Thinkific: A Comprehensive Review 2021


Welcome to Our Review On Thinkific, who is one of the top Course Platforms In 2021.

Our article will provide you with all the information required to make a decision into which learning management platform is right for you and your business.

Let us introduce you to Thinkific, and the outstanding thinkific features this learning course platform offers, we will explain how the platform works, review the dashboard, and finally, we will take you through the pros and cons of Thinkific and their prices.


What Is Thinkific?


Thinkific was founded by CEO Greg Smith with the help of his brother Matt, when they decided to take an LSAT course online, in the hope of appealing to more students.

The technology company built the platform to allow individuals and businesses to create online courses and then sell them using their website and brand. Thinkific is a simple to use LMS plugin and makes it easy for anyone, even those without coding experience to set up and manage their online learning program.

Before you get to the nitty gritty of this review check out a few of the beautiful thinkific membership sites to give you some idea of some Thinkific course examples.

Thinkific about us

A great place to start with any review is to look at the companies positives and negatives, so that's where we will begin.


Pros and Cons 


  • A great free option
  • No transaction fees
  • Thinkific is an all-in-one e-learning platform with hosting features
  • It is easy to customize your website


  • No integrated email marketing
  • There is no course marketplace
  • Live chat is not available for customer support 

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific offers Four plans, each aimed at a different section of the market. 

The plans provide excellent value for money, and offer some fantastic tools, enabling you to create a successful online course.

The prices detailed below are updated regularly, but check out the companies website as they do change without notice.

Thinkific pricing

Cost (If paid annually)

Free Plan

$0 monthly

Basic Plan

$39 monthly

Pro Plan

$79 monthly

Premier Plan

$399 monthly

Free Plan

For those of you who want very basic features, or want to give Thinkific a try, then the free plan is for you. 

By signing up to the free plan, you will be able to create three thinkific courses and gain access to nearly everything you require to create, market and sell your course. The free plan sets Thinkific apart from their competitors by providing them with the ability to try out all core features before signing up for one of the other plans. 

As a free plan subscriber you will only be able to use the Thinkific custom domain, you will not be able to replace the from your site URL, unless you upgrade your Thinkific plan.

If you sign up for the free plan, you will receive the following features:

  • Create basic quizzes and surveys
  • Provide an in-course discussion tool
  • Host multiple content types
  • Deliver your course through a course player

Basic Plan

Currently, the basic plan will set you back $39 per month. The basic plan includes all the free plan inclusions, but for unlimited courses. The plan is aimed at creators who want to launch their first course. You will also be able to drip your content and gain access to more sales and marketing tools.

View all inclusions of the basic plan here.

Pro Plan

The most popular Thinkific plan is the Pro plan, which costs $79 per month. Course creators will gain access to a suite of tools, enabling them to create their successful course.

The plan includes all features included in the basic plan, support for two site administrators and five admins, and a host of other great features including:

  • Completion certificate
  • Advanced HTML/CSS editing
  • Payment plans
  • Private courses,
  • White labelling
  • Zapier
  • Priority support

Premier Plan

Thinkific's most expensive plan currently costs $399 per month. The premier plan comes with access to features that will make creating and selling your course a breeze.

Including bulk emailing, white labelling, the ability to send bulk emails and integrate with advanced marketing and sales tools makes this plan a great option for those of you who want to build more than one course and take your education business that one step further.

Thinkific Transaction Fees 

When signing up for any plan with Thinkific, you will not pay any transaction fees. You will, however, pay a processing fee to Stripe and PayPal on all transactions. 


Thinkific will pay all earnings directly into your Stripe or PayPal account.

Top Of Page

Usage:  Thinkific

Thinkific Homepage

In each of the four plans discussed above, you can enrol an unlimited number of students.

The free plan only enables you to create three courses, but all other plans allow you to create an unlimited number of courses.

Starting with the basic plan, you can allow two site admins and five-course admins in this plan; this number increases to five site admins and fifty-course admins if you sign up to the premier plan. 

