Udemy: Comprehensive Review, Features and Pricing!


Welcome to our Udemy Course Review for Instructors.  Udemy is one of the top online course marketplaces in 2021.

Let us introduce you to Udemy, and the outstanding features this course marketplace offers, we will explain how the marketplace works, review the dashboard, and finally, we will take you through the pros and cons of Udemy and their prices.


What Is Udemy?


Udemy is arguably the leading global marketplace for learning and education. 

Even Bali, Gagan Biyani and Oktay Calgary founded Udemy in 2009. With limited learning opportunities available in the village. Even Bali grew up, he found learning opportunities online and decided he wanted to share those opportunities, making quality education accessible for all, through the internet.

How Does Udemy Work?

The global marketplace features a multi-language library of courses, taught by expert instructors. Anyone interested in taking an online course should find an online course that meets their requirements.

What Type of Udemy Online Courses Are Available?

There are thousands of courses available, Udemy lets anyone publish a course so that you will find a wide range of courses on an even more comprehensive range of topics topic.

As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a wide range of categories and subcategories to choose from, when adding your course. 

Udemy Online Courses

Is Udemy Legit?

Yes, the company is legit. Millions of people use or have used the platform to learn new skills.

Many people ask if Udemy courses are legit, the question to this is again yes, but the quality of courses varies from course to course.

Let's find out what is involved, so you can make your mind up when deciding if writing a Udemy course is worth it.

A great place to start with any review is to look at the companies positives and negatives, so that's where we will begin. Here are the pros and cons of Udemy for Instructors.


Pros and Cons 


  • Udemy is a great place to start as a new online learning instructor
  • Udemy will offer you flexibility as you can run your teaching business on your own terms
  • You can make a passive income
  • You'll have the opportunity to access millions of online learners


  • Commissions are high
  • The maximum price you can charge your course is $199.99
  • You cannot offer monthly subscription or payment plans
  • Udemy is not accredited
  • There is no phone support for Udemy instructors

Udemy Prices For Instructors


Creating and hosting courses on Udemy is free, allowing you to publish as many courses as you would like. 

Instead of charging a fee to host your course, you'll have to pay a share of the online course revenue when someone buys your courses. 

How Much Do Udemy Instructors Make?

The amount you will need to pay when someone purchases your course differs, depending on how the student found your Udemy course:

The amount you will be paid is calculated using Udemy's Instructor Revenue Share model. 

Instructor Promotion (97% revenue share)

If a student purchases your course, using an Instructors coupon or a referral link you will only need to pay a 3% processing fee to Udemy, or if you are in Japan this fee increases to 4%. 

Udemy Organic ( 50% revenue share)

When a student purchases your course by browsing the Udemy marketplace or through a Udemy promotion, Udemy and the instructor will share the income received. 

You will also share 50% of the course revenue if the student finds the course when browsing using google search.

For purchases made on the Udemy app, Apple and Google will also charge a 30% fee on the total sale.

Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales (25% revenue share)

Udemy keeps 75% of your revenue if your course is purchased through one of Udemy promotion channels. 


Udemy Transaction Fees 

The company does not charge transaction fees when delivering payments to instructors.  

How Do Udemy Instructors get paid?

Payments are delivered using PayPal or Payoneer.  

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Who Can Teach On Udemy?

Udemy courses

If you have a course that you'd like to promote, you will be able to advertise it on Udemy, as long as it does not relate to one of their restricted topics

If you want to offer your course for free, you will not have to apply to advertise it; however, if you're going to sell your course, you will need to become a premium instructor.

Is Udemy Good For New Instructors?

As a new Instructor, Udemy is a great platform to start your online teaching journey. Creating an online Course is simple, and as the platform will market your course for you, you don't need to find time to add that to your list of things to do, allowing you to concentrate on providing your students with a quality course. Course Creation


To become a successful Udemy course creator, you'll need to do your research and homework. You need to know what your prospective students are interested in and choose a topic that will match your interests and meet student demand.

Steps To Create Your Udemy Course

1. Choose your course topic.

Carry out some in-depth research to ensure you pick a topic that is demand and matches your experiences.

The Udemy marketplace insights tool is a great place to check out market demand and competition so you can create a course.

2. Set your objectives and decide who you are going to create your course for!

Determine what motivates your future students and set objectives to meet their requirements.

Courses designed for a specific genre generally have a higher enrollment rate, so decide who you will aim your course at.

3.  Structure your course goals and produce an outline of your course

Ensure your course has a comprehensive introduction, including various sections that cover your learning outcomes(lectures, activities, and reference materials).

Finally, close your course with a strong conclusion.

4.  Plan your assignments

Your students will want to apply the knowledge learnt in the real world, so it is essential to include various ways to practice what they now know. These can be in the form of:

  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Practices tests

5.  Set up your studio ready for filming

You'll want your students to be able to hear and see your videos without any distractions. Before you start filming, ensure you set up a quiet area, isn't too dark and has access to the software you will require.

6.  Create your first lecture

You'll want your students to be engaged from the start and ensure your first lecture sets the course's tone. Explain who you are, your experiences and why you are someone who can provide them with a positive learning experience.

Write your script before you start, practice until you get it right as this will ensure you remain confident and positive.

7.  Create an engaging course landing page

The first thing potential students will see when searching for courses is your course landing page (CLP), so you will need to create a page that will successfully pull these students in.

Ensure you cover:

  • Course title and subtitle
  • A description of your course
  • Showcase an eye-catching image relevant to your course
  • Include a preview video
  • Your instructor bio plays an integral part in the student decision on whether to purchase your course so ensure it is accurate.

