Gogokid: Teach English As A Second Language Online From Home

Gogokid is one of many companies teaching Chinese students how to speak English.

From Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and across China, hundreds of students are looking for teachers to help them learn English as a second language and supplement their school work to put them to the top of the class.

Online education is becoming one way of getting easy access to English teachers from across the world, so if you have a bachelor's degree, then this could be an excellent way for you to make money from home.

Who are Gogokid?

Gogokid is a relatively new website offering Chinese students the opportunity to learn English as a second language using their interactive online platform.

The company connects a wide variety of children across China with English speaking teachers across the world.

Gogokid offer these students 25-minute sessions with a native English speaking teacher for one on one online sessions.

On their website, they state their mission is:

GoGoKid creates a connection between children in China and the world by providing a global learning experience.

Our mission is to foster our students to learn the English language as a tool, not as a goal, and to become individuals with creative and critical thinking skills.

- GogoKid -

Gogokid offers teachers competitive pay and a flexible schedule, so if you are interested in working from home as an online teacher, this guide will help you decide if they are a company you wish to approach.

What Are The Teaching Requirements For A Role With Gogokid?

As with the majority of online teaching companies, Gogokid has several requirements you must meet to be considered for a position with the company.

Educational Background:

Gogokid expects all applicants to hold at least a Bachelor's degree.  

They state that they will not accept applicants without a college degree as the students and their families entrust them to provide teachers who can fulfill the student's needs by providing top-notch quality education. 

You do not require a TEFL certificate, but a number of the other online providers need it, so this could be an additional requirement sometime in the future. It's a great thing to have on your CV anyway.

Location Requirements:

As a Gogokid teacher, you can teach from anywhere that has a stable internet connection.

Technical Requirements

Gogokid teachers must also meet many technical requirements to qualify for an online teaching position:

  • Computer Memory: Your computer must have at least 4GB RAM and an Intel Core i3 or higher.
  • System:
    • Mac - Os 10.8 or higher
    • PC - Windows 7,8,10 or above
  • Camera: Your computer must have an HD integrated camera, or you can have an HD external camera.
  • Headset: You will need a headset with a microphone, which has a stable output and input.
  • Network: You require a Wired DSL internet connection with at least 20 Mbps
  • They also recommend you have google chrome.

To be considered for a position, you must have all the technical requirements listed above.

Contract Terms:

Gogokid requires all teachers to commit to a six-month teaching contract as an independent contractor; this means you will be liable for your expenses and to complete your tax return.

You will need to renew your contract at the end of each six month period.

How Much Can You Earn Teaching For Gogokids?

Gogokid pay their teachers as independent contractors, they pay you a base amount per class and an additional participation incentive amount based on a credit score basis.

Your experience and how you performed during your interview will formulate your base pay. This base amount is between $7 to $10 per class.

They then calculate a credit score, which they add to your base amount. There are three credit score levels.

  • L3 - Base Pay ($7 to $10) + ($1.5 to $2) *100%
  • L4 - Base Pay ($7 to $10) + ($1.5 to $2) *110%
  • L5 - Base Pay ($7 to $10) + ($1.5 to $2) *125%hey 

You will earn somewhere between $14 and $25 per hour, as you will have two classes per hour.

Several factors determine the level of your credit score:

  • How often you teach
  • If you receive good reviews
  • There should be no technical issues.
  • Always being on time and available for your scheduled classes. 

As Gogokid teachers are independent contractors, they must abide by their own countries' tax laws and regulations.

Getting Paid For Teaching With Gogokid

Gogokid teachers are paid once a month for work completed in arrears.

You will receive payment by no later than the fifteenth of the current month. So in October, you will be paid for the work you completed in the calendar month of September.

They recommend you use Paypal as the primary payment option.

Remember to set aside money for your taxes as you are responsible for filing your tax returns at the end of the financial year.

How Do I Sign Up With Gogokid?

