My three girls are still a bit young to make money as a kid, but the oldest one is starting to realise that she can earn money from doing odd jobs around the house.

That's when I got thinking about what jobs children can do to make money as a kid for the things they want.

There are kids out there, who are making some serious money as a kid, some are even millionaires before they leave high school!


We could all learn something from the incredible kids shown on The Things Youtube video above, it just goes to show if you've got the drive and determination to be successful - anything is possible.


How Kids Can Learn The Value Of Money By Working


Earning money for doing chores or an actual job is a fantastic way to start respecting and make money as a kid.

My kids think money grows on trees, and I can't wait to understand how important managing their money is. 

The Simple Dollar has produced this great article explaining how to teach your kids about money.

Essential Tips For Learning About Money

Here are some great tips on how to teach your kids about the value of money.

Saving Your Money 

Whether your children earn their own money or receive money for Birthdays or Christmas, they need to learn that some of the items they want are more expensive than others, so they need to save some of their money to buy them. 

Earning Money 

The little kids can't go out to work, but they can earn a few dollars by doing a few chores around the house. 

Getting your children to work around the home is a great way to teach them that money is not an unlimited resource.

You have to do things to receive your allowance, and if you don't do those tasks, you don't receive as much. Great Life skill right here.


Kids don't always consider what things cost; they see something, give you that cute stare and a hug, and go another toy that has made its way into your home.

However, if you get your kids to spend their own money and money they have had to earn, I've noticed that they are much more careful with their purchases.

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Benefits of How To Make Money As A Kid!


The life skills learned early on when your child is earning their own money are tenfold. 

I should have titled this section disadvantages of not teaching your children about money, as the consequences of not showing them impact on their later lives. 

However, I didn't, so let's move on. Providing your children the opporunity to Make money as a kid provides a wealth of life skills.

Boosts their Financial Education

From early on, they will learn how to manage their money; they get to choose what they spend their earnings on. 

Provides Them With Life Experiences

Getting a small job, such as any of the ones detailed below, involves several skills they have already learned at school. 

They will have to manage their own time, and they will have to work with others, they will have to be proactive to achieve their objectives and manage their priorities. 

All excellent skills needed when they go off to University or get their first professional position.

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How To Make Money As A Kid (Younger Kids)


My children are all under ten years of age, so I don't think they are ready to go out into the big wide world to earn some money.

However, I am proactive in teaching them the value of earning money and helping around the house! (Must be the Accountant in me)

My girls do a variety of jobs at home; in addition to their regular chores which include:

  • Watering the Garden
  • Washing the Car - although it often ends up dirtier than when they started.
  • Pull Weeds
  • Wash Windows
  • Take the tops of bottles to the bottle bank

For these kinds of jobs, I pay them in addition to their weekly allowance. 
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Great Ways To Make Money As A Kid


All kids are different, so I've produced a list of jobs children can do to make money relevant to everyone. 

Before you start, you will need a plan, sit down with your parents, and brainstorm ideas for making money.

What's Your Ideal Job? Consider What You Want To Achieve? 

When thinking about what your ideal job would be, think about what is important to you now. 

Do you want the experience for the job you think you want when you leave school or University? 

Are you interested in getting a job that earns you a quick buck, or are you willing to invest time and effort to make more cash?

What are your skills?

Are you creative, good with numbers, do you understand computers, do you have an easy manner with children, and are you timely, organized, accurate, and friendly? The list goes on. 

Thinking about what skills you have, helps recognize your strengths and narrows down the types of jobs that would suit you, as at the end of the day you do not want a job that you will hate.

Why Do You Want To Make Money?

Do you want to earn money to go on holiday or buy the latest fashions, or are you considering your future already and want to make a long term income.

Again this will help you narrow your job choices; if its a long term goal, maybe you should consider blogging rather than pet sitting.

How Are You Going To Get To You Job?

Will, your Parents, happily take you to the job of choice, or can you get a bus there easily. Again essential to know as there is no point in applying for roles that you have no way of getting too.

Do You Need To Open A Bank Account?

This section interlinks with why you want to earn money, if its to spend straight away, you might not need to open a bank account. Well, that is, of course, dependent on how your employer will pay you.