Finally, there is no limit to the content you can include within your course.

Customer Service: Thinkific Support


Thinkific's customer support is provided online. If you need to contact thinkific, you will need to contact their support team by submitting a ticket. You will need to complete a contact form, which then places you in a queue. 

The Thinkific help centre is impressive; you will find the answer to almost any question you may have. 

If your students have a problem that you are unable to assist them with, you can point them in the direction of a support contact option, located in the top-right menu (you will set this under your site settings). Thinkific also provides some great troubleshooting tips which you can forward to them if they get stuck.

In addition to the online support detailed above, you will also be able to access the Facebook group, which will enable you to chat with other users, and there are some articles on the Thinkific blog, which will provide you with some great tips and ideas.

The resources page and webinar are a great place to find guides and thinkific tutorials to get you started and help you along the way.  The Thinkific demo is also a great place to find out exactly how to start creating your online course and membership site.

In addition to all this, you will also find a variety of courses in the thinkific training centre, and the expert's marketplace allows you to reach out to other course professionals.

The only downside to the customer support provided by Thinkific is the omission of being able to contact someone directly.

thinkific customer support

Sales And Marketing: Thinkific


Let's get down to business, and consider the tools you need to grow your online business.  

Thinkific Pricing Options

Pricing your course couldn't be easier with Thinkific. You have a range of features to choose from.

In the Managing learning content area of your dashboard, you will be able to set course prices; this can be done course by course.

You can offer free content to your students or subscribers to entice them to purchase, or as a bonus.

one-time fee can be set, which means your students pay upfront. Additionally, you can set how long students have access to your course when paying upfront; you might provide access for only six months, the choice is yours.

In the paid plans, you can charges students a recurring subscription or membership fee. This is an excellent option for memberships sites.

Finally, you have the option to offer your students the ability to pay instalments, over several months.

These are not required to be set in isolation; you will have the ability to assign multiple pricing options for each course.

In the manage learning content area of your dashboard, you have access to some other great marketing features:

Marketing Features:

  • For all new course content, you can offer a free trial, which students can sign up to. They will then have to pay to access your paid content. 
  • Customization of your course completion page is a fantastic feature. It provides an opportunity to promote any courses which lead on from their current course, or other courses available.
  • Create bundles that can be sold as a package.
  • Set up Thinkific coupons to promote your courses. Choose between offering a percentage amount off the course or a dollar amount. In addition to this, you can set an expiration date and choose the number of times the coupon can be used.
  • The sales widget feature allows you to generate HTML code to enter onto your website so that users can be directed to the Thinkific landing page for that course. 

Thinkific Affiliate Program: 

Promoting your course to new audiences using affiliates is straightforward. 

Each affiliate will receive a unique affiliate link, which they can use to direct prospective customers to your course.

Thinkific allows you to exclude products and enter the desired commission for each affiliate; this can be as a percentage or dollar amount for every purchase.

The affiliate feature will allow you to track affiliate sales only, you will be able to view the amount owed to each affiliate in Thinkific, and have control over the approval process, and any policies or contracts you produce.

Please note, the affiliate payouts will need to be performed outside of the Thinkific site. Using PayPal is the most popular option. You can create a reminder to ensure you pay your affiliates regularly. Once you've paid your affiliate to ensure you go back into your affiliate page on Thinkific and record what's been delivered.

Email Marketing:

When students sign up for your course, their email address is automatically added to your list of users. By integrating with an email marketing platform, these students will then be added to that list too.

Thinkific currently supports:

  • MailChimp
  • Convertkit
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign

These email marketing solutions allow you to create and embed an opt-in form for your mailing list.

Thinkific Build your course


Third-party Thinkific Integrations

Thinkific allows several integrations. Here are some of the most popular integrations:

Stunning are an excellent tool for preventing failed Stripe payments.

Zapier is an automation tool for connecting external applications that don't have a direct integration.

Infusionsoft, a marketing solutions platform that deals with end-to-end sales.

