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WebinarNinja Review


Welcome to our review on WebinarNinja, one of the top all in one webinar platform solutions in 2020.  

This article will provide you with an in-depth analysis of WebinarNinja to assist in your decision making when considering which webinar platform is right for you and your business.

We will introduce you to WebinarNinja.  Describe the incredible features it offers, explain how the platform works, and take you through the LearnDash pros and cons and pricing.

Webinarninja homepage

Source:  WebinarNinja

What Are Webinar Platforms?


A Webinar Platform is a name used to describe the software used to deliver presentations, lectures, workshops or other seminars that individuals and small businesses transmit over the web.

Key features include interactive elements that provide the presenter with the ability to receive and discuss information in real-time offer the internet, including the ability to share desktop applications and relevant documents.

Who Are WebinarNinja?


WebinarNinja was founded in 2014 by Omar Zenhom and his partner Nicole Baldinu.
The company provides an all-in-one webinar marketing platform. The software will help you to teach, market and sell via webinar.

Webinar Ninja Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use, all in one webinar platform and software
  • Very quick set up process
  • Easy to use templates for registration and thank you pages
  • The ability to play a video over a live webinar 


  • It was difficult to find registration details
  • Slow to load documents

How Much Does WebinarNinja Cost?


WebinarNinja have four packages available. The starter package is an affordable package offering the ability to share live webinars to 100 attendees.

You will then pay extra $79 per month for the pro package, which gives you the ability to reach 300 attendees in your live webinars.

For many small businesses, the prices then become slightly unaffordable, with the plus package priced at $129 per month and the power package at $199 per month.

WebinarNinja Pricing

Who Is WebinarNinja For?


Marketers and small businesses looking for a reliable webinar platform should look no further than WebinarNinja.

If you plan to run small webinars with up to 100 attendees, WebinarNinja will offer you a competitive price. However, if you aim to reach an audience of over 100 attendees, you may wish to review one of WebinarNinja's competitors.

How To Create A Webinar In WebinarNinja


Creating a Webinar using WebinarNinja is straightforward and takes no time at all.

You will be taken to the WebinarNinja dashboard when you sign up.  

To start creating new webinars, you will need to click on "create a new webinar" in the dashboard.

Webinarninja dashboard

Source:  WebinarNinja

You have a variety of choices relating to the type of webinar you want to run:

Live Webinars - You can broadcast your webinar live and interact with your audience as you go.

Automated Webinars - Automated Webinars run on auto-pilot, you can offer this type of webinars on-demand or at certain times.

Series Webinars - Just as it sounds, this type of webinar allows you to run a group of several webinars, which is excellent if you want to run multiples sessions or courses.

Hybrid Webinars - This type of webinar allows you to play the content of the webinar presentation automatically, while still being present to interact with the audience.

Webinarninja - set up a webinar

Source:  WebinarNinja

Once you've chosen the type of Webinar, you wish to present, its time to complete the Webinar details. They are very straightforward.

Add a title, a host, the date and time and select if you wish the Webinar to be free or if you wish to charge a fee for attendance.

If you choose to charge for your Webinar, you need to set a price. The WebinarNinja platform allows you to integrate with Stripe, so will redirect you to log into your Stripe account and set your price.

WebinarNinja Features


This webinar platform offers its customers a variety of features.

All devices will support your webinar; this means your audience can attend your webinar from their web browser on any device. All webinars can be shared anywhere, even directly on popular social media platforms using the registration link. If you wish to keep your webinar private, then send a unique link to your registrants.

WebinarNinja uses Web RTC technology, which means your attendees can see and hear you are in real-time, it also means there is not an awkward delay when you engage with your audience.

All Webinars are automatically recorded and saved, ready for download as an mp4 file at your convenience.

Live Webinars Features:

Upload Slides - As part of your webinar you may want to share your PowerPoint slides, rather than sharing your screen you can easily upload to the WebinarNinja platform

Question and Answer Area - If your audience has specific questions, you can direct them to a dedicated Q&A area, which is a convenient feature. The Q&A area ensures your attendee's questions are easy to find and ensures they don't get lost in the webinar chat area. 

Polls - WebinarNinja provides the ability to run multiple polls before, during and after your webinar, with results instantly available. This poll information can assist you in improving your webinars.

Videos - Share videos at any time during a live webinar.

Screen sharing - If you wish to share your screen or one of your applications, you can do this instantly.

Chat - A chat area will allow you to easily communicate with your audience, with all chat data saved.

Offers - You can create multiple offers.

Block/Ban Attendees - If you have a nuisance or inappropriate attendee, the block/ban features is excellent as it allows you to block someone at any time.

Automated Webinars Features:

Upload your Videos - If you wish to include videos in your webinar, you can upload them to your account.

On-Demand Webinars - Your webinar can be offered as an on-demand event

Next Available Rules - On your webinar registration page, you have the option to add when the webinar will be available again.

Choose How Often The webinar is available - You can automate the webinar delivery date if you want to offer your webinar each week, or even every day, you can check the box.

Blackout Dates - WebinarNinja offers the ability to block out specific dates.

Timed Offers - You can create multiple offers.

Email Notifications 

Another great feature NinjaWebinar offers the ability to send automatic emails confirming and reminding your registrants about their upcoming webinar. 

You can easily edit your emails if required. 

Save Marketing Assets In Your WebinarNinja Account

All information required in your webinar can be saved in your account; this includes images, templates, logos, replays or uploaded videos. Access to these marketing assets makes creating your webinars, registration and thank you pages quick and easy.

Custom Pages That Convert

NinjaWebinar has numerous registration and thank you page templates for your convenience. All templates can be customized using the live page builder editor and then saved in your template gallery to reuse when necessary.

Customized Registration Form

Access to a customized registration form helps gather data from your customers when they sign up for a webinar. You get to choose what information you require.

Your Webinar Statistics

Another great feature is the ability to gain valuable information about how well your webinars are going. You can measure conversion and attendance rates, along with track retention rates and offer clicks.

Additionally, you can export your audiences data, the chat area, any questions and poll information with just one click. 

What Support Does WebinarNinja Offer?


WebinarNinja offers its customers access to their WebinarNinja Academy.  The Academy gives on-demand access to a variety of webinar topics including content creation, how to use the platform, sales and marketing and other helpful techniques.

You can chat or email the support ninjas at any time. They will even provide you with a personalized walk-through.

WebinarNinja Marketing Tools


You will automatically gain access to 'The Webinar Finder' which is one of the most powerful webinar search engines in the world.

Prospective customers can search for your webinar using keywords or the webinars category.

Does WebinarNinja Integrate with Other Apps?


WebinarNinja integrates with a large number of other apps. At this time, you will have the ability to integrate with HubSpot, LeadPages, Squarespace, ClickFunnels, ConvertKit, AWeber and more.

Final Word


WebinarNinja, offer some of the best webinar solutions for small businesses. The platform is easy to use; it takes seconds literally to set up and offers you some great features to run successful webinars.

WebinarNinja offers an easy to use package for both webinar provider and their audience. It allows you to connect to your viewers regularly using engaging features including slides, screen sharing, a Question and Answer area, live chat, and polls.


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