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Ways To Make Money As A Kid (Younger Kids)


As a little kid, you might not be able to go out and work, but you can make money as a kid working around the home or neighborhood if your parents permit you. 

Here are some ways to make money as a kid under ten.


Here's a sneaky way to earn some pocket money. Parents ask their kids to help around the house all the time, so it is also the perfect opportunity to learn a valuable lesson in finance.

If your parents agree, get them to give you a small allowance for dusting, washing the floors, or getting the washing in from the line. 

These are all things your mum and dad would love not to do, so you'd be helping them out as well as earning money.


Before you get going with this task, next time your mum or dad mows the lawn get them to show you how to complete the job correctly. 

Now, produce a leaflet to take to your neighbors, asking if they would like their grass cut for a small fee.

Mowing the lawn is a great way to make money as a kid and help your community simultaneously.


Dogs are family to most people, so they want to ensure they get enough exercise and attention. 

However, most people are so busy; unfortunately, they don't always have time to walk their dogs.

Companies like and can help and are always on the lookout for dog walkers. 

You will need to get a parent to approve your application; when they do, these companies will pay approximately $10 an hour.

If you're not keen on applying on those websites, then again create some flyers and post them in your neighbor's doors.


Are you creative? Do you enjoy making things? Then maybe this could be the way you can make some money

Making craft stuff to sell is a great idea; there are numerous websites out there to sell your creations.

EtsyE-bayand Handmade at Amazon are great places to start selling from and sell all sorts of crafty, handmade products.


Do your parents tend to store things in their house, do you have toys, books or clothes that you have outgrown. I'm sure your parents would think it was a great idea to organize a garage sale.

1. Please start with the advertisement, produce an eye-catching poster and place it around your neighborhood. 

2. Now sort your junk and de-clutter.

3. Think about asking your neighbors if they would like to include some of their belongings in the sale; this could make you a few extra dollars.

4. When you've got your items ready, place prices on each item. Probably a good idea to do this with your mum or dad.

5. Now its time to sell all your no longer needed items and send them off to a good home.


Cleaning cars is probably more of a summer job than a winter job, so if you're keen to get outdoors and do some hard work, this is a great idea.

Everyone wants their car to look good and shine so you should get a steady flow of customers.

1. Firstly design a poster that you can distribute to your neighbors, letting them know you will be washing cars.

2. Ask Mum for some buckets, soapy water, and cloths and ask her to get the hose ready.

3. Make sure you take care to do a great job and have fun.

What a great way to make money, enjoy the sunshine, and get fit.


If you have a back garden and already grow vegetables, then why not sell them to your neighbors or take them to a farmers market to make money.

What if you don't already grow vegetables? Then why don't you invest some of your pocket money into purchasing seeds or plants and produce your fresh vegetables ready to distribute. 

Vegetables that are easy to grow are tomatoes, green beans, pumpkin (really easy), and cucumbers.


Not sure about your parents, but this has to be one of my worst household chores.

Another way to help your neighbors is to offer them a garbage bin service, where you put the bin out on collection day and return the bin once the garbage is collected. 

You could charge a few dollars each week. An additional service such as cleaning the bins could make you even more money.

These are all great ways to make money as a kid.

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How to Make Money As A Kid (Teenager)


For all you teenagers out there, who think they can't get a job. Think again; your options are endless. 

Child labor laws may have reduced the number of jobs you can apply for, but that doesn't mean you can't earn some money - look at these great ways to make money.


Getting a job as a babysitter is a great, easy way to make money as a teenager. 

You will have to love children, have a background check, and most families want you now to have completed a CPR course, but what a fun way to earn some extra cash.

Let your neighbors know you are available to babysit, or if you have younger siblings, you can send flyers to their parents. 

Once you get a few babysitting jobs and parents realize you are trustworthy and reliable, they will often refer you to their friends.

Another way to get babysitting jobs is to sign up with


Do you have aspirations to let the world what you think and what you believe in then? If the answer is yes, then you may want to start a blog.

Starting your blog as a teenager as a hobby could potentially set you up for life and lead you into a very successful career.

You will find blogs on every subject. The choices are endless, write about your life, makeup, sport, fashion, children's health, books, toys, you name it, you can write a blog about it.