Signing up as an online teacher with Gogokid is simple:

  • Complete an online application 
  • Schedule your interview date and time
  • Attend the orientation program, which includes a quiz, live training, and a mock class training session.
  • Submit the completed paperwork
  • Sign your Gogokid employment contract

To begin the application process with Gogokid, you can head to their sign-up page

Gogokid Interview Process

You've been invited to an interview, now its time to show Gogokid precisely what you can do. 

Before Your Gogokid Interview:

As you would before any interview, you'll want to ensure you fully prepare before your interview and demo lesson.

Gogokid has produced a Performance Guide, which explains what they are looking for from their teachers.

One tip, ensure your equipment is working as they will be monitoring this during your interview.

Gogokid Interview:

The interview will take approximately 30 minutes; you will need to showcase your teaching techniques during that period.

Your interview determines what your base pay will be, so it is in your interest to perform better than the rest.

Gogokid Demo Lesson:

As part of the 30 minutes, you will also present a demo lesson; they expect you to show how you engage the student, complete sentences, and show how you manage the classroom.

How Do Gogokid Evaluate Your Performance?

During the interview, you will need to demonstrate that you meet their set criteria.

Gogokid uses a star system to rank applicants:

  • Three stars - Your skills are excellent and sufficient to begin teaching.
  • Two stars - Your skills require improvement to continue the application process 
  • One star - Your skills require significant improvement.

The Gogokid performance guide for applicants will provide you with an idea of what you are required to do during the interview and how Gogokid ranks your performance using client feedback after every teaching session.

If you want to receive those more significant incentives in your pay, then I recommend reading the guide.

Booking Gogokid Class Sessions

Now you've been offered a position with Gogokid, its time to book your teaching sessions.

To book your teaching sessions, log into the Gogokid teacher platform, and schedule your availability.  

Once this is available, students can choose if they want to sign up for your class.

Every class is 25 minutes in duration, each time slot is for 30 minutes, in case there are any delays, such as a late student or the extra 5 minutes allows you to head into the next student's classroom if you have back to back classes.

In the teacher portal, you will find a scheduler, which is where you select the time slots you are available. Gogokid recommends you choose these slots at least 48 hours before the class times to increase your book rate. 

You can set your availability as much as one month in advance, so the earlier you indicate your availability, the more chance you have of students booking you to take their class.

Gogokid does not set your hours; they allow flexibility around when you work so that you can work; however, many hours you wish, and at a time that is convenient for you. 

As with any other teaching role, there are busy times:

If you schedule your work hours during these times, you'll have more chance of being booked.

Gogokid does not set a limit on the number of hours you work; however, they do recommend you place breaks frequently throughout the day to ensure your students receive high-quality sessions.

How Do You Schedule Teaching Sessions With Gogokid?

Gogokid offers one on one student sessions so you will only ever be teaching one student at a time.

The company provides teaching slides for every class, so you do not need to prepare lessons before each class. You must read and review the class slides to ensure you understand your session learning requirements. 

Gogokid strongly recommends you have your teaching props readily available, to facilitate a better learning experience for each student.

Communication with parents is essential, so you will be expected to provide feedback within 12 hours of each class.  

Feedback should cover:

  • What the student covered during the teaching session
  • If the student did anything well
  • What the student needs to practice more

This is the only communication you have with the student's parents, so it is vital to provide a detailed analysis of how the child performed and provide them with a way of practicing outside class.

By providing valuable feedback to parents, you are more likely to be chosen to teach that student again.

Gogokid does not guarantee that you will always teach the same student, your availability, the child's availability, and your teaching style all impacts on returning students.

You could teach different students daily.

If you do an excellent job teaching and make learning enjoyable for the student, then it is more likely the same students will look for you when booking their sessions.

Gogokid - Pros and Cons


  • Great Teaching Platform
  • Easy Application Process
  • One on one sessions
  • Above average pay


  • Can be hard to fill your schedule

Conclusion: Gogokid is a great company to work for as a teacher, teaching English as a second language. 

As they are still building a name for themselves and increasing their market share, it would be a perfect part-time job, as you would not be able to schedule enough hours to make it work as a full-time work from home position.

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