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Best Online Learning Platforms in 2020


The Best Online Learning Platforms Reviewed:

A growing number of online learning platforms provide a wide range of courses for students who want to learn from home. These platforms connect teachers to students and are a great way to offer your courses to a broader audience.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are slightly different from the paid online platforms such as Teachable. Your course will be offered to students within a more extensive market alongside courses provided by your competitors.  

If you are starting your journey into online education, then Online Learning platforms offer the perfect solution.  


How To Choose A Top Online Learning Platform

Which Are the Best Online Learning Platforms?

Online learning platform: Skillshare

As an online learning community offering thousands of courses for all types of students, Skillshare is a great place to market your online course.

This Online Learning platforms offers an extensive range of courses on various topics, covering cooking and photography to Maths and Biology.  

How Do Skillshare Classes Work?

You will be able to offer pre-recorded video content on your particular niche ranging from 20 to 60 minutes. Courses must include a project that allows students to practice the lessons learned and share them with the class.

As a Skillshare teacher, you must meet class quality guidelines; if your courses do not meet their criteria, Skillshare may remove them.

What does Skillshare cost?

Everybody can create a premium course for free on the Skillshare online learning platform.  

Skillshare pays its teachers for every minute a student watches one of their classes. In addition to this payment, they also pay $10 for each student that signs up for a premium membership.


Skillshare Pros and Cons


    Skillshare is a great online course platform for creators. Creative, how to, courses are very popular
  • The class quality guidelines, mean courses offered on Skillshare must be high-quality, which ensures you are marketing alongside other professionals.
  • The Skillshare class creation system helps teachers design their classes effortlessly.
    Skillshare offers a step-by-step guide to create, publish, and advertise your course.


  • Only 30 to 50% of premium subscription revenue is paid to teachers. As a new teacher, building your audience, you will likely only receive a small fee for your efforts; however, this will grow.
  • You can only contact skillshare via email.



Skillshare is a great online learning platforms for teachers offering courses in a creative field and who are at the start of their teaching journey.

Courses must be of high quality, and Skillshare will assist you in the form of a step by step guide to get you started.

Online Learning Platform: Udemy homepage

One of the leading global market places for online learning, Udemy is one of the more well-known online learning platforms.

Udemy has an incredible global reach, offering 150,000 courses in 65 languages to more than 50 million students worldwide. Becoming one of their 57,000 instructors could be a great way to create and market your online course.

How Do Udemy Classes Work?

Udemy's instructor dashboard and curriculum pages will help you build your course. Record video, create quizzes, exercises and assignments using the tools available. Each of your courses must include 5 lectures and content must be at least 30 minutes in length.

Using the Udemy marketing features you can offer site-wide discounts and your course can be included in Udemy's email marketing.

What Does Udemy cost?

There is no fee to create a course on Udemy. 

For all courses sold using coupon and course referral links, Udemy charge a 3% revenue share.

Courses purchased using organic searches will generate you 50% of the sales price and courses purchased using paid acquisition channels will result in you receiving 25% of the courses sales price.


Udemy Pros and Cons


    Access to a growing marketplace with worldwide opportunities.
    Revenue share for tuition fees are above average.
    Udemy has fantastic marketing promotions which help you reach a large audience.
    Reliable 24/7 customer support, in addition to numerous articles to help you design and market your online course.


    It is difficult to get your course to the top of the course list when you are new to the online learning platform.



Udemy is one of the most widely used online learning platforms.

They offer their instructors the opportunity to access a significantly large audience, they provide sufficient help to get your started in building and marketing your course and offer 24/7 customer support.

Online Learning platform: WizIQ

Another online learning platform, WizIQ, offers instructors the opportunity to deliver online courses to millions of WizIQ subscribers.  

How Do WizIQ Classes Work?

Within the WizIQ learning marketplace, you can create live or self-paced courses, which can include videos, tests, or presentations. Once your course is complete, you can list the course in the learning marketplace.

You can set the price of your online course and retain full ownership.  

WizIQ offers training courses and provides 24/7 support.

What does the WizIQ cost?

For every online course, you sell, WizIQ keeps 10% of the revenue generated. The company collects all payments through their secure payment gateway and pay course owners on the completion of instructor-led courses and the 10th of each month for self-paced classes. 

WixIQ Pros and Cons


    WixIQ is an easy-to-use online learning platform.  It is simple to set up courses, engage learners, and track your student progress
    Students can record past classes, so they can review at a later date.
    Excellent support features


    Extra storage costs more



WizIQ is a great tool, making teacher led online learning simple. The online learning platform is affordable and students will find it easy to use.


What AreThe Top Online Courses?


The Best Online Learning Platform Conclusion


Online courses can assist you in growing your audience, teach students more about the topics you cover in your blog and make you money all while working at home.

Before signing up with one of the online learning platforms, ensure the quality of your course content is high and research each platform before you sign on the dotted line.

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