive your payment for each study up to 21 business days after you have completed a review.

Intellizoom pay their participants through their PayPal accounts.

If the signup address is not the same as your PayPal account, then you can link an additional 8 email addresses to your PayPal account.

There is no minimum payout threshold.

Is Intellizoom Legit?

IntelliZoom is legit. There is no BBB rating for Intellizoom, but I have read lots of reviews stating that you will earn a few extra bucks completing studies.

IntelliZoom Pro's And Con's


  • Pays well ($5-$10 per survey) 
  • Good pay for time invested ($10 per 20 minutes)
  • Pays on time


  • Jobs are not regular
  • You cannot guarantee work
  • You must follow the exact instructions to get paid


If you want to make a few extra bucks on the side, then Intellizoom is one way you can do this. 

There is a caveat to this, though; you will not make a lot of money regularly completing the studies. The invitations to complete studies are irregular and not consistent, so you may be better looking elsewhere if you need a regular income.

If you are considering signing up with Intellizoom, consider one of these other no experience jobs to do in parallel to increase your income.

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