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Graphic design jobs or freelance graphic designers, as they are often known, are responsible for creating designs for everything you see at the shops, on TV, and billboards.

Remote graphic design jobs are a convenient way to start working from home, as there are plenty of full-time and part-time roles available.

What do Graphic Designers Do?

Graphic designers make our world a more attractive place; they create designs and layouts for everything.

They design food packaging, billboards, magazine and book covers, posters, logos, and marketing materials for a range of industries.

Freelance graphic designers are no different than designers who work in the office.

Their main objective is to create designs that encourage the audience to feel something and want to purchase it.

Ways To Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Build a portfolio Website

Probably the best and efficient way to advertise yourself and showcase your work is to build your website. 

Your website is your portfolio, its where you can show off to prospective clients, so take time to make it appealing and attractive to your viewers.

If you don't think you need a portfolio website then think again, the majority of successful graphic designers have websites, its a great way to advertise and get your name known. 

Once your website is complete, you will need to link to it so that prospective clients can find you.

Ask your friends and acquaintances to share it, post a link to your social media pages, include it on emails, and post it on other sites relevant to your niche.

Freelance job marketplaces

To begin your career as a freelance graphic designer looking for work on a large number of job marketplaces is a great place to start:


One of the many marketplace websites, Upwork, is designed to provide freelance designers the contact with prospective clients.

You will create a profile, ensuring you complete it fully and update your portfolio, which then allows you to start bidding on design projects which interest you.

Clients want to work with graphic designers who have great design skills and excellent communication skills, so ensure you promote yourself well and showcase these skills.

Remotely Awesome Jobs

The website trawls several remote job boards each day to provide a wide range of remote graphic design jobs to its viewers.

The feed is updated regularly and is a great place to begin your search for remote graphic design jobs.

Dribbble Jobs

I spoke about Dribbble above; this site has a great job board that allows you to find remote graphic design jobs with companies from across the globe.

Follow @dribbblejobs on your twitter account for regular job postings.

We Work Remotely

This site offers access to a vast community, posting new remote graphic design jobs regularly.

They provide email alerts allowing you to check the site at regular intervals.

Remote OK

This is an excellent website for finding all different kinds of remote jobs, including remote graphic design jobs.

Virtual Vocations

This site has been assisting freelance graphic designers along with other remote workers to find work from home since 2007. 

Virtual Vocations has a regularly updated list of graphic design jobs. You will need to pay for a membership, but if you find regular work, then it would be worthwhile.

Specifically tailored to online jobs, is a great site to find jobs that are flexible in their location.

They often advertise remote graphic design jobs from big brands, so if working for a big name company interests you, then it would defiantly worth looking.


Freelancers are pre-vetted before they can apply for jobs, so if you can pass their sign up interview, you will then have access to some exciting client opportunities.

The name "Toptal" comes from Top Talent, which they state means they are continually striving to find and work with the best in the world, hence their fierce sign-up process.

Typically fewer than 3% of applications get signed up by Toptal, but what do you have to lose.

Create content and start blogging

Starting a blog allows you to showcase your portfolio and build an audience.

You should write your blog about something that interests you and can lend itself to show your design work.

By writing articles and building your blog about graphic design, you will become known as an expert in your field and widen the opportunities of gaining clients.

Your personality will come through in your writing, so prospective clients will also learn a little bit about you.

Be yourself when you write, to earn clients trust and build confidence. 

Building a successful blog takes time; you will need to promote it by posting on a social media platform and creating links by posting on other websites.

Networking and word of mouth

Never underestimate the power of networking, attending non-design events where you can meet prospective clients, and other graphic design enthusiasts. 

People tend to hire designers who they already know or who come recommended. 

You should always give your work 100% and treat your clients with respect.

Word of mouth can have a significant impact on the offers of employment you receive.

Ensuring you provide your clients with the best possible service will impact the offers you receive in the future.

Create Social Profiles On Design Websites

Several successful design websites allow you to share your work and get feedback from other professionals. 

