Work Remotely: The 10 Best Remote Jobs

Are you fed up from commuting to and from work? Do you wish to spend more time with your family?

Working at home jobs achieve a sense of balance between work life and personal life, saving money, and enjoying extra personal time.

Whether you have got the necessary computer and customer service experience, specialized professional skills, or technical expertise, there are a variety of remote jobs that may suit your qualifications.

If you're searching for a remote job that is already well-established, here is my list of Best Jobs to Work Remotely.

10 Best Jobs to Work Computer Jobs remotely:


If you love to write, then the internet is one of the most potent ways available for you to turn your passions into profits and make money blogging online.

It is one of the most popular remote jobs,  you can do from anywhere in the world. 

Blogging is not a “get rich quick” job, It can take two years to earn decent money.

Computer Jobs​

While many computer jobs online require advanced IT skills and experience, there are a few work-at-home computer jobs available when starting out doing remote work.

​Here's a list of entry-level, work-from-home computer jobs:

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person that provides remote administrative support to a company, executive, or team from a remote location.

Job description includes administrative tasks such as entering data or maintaining records, travel, responding to emails, phone calls or messages on social media, booking, scheduling meetings, and much more.

Like most remote jobs, virtual assistant jobs can be either Part-Time and full-time basis.

You can find remote jobs on freelance and flexible job sites like Upwork, FlexJobs, Guru, and Fiverr by a search for titles such as "VA," "virtual executive assistant," "virtual assist call Center Jobs," or "virtual office manager."

Remote Data Entry Jobs

remote data entry clerk is responsible for entering and updating data into a database via their computer.

Remote data entry jobs are available on both a full-time and part-time basis.

According to ZipRecruiter, salary ranges from $27,000 to $56,000 for a mid-level data entry clerk.

Call Center Jobs


A work-from-home call center position could be a great role for individuals who has excellent phone skills and like talking to people.

Some companies hire third-party representatives, and some others hire virtual call center representatives in house for their own business needs.

Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Jobs offer you the freedom to work remotely and serve as the "front line" for all customer communications. 

These include providing information, answering questions, and resolving issues via online chats, email, or phone calls.

When it comes to finding Customer Support work-from-home-jobs, sites listing like Remote, FlexJobs, WeWorkRemotely and Jobspresso can be more reliable than remote listings on standard job search engines.

Many companies, including digital companies and online retailers, hire people to handle customer service inquires.

If you have shopped online and seen a button to "Chat now for help," the person on the other end is working remotely for the company.

Individuals with retail, customer service, marketing, or communications background would be suitable for this kind of work.

Coding, and Transcription Jobs​

There are a few legitimate coding jobs that are suitable for entry-level workers .

If you have typing experience and advanced skills, you can also consider medical coding jobs and work-from-home transcription .

Tutor Jobs

High-speed internet connections and advanced technology have generated more opportunities for teachers to work remotely with students all over the globe.

Also, there is a high demand for online teachers, as more states allow children to attend school online.

Teachers' income is base on the type of classes you teach and the number of working hours.

Freelance Writer Gigs

There are many freelance writing opportunities online, from content marketing to copywriting.

It can be challenging to find legitimate writing jobs; once you start to build a professional portfolio, it can be an excellent way to earn a living while working from home.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Legitimate Work-from-home jobs for accounting include bookkeeping.

Your pay should correlate with your qualifications and working experience, so if you're new to the field with no experience, be careful of any opportunity that promises big profits.

Translator Jobs

If you are proficient in a multitude of languages, you can find an online job working as a translator. 

Translators who work remotely might be employed by a translating company to translate articles, web pages, and news stories.

Companies Hiring Remote Jobs

Lionbridge has positions for part-time, freelance, and remote workers.

Positions are available in finance and banking, engineering, marketing, legal services, translation, machine intelligence, and more.

Weworkremotely is one of the top remote job websites for freelancers and companies.

You gain connections with positions from a variety of companies from across the globe.

Positions include programming, marketing, design, and customer support.

We work remotely and do not manage the recruitment process; it provides an introduction to an employer.

VIPKID is based in China, offers English as a second language to children in China. Working remotely positions are available working remotely, either part-time or freelance.

RemoteOk reaches a significant number of remote workers.  

They post jobs on their site and send out regular emails with updates.

Appen is a technology services company. The Company works with some of the top technology companies in the world.

Problogger Jobs offers content writing jobs.

They have a variety of clients who require freelancers to produce a wide range of written content.

Upwork connects businesses to individuals from a range of professions.

Signing up for Upwork is free, several connections are provided free each month.

Liveops describes itself as the world’s largest cloud contact center that employs over 20,000 independent agents, working remotely. 

The Company provides agents for travel and hospitality positions, telecom, roadside assistance, high tech, retail, finance, health care, and insurance companies. Work is available on both part-time and full-time basis in the US.

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace; you can offer your services for a minimum of $5.

To offer your services on Fiverr, you need to create a Gig, which shows potential clients what services you plan to offer.

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