To write a blog you would need to be comfortable using a PC or laptop, you'd have to write a lot of articles, you can produce podcasts and videos and include them on your blog.

I have written a 'how to start a blogarticle, which will help you set up your blog. This article gives you a step by step guide on how to set up your blog.

Your blog can make you money while you are out at school or the movies, etc. By adding Google Adsense and joining affiliate programs that relate to your blog, you can make lots of money. 

Blogging will cost you a few dollars to get started as you will need to sign up for a web hosting provider. Bluehost is affordable at $2.95 per month.

There are numerous benefits to starting your blog, its fun, its a great way of making money, and you will learn more about the topic chosen.

You can blog anywhere, and it will help improve your writing skills - one benefit I'm sure your mum and dad will be pleased to hear.

So, what do you have to lose, get writing?



As a teenager, I am positive you know all about Youtube stars and the massive number of channels and shows available there.

Just in case you don't, a Youtuber uploads videos they have produced onto Youtube and, in return, earns an income from it. There are videos on every topic imaginable. 

To make money from uploading your videos, people click on the ads shown on the video.

Jobsforteenshq has written an excellent article showing you how to become a YouTuber.


If you haven't heard of  Fiverr, it is an online marketplace where you can earn money. They pay $5 to do some work, this could soon mount up if you want a bit extra.

You can also offer projects at three different service levels on Fiverr, each costing a different amount.


Completing surveys for Swagbucks is a great way to earn money relating to the things you do every day. 

Swagbucks is one of the better sites out there that pay you for taking surveys, watching TV, searching the web, and playing games.

If you have some spare time and want to earn points, which exchange for gift cards, give Swagbucks a look. 

They will pay you approximately 200 swaybacks for a 20-minute survey, which is roughly $2. 


This isn't my favorite job on my list. However, it does pay in gift cards and rewards, which do mount up. 

There are many survey sites out there that are committed to having kid-friendly content on their website, they all have different minimum ages, and most will require your parent's consent.

Once your parent's consent, it's time to sign up to some of them.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular rewards programs; it gives you gift cards or cash for watching videos, searching the web, answering surveys. 

Survey Savvy will also pay you for taking surveys. You will have to fit specific criteria for each survey; then, you'll be sent instructions on what to do. 

The majority of surveys for kids involves answering questions about video games, food, and toys. 

Kids Opinions and Teens Panel is a division of the online survey company Panel Polls. This company invites children as young as three years of age to complete surveys, including playing games and testing toys. 

Again for each survey completed, redeem the points you gain for cash or gift cards.

There are a few children-friendly sites that are good for teenagers to use out there, be careful when signing up to ensure it is not fraudulent.


CashCrate is one of the world's most popular rewards programs, with over 10 million members. They catalog all the different legitimate ways to make money online. 


When you have a mobile phone or tablet, you can earn an income from downloading apps like Smart Panel

These apps that monitor what you are viewing on your device and anonymously record data in the background. Your information is kept confidential.

The companies pay around $5 per month.


Do you excel at any subject at school, are you getting fantastic marks in English, Maths or one of the specialized subjects? If you are, then you should consider offering your services as a tutor. 

Tutoring as a teenager, you will have the opportunity to teach other students through video chat or offer you time to other students struggling after school.


Tutoring English online is a great way to make some money. 

There are a considerable number of people wanting to learn how to speak English all around the world. 

SameSpeak is a website that provides coaching to people across the world; you need to be 16 and have English as your first language. 

If you have a computer and Skype, then coaching sessions last 30 minutes and you will earn US$10. 


A great way to earn a few dollars is to ask around your neighborhood if anyone wants you to look after their pets while they are at work or even while on holiday.

Families often pay kennels to look after their pets while on vacation, however, if you design posters and distribute them, I am sure your neighbors would much prefer to leave them at home with a friendly local.

In addition to pet sitting, you could also advertise to look after people dogs while they are at work, adults are out all day, and often the dogs are left home all alone so people would love someone to give them a walk.

Rover is a great site looking for people to help out with pet care if you want to branch out further.


Do you love to make crafts, do you have an eye for design? If the answer is yes, then design and make crafts, jewelry, clothes, and other handmade goodies and then sell them in your neighborhood, at a fair, Etsyor CafePress.