Dribble and Behance are two of these sites; they are excellent places for you to share your designs with thousands of subscribers.

As I said before, you need to be proactive in finding clients, as they aren't necessarily going to come to you.

You need to ensure prospective clients find your work, so share your best work in as many different places as you can so these clients notice it.

​Graphic Designers Skills

​In demand,  graphic designers ​will possess a range of skills; they need to be artistic and creative and have the ability to design eye-catching visuals.

Freelance graphic designers need to have the skills to evaluate what ​their ​client wants to say and how to successfully convey this in a design that sends a powerful message to their audience.

​Clients will regularly have visions that do not align with your ideas, so flexibility is vital, as you may be required to make numerous adjustments before your client is satisfied. 

​Employers are naturally vocal and can be very indecisive; your design is their baby, so they want it to be perfect.

Clients will often be critical, so you will need to be able to take criticism on the shoulder and move on, even if their feedback can be frustrating.

Remote graphic designers will need to have design software skills; the most popular design software is Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

You should ensure you stay up to date on these software packages as a minimum.

Successful designers are also experienced with color theory, typography, and have web design skills; these additional skills ensure you have an advantage over your competitors.

Now to all the regular soft skills, remote graphic designers need to also have excellent communication skills and great time-management skills.

What Qualifications Are Required To Become A Graphic Designer?

Most companies want their graphic designers to have experience in color, design fundamentals, digital illustration, webpage scripting, webpage design, traditional typography, in addition to natural creative ability.

Remote graphic designers must be proficient in Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.

Show your portfolio of work when applying for design jobs, so this can be completed at college or university, while you are gaining your bachelor's degree in graphic design.

Graphic Designers Jobs - Salary

According to the BLS.1, the median annual salary in 2018 for graphic designers was $50,370. 

​Depending on whether you are working as a remote graphic designer or a freelance graphic designer will determine your salary. 

Working as a remote graphic designer for a company from home means you would receive a consistent salary.

Still, those of you considering working as a freelance graphic designer may not earn a regular income and would need to budget for slow times.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Working As A Graphic Designer

Working as a ​freelance graphic designer has plenty of advantages, but you should be aware of the disadvantages too:

Benefits of working as a remote graphic designer

  • ​Location, location, location

If you are fed up with the daily commute, working at home as a graphic designer provides you with the freedom to work from any place with WiFi. 

  • ​Freedom

You get to choose the roles you want, well maybe not while you are in the beginning stages of trying to build your business, but eventually, you will have the freedom to choose the jobs that challenge and inspire you.

If you don't want to work on a project that doesn't fit your creative type, then you can turn it down, however with caution as you want to build and maintain a reliable client base to manage your income.

  • ​Time Management

As a freelance remote graphic designer, you have more control over what hours you work.

You can decide not to work 9 to 5, and instead work weekends or in the evenings.

As long as you always meet your client's deadlines, you have the flexibility to choose your hours.

Disadvantages of working as a remote graphic designer

  • ​Lack of Co-workers

For the majority of the time, you will be working in isolation as a freelance graphic designer working from home.

Working in isolation can be extremely hard for some people who thrive on collaboration with others. 

You might find yourself having a lack of inspiration or ideas, as you won't have so many people to bounce your ideas off.

  • Finding Clients

​You will need to be actively seeking new clients for ​a good proportion of your day; sitting back and waiting for projects is not an option.

You will have to be proactive and prove yourself to be the best person for the job as you will be competing against other freelancers.

  • Unpredictability

When you start out as a remote freelance graphic designer, your income, and work may not be consistent, varying each month, which means you can not guarantee your salary.

As a freelancer, you will also be responsible for your health insurance; you will not receive any other benefits, so you need to provide benefits with some consideration.

Becoming a Remote graphic designer is one of the easier jobs ​to do working from home, ​it offers flexible working hours, meaning it can be a full-time or part-time job from home.

I hope the information above will help you in becoming a remote graphic designer and build your clients, preparing you for a successful future.

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