8.  Price Your Udemy Course

Udemy allows you to offer your course for free, for a price or a discounted price.

You should also be aware of Udemy's refund policy, Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee when students purchase a course.

9.  Create automated messages

When you've completed your course, you'll be able to create automatic messages. These can include welcome messages and congratulations messages.

How To Become A Udemy Premium Instructor


If you have decided to sell your course on Udemy, then you will need to apply to become a premium instructor.

The process is simple and relatively quick as the approval process usually takes a few days.

If you have decided to sell your course on Udemy, you will need to apply to become a premium instructor.

The process is simple and relatively quick as the approval process usually takes a few days.

When you've started to build your course, on the course management page, you will need to click on the course list price.

If you choose to select a price, you will need to complete a premium instructor application. 

You will need to provide:

  • Name or company name
  • A sixty character headline
  • Quick description of your expertise
  • A short bio
  • Your billing address and phone number
  • A profile picture

In addition to these requirements, you will also need to accept the Udemy Terms of Service and choose which promotional programs you wish to participate.

Finally, select your payout method.

Customer Service: Udemy Support


Udemy's customer support is vast; there are plenty of ways to find the help you need to sell your online course.

The primary way to contact them is to submit a request for help from the Udemy instructor support team. You will receive a reply within one to two business days.

On their website, you will find a FAQ section. You will find articles and tutorials on various topics associated with becoming a premium instructor or how to earn more money through online teaching.  

In addition to this section, you can access the global instructor community. The community has two sections:

StudioU - this is the official place to ask for help, you can ask any question and receive guidance on creating your course. With over 78,455 instructors signed up, you will be sure to find the help you need.

Published Instructor club - after you've published your first course, you can then access the published instructor club, enabling you to chat with other instructors.

Unfortunately, you cannot contact Udemy by phone as there is currently no phone support.

Udemy Instructor sign up

Udemy for Business


What Is Udemy For Business?

Udemy for Business is a relatively new learning platform, offering organisations the ability to access engaging online learning content anytime and anywhere.

Offering a subscription of over 5,000+ high-quality courses, Udemy for businesses enables organisations a central place to distribute relevant courses to their employees.

What Organisations Use Udemy For Business?

Organisations using this tool include:

  • PayPal,
  • Lyft,
  • Barclays

Udemy for Business Cost

You will need to contact the company for further information relating to prices.

Udemy for Business prices

Marketing Your Udemy Course


The more active you are, the more successful you will become when it comes to marketing your course.

Marketing your course during the first ninety days is especially important.

How Do I engage with Course Students?

There are several ways to stay in touch; you can create promotional emails, sent messages or interact with your students using the course's Q&A forum.

Can I send Educational Announcements?

Instructors can use Udemy Educational announcements to provide your students with course updates or share free resources relating to your course topic. 

You can send four educational announcements each month. However, you can only use these announcements to promote free resources; you can not direct students to promotional material.

Can I send promotional emails?

You can send promotional announcements twice in a month; you can include links to your Udemy courses, offer discounts, run a sale or holiday deal.

How Does Udemy Market Your Course?


Udemy's team are always working on getting your course to students across the globe. The company tailor every email, alert and discount using what they know about the student. 

Udemy Marketing strategies used include:

  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Advertising on popular sites
  • Udemy tap into their knowledge of student interests to target their campaigns

Can I Use External Marketing Tools To Advertise My Course?


Yes, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter are a great way to grow your course. 

Promoting your course increases sales and can attract new customers. 

To advertise your course, you can use several tools:

Udemy Referral Link

The referral link allows you to refer an unlimited number of students to a course without influencing its price. 

These links are a great way to create a passive channel on your website or social networks to advertise your course. Just set them and forget.

Udemy Discount Coupons

Create a temporary promotional price for each course, and you can choose the amount and length of each discount.

Udemy Free Coupons

Allow some of your students access to your course for free. Offer your course to a select group or offer it to an unlimited number of students for a certain length of time.

These links are a great way to create a passive channel on your website or social networks to advertise your course.  Just set them and forget.

Udemy Course Reviews

  course reviews are a helpful way for students to decide which courses and instructors will be a good fit for them.

Make a conscious effort to gather feedback from your students as their reviews will establish your course in the long term.

You can request reviews and ratings from students by requesting feedback in your introduction video, your welcome message or through direct messages.

Time your request for feedback, the best time to ask for feedback is within the first 15 minutes. Ensure your student know that their feedback is important so you can improve the course material.

Respond to Udemy Reviews and Ratings

A great way to engage with students is to respond to both positive and negative reviews and ratings. 

Ensure you acknowledge negative feedback and offer a solution to the student's problem and offer additional materials.

Always remain friendly and remember all potential students can see your responses. Affiliates


Another way Udemy market your course is by using affiliates. The company partner with thousands of affiliates to promote your course to a broader audience.

Affiliates promote your course on webpages, email newsletters, social media pages and articles.

Top Udemy Instructors


The Most highly rated Udemy Instructors are:

  • John Purcell - his Java Tutorial for complete beginners, is the most popular course when writing this article.
  • Rob Percival - The complete web developer course 2.0 is another popular course with over 200,000 students enrolled.
  • Maximilian Schwarzmuller - Angular 8 - the complete guide is another popular course to check out.
  • Udemy Conclusion


    As with all education platforms, Udemy has many positives, but also several negative aspects.

    Udemy is an excellent place for beginner instructors; you will have the opportunity to make money with little or no teaching experience.


    Udemy Alternatives

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