Accredible issues digital certificates to students.

Sumo offers free apps like email captures and sharing buttons to help market your content!

Quaderno - if you require specific tax tracking, this invoicing application is a great integration.

Creating Your Course:  Thinkific


Now let's look at how Thinkific compares when building your online course and landing pages.

Uploading Your Content

Using the bulk importer, uploading your courses video's, audio and PDF's is as simple as dragging and dropping. 

Unfortunately, you cannot import from Dropbox or google drive. 

Once the files have uploaded, you can click into the field title to update. Rearranging the order of lessons is straightforward using the drag icon.  

Can Students Download Thinkific Videos?

A question often asked is, whether it is possible for students to download the videos uploaded.  There is a option in each video in the course player, that allows to make each video downloadable if you choose.

Structuring Your Course

Once the files have uploaded, you can click into the field title to update. Rearranging the order of lessons is straightforward using the drag icon.

Thinkific Quizzes and Assignments?

Thinkific allows you to include quizzes within your course. For each quiz question you can choose whether you want to include one correct answer or multiple answers; also, you can explain the answer if you wish, to provide the student with a better understanding of how to reach the correct answer.

An easy to use template is provided to import quiz questions; you can include answers and explanations.

In your dashboard, you will also be able to specify the passing grade.

Subscribers to the Pro plan will also have the option to set quizzes as a prerequisite to moving on in the course. 

Thinkific features



Can I Include Community Areas?

The community area within Thinkific is a fantastic tool allowing you to create a dedicated community page for students to build those essential learning relationships. Access is granted at the site level or can be associated with individual courses.

Community members are automatically added when they enrol in a course, then automatically removed when they have completed their course.


Is It Possible To Produce Certificates?

You can create certificates, or you can choose from seven different certificate templates. Customise each certificate, using a range of fonts and backgrounds.

Thinkific will automatically refill the student's name, completion date and any other custom fields.

On successful course completion, certificates can be automatically issued.

Can I Drip and Lock Content?

If you want to control when students are given access to your content, the drip schedule feature will all you to launch on a specific date or limit the number of lessons that can be viewed.

A unique drip schedule can be created for each course. Choose to drip content by student enrolment date, student course start date or on a specific date. Dripping content is only available with paid thinkific plans.

Designing Your Website: Thinkific


Making your site look attractive is essential to ensuring your course sells, so let's take a look to see if Thinkific will meet your requirements.

What Thinkific Themes Are Available To Design My Course?

Thinkific offer three themes, each with a maximum of four styles, providing you with a total of twelve combinations to customise your course on the site. 

You can preview each one before you choose the right one for your course. If you decide to change themes, this is done within the dashboard, note that any customisations made to your previous theme will not be applied to the new theme. 


Build Your Course Pages: 

The site builder within Thinkific provides you with a user-friendly way to produce an attractive, easy to use website for your students.

Customise your home page and other pages using the site builder, modify all branding elements such as colours and fonts. You can also upload images or media to include on these pages.

With each paid plan you will be given your custom URL address

Thinkific App

At this point in time Thinkific does not offer a mobile app for your students, however Thinkific is fully mobile responsive so students can take advantage of this can access their course on the go from any phone, computer or tablet.

Thinkific API

The Thinkific API ( ) allows developers to add additional functionalities by accessing site data.

Thinkific Conclusion


After thoroughly reviewing Thinkific, I have to state it is a platform I recommend. The platform offers all essential features required to create and market your online course, and at the ability to monitor progress.

The interface is very intuitive, you don't need a website, and hosting as Thinkific provides it all.

The free Thinkific plan is a great way to get a feel for the platform; then you can decide if you wish to upgrade to one of the paid plans.


Thinkific Alternatives

Thinkific's competitors are many, here are a few:

Disclaimer:  A2zonlinehub use affiliate links within their site, by clicking and purchasing a product using one of these links means we receive a small commission.  This will cost you nothing and means that we can continue to share free information to help you with your business needs.

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