Photography is big business; everyone wants photos of their birthday and family gatherings. 

If you love photography and have your camera all the time, then volunteer your services as a photographer at some events, people will then get to know you, and you may be able to charge a fee to attend events.


With the number of blogs and business using photos on their websites, selling the images you take to photo sites like iStock are a great idea. 

If you post fabulous photos onto these websites, people download them, and you get paid for every download.


If you are passionate about photography, putting together photo books for people could be a great way to make a few dollars.

Most people's photos are sitting there on their hard drives, waiting to be sorted and printed. 

You could do this task for them; once you've done it a few times, you'll be confident enough to advertise and build your clients.


If you love playing an instrument and are good at it, offer your services as a music teacher. Young kids love to learn from other kids, so; this could be extremely profitable.

Design some posters advertising your services, post them at your local supermarkets or community center, and wait for the calls.


Are you a footballer, netballer, basketball? If you're a successful sportsperson and know the rules, put your name down to become a referee at a local event.

Our local netball club pays $30 per hour to ex-netball players to umpire for an hour on a Saturday morning. 

Give your local sports leagues a call and see if you can add your name.


There are numerous websites out there requiring a pool of freelance writers, editors, and translators. 

Most pay between 3 cents and $2 per word, depending on the piece's research requirements and complexity. Writer Access is one company that allows teenagers to sign up.


Get some exercise while working. If you are already a golfer, then this could be a great gig for you. 

Ask at your local golf club, put a notice up and see what happens.


One of my worst chores is washing the windows, well, to be honest, it doesn't happen too often as I'm not fond of it that much. 

I'm sure, like me, if you advertise your services around your neighborhood, your phone will not stop ringing.


Your parents are going to love this one. Is it time for a cleanout? How many toys do you still have that you no longer use, do you have old video games that you no longer play? 

If the answer is yes, then maybe its time to consider selling some of it.

Decluttr and eBay are great sites that can help you sell your items.

The company Decluttr is especially helpful for electronic items as you can pack them all into one box and send them off. All you need to do is select which items you have, key in its barcode and send it off.

A garage sale is another great way to sell your old belongings; you will probably make more money this way. 


As a young girl, I worked at MacDonald's. Looking back, it taught me so much for later in life. 

You will earn an hourly wage, you will make friends, and you will also make tips along the way.


Grocery Stores and clothing and retail stores are always looking for young individuals to work for them. Most require you to keep the shelves stocked, tidy up, help customers, and use cash registers. 

All you need is a friendly demeanor, enthusiasm, be timely, and a tidy appearance. 


Do you spend your weekends and summer holidays at the beach, have you attended lifeguard training and have a certificate. 

If you do, then working as a lifeguard is an excellent job for you, and you are helping the community while you do it.


While your neighbors are on holiday, you could advertise to assist them with watering their plants, flowers, and grass. Some neighbors may also request you to do this regularly.

Another task you could do is weed gardens regularly, some of your older neighbors would probably really appreciate the offer of not having to do the job.

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Skills required To Make Money As A Kid


When you start working for people, it is essential always to be polite and friendly. 

Excellent manners will impress your clients and employer and ensure you are asked to return to do other tasks again.

Other essential skills when trying to make money are:


If you work with a friendly and positive attitude, I can assure you that your clients or employers will keep you in mind when other work is available. 

Turning up to work with a negative attitude and moaning about this and that, your employee is more likely to pick someone else as the attitudes of staff go a long way in attracting customers.

Who wants to be miserable anyway!


Being on time is an important lesson to learn from the get-go. Getting to work on time, or even early shows that you want to be there, it shows you appreciate the role and this reflects well on you.


If you're cutting someone's grass or referring a netball game, always do your best. Do what is requested, make sure you listen to directions and do the role to the best of your ability.


Common sense, work well with everyone, do your best, have a positive, professional attitude, and do well.

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How To Make Money As A Kid Conclusion


Whether you are a kid or a teenager, I'm sure you will be able to find a way to make money as a kid from a large number of jobs list above.

Remember, the most important aspect of finding a job is to have fun.

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Susan is a stay at home mum of three young girls.  Originally a chartered Accountant, but moved into content writing so she could have flexibility and be there for her kids.

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