Carrd Review: The Pros And Cons Of This Website Builder!


Welcome to this Carrd review.

Offering an easy to use web building tool, Carrd gives customers the ability to build a website without any technical knowledge at an affordable price.

This review reviews the features, pros and cons and the price of this website builder platform, to provide you with enough information to help make your choice when deciding which website builder is for you.

Why Is Carrd A Great Choice When It Comes To Building Websites?


Carrd does not include as many features as some of the larger website builders, but for a single page site, you should find everything your require.

Ease of Use

One of the easiest single page websites to use.  Great user friendly interface.


Fantastic value for money

Specifically designed for single page sites, Carrd is a value for money website builder with a lot to offer. The builder does not offer e-commerce or blogging functionality, but if you are looking for a basic website, Carrd does the job.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5


Who Is Carrd?


Cardd is a relatively new website builder founded a few years ago in 2016 by a Nashville website developer.

The company started as a small project but grew significantly after launching on Twitter.

What Features Does Carrd offer?

Carrd is a website builder that offers simple, easy to use one-page sites for everyone.  

While Carrd does not offer the wide range of features some of the larger website builders offer, the basic features available are sufficient for one-page sites.

Carrd Online Store

Unfortunately, you will not be able to build an online store, however, for pro plan subscribers you will have the ability to add links to your site directing your visitors to any online stores you have.  


Carrd customers will have access to a photo gallery, so you won't need to search elsewhere for professional images to add to your site.

Is Carrd Easy To Use?


Carrd offers an easy to use single-page website builder. You won't need coding skills, as everything is intuitive and user friendly.

You can access all available customisation options by clicking on the text, images, or your website's background. Drag and drop any element of your website, to where you want it to go.

What Templates Are Available?

Carrd templates

Carrd offers there customers a wide range of modern looking website templates. They don't have as many templates as the more prominent website builders, but the ones they offer are clean and attractive.

After you sign up for a Carrd account, the builder will take you to the 'Choose a starting point' page. 

On this page, you'll find a wide variety of attractive, useable one-page templates available. The templates are categorised slightly differently than the majority of other website builders, in that they are placed into the following five categories:

  • Profile - Introduce yourself to the world
  • Landing - Advertise your new product
  • Form - Collect feedback from customers
  • Portfolio - Provide a gallery of art, pictures or creations
  • Sectioned - Choose one-page designs and connect them using section breaks

As the templates only include one page, they are suitable for your larger businesses. 

There are a significant number of free templates, but you will need to upgrade to Carrd's pro plan to access some of them.

Can I Customise My Template?

Yes, customisation is simple, with a click of your mouse, you will select the area you want to create, and a range of options will appear. Editing and coding skills are not required.

Most features are pre-installed, but they are easily removed or moved to a different location.



The SEO features included are again on the limited side. If you sign up for a pro plan, you will be given the ability to add alt text to your images, and they provide support for meta tags.

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Carrd E-Commerce


If you are looking for a website builder to help you build an eCommerce store, you are looking in the wrong place. Carrd does not have any in-built eCommerce features, so creating a store is not possible.

However, if you are a pro plan customer, you can add a button that directs your visitors to your online store.


Customer Support


Carrd's customer support consists of a site troubleshooting page for customers having connectivity difficulties and a builder troubleshooting page for customers having issues with the website builder.

They also have a documentation page for general inquires, providing guides and answers to the most common website building tasks.

If you cannot rectify your issues using the online help pages, you can contact Carrd using an online form. Carrd does not provide live chat or phone support.



All Carrd websites have SSL automatically enabled, meaning your connections will be secure over an HTTPS connection.

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How Much Does Carrd Cost?


Is Carrd available for free?

Carrd customers can use a basic plan for free; this plan allows you to build three one page websites with URL. Carrd branding will also feature on your site.

In addition to the free plan, you can trial Carrd for seven days, without providing your payment information.  

Carrd plan pricing

The prices above are correct as of Feb 2021. Find Accurate pricing on the Carrd website.

These prices are for one-year contracts. That's right, the prices shown are not what you would pay each month, but the annual fee.

Pro-Lite Plan

This plan is excellent value for those who want to produce a few websites using premium URLs. For $9 per year, Carrd will remove the Carrd branding, and you will have no limits placed on the amount of information you put on your website.

You will receive access to high-quality images, have the ability to include large images and videos, upload videos, add icons, including slideshows and share images.

In addition to the features detailed, you'll also have access to pro templates.

Pro Standard Plan

At $19 per year, the pro-standard plan includes all the pro lite plan inclusions. Also, you will now be able to create ten sites, with custom domain URLs.

You'll also be able to create simple forms, widgets, and embeds. Google analytics and meta tag assistance are also included.

Pro Plus Plan

The most expensive plan is the pro plus plan. At $49 per year, in addition to the pro-standard plan inclusions, you will also be able to create twenty-five sites, and you'll also be able to create advanced forms.

In addition to these inclusions, you'll also be able to create custom templates and redirect site visitors. Password protection, more frequent updates, advanced settings and downloadable sites are also features of this plan.

Is Web Hosting Included?

Web hosting is included for all Carrd websites. Uptime is good, which means your site will be reliable and won't suffer from daily interruptions.  

Carrd websites also load pretty quickly; they don't have all the inclusions you would find on some of the other website builders, making sense.  

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Alternatives To Carrd


Carrd Pros and Cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons of Carrd.


  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Great Value For Money


  • eCommerce features are not available
  • Not suitable for growing websites
  • The free option only allows you to have a URL
  • You need to upgrade to the Pro plan to use your own domain name.


Carrd is a fantastic one-page website builder; it is flexible, and easy to use, which makes creating a website a breeze.

This website builder is perfect for beginners or individuals who wish to create a personal or professional website at a low cost.

If you want something more, like the ability to add eCommerce or blogging features, then you might want to sign up with Wix, Weebly or Shopify, but for a regular informative website, Carrd is an excellent choice.


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