Learnworlds: A Comprehensive Review


Welcome to Our Review On Learnworlds, one of the top eight Learning Course Platforms In 2021.

This article will provide you with a detailed analysis of the Learnworlds online course platform; to assist you in choosing which learning management platform meets the needs of your business and promotes your online course most effectively.  

Let us introduce you to Learnworlds, and the impressive features included within each package, we will take you through how the platform works, the price, and finally, discuss the pros and cons of this excellent online learning platform.



Who Is Learnworlds?


LearnWorlds is a cloud-based e-learning platform, offering anyone interested in creating an online course the ability to create that course to their specific needs.

The company was founded in 2014 by Fanis Despotakis, George Palegeorgiou and Panos Siozos.  Today they are have headquarters in London and provide the tools needed to create and sell online courses.  More than 1,000 organisations and individuals across 70 countries host their courses on learnworlds.

LearnWorlds Homepage

Let's start by looking at the Companies pro's and cons:


Pros and Cons 


  • Includes an online community builder
  • Allows you to create a blog
  • The Course player design looks professional.
  • Editing your videos is easy 
  • Add interactive elements 
  • Beginner plans are reasonably priced


  • Basic course reporting tools
  • You cannot offer card/Paypal options together.

Learnworlds Pricing


Let's take a look at Learnworlds competitively priced plans.

LearnWorlds Pricing



$29 monthly

Pro Trainer

$99 monthly

Learning Centre

$299 monthly

High volume & corporate

Contact Learnworlds

As you can see above, Learnworlds offer competitively priced plans, as the price increases, so do the features included.

All plans are offered with a 20% discount if you purchase annually.

Starter Plan

Marketed at individuals and businesses who are new to course creation, the starter plan is a perfect choice. The platform will provide newbie course creators with the ability to learn how to create and promote their courses.

Pro Trainer Plan

The Pro Trainer plan is aimed at professional trainers. For those who want more than the basic package, this is a great value for money package. When sales of your courses start to increase, we recommend upgrading to this package.

Learning Centre Plan

The learning centre plan is the most popular or the Learnworlds plans, with all the features of the pro trainer plan and added extras include interactive videos, auto transcripts and advanced affiliate management this is a great all-in-one platform.

Free Plans

Learnworlds do not offer a free plan, but they do offer a 30-day free trial for each of the plans, giving you plenty of time to test the platform. To gain access to the Learnworlds free trial, you will not need to leave credit card details.  

Learnworlds Transaction Fees 

All plans, except for the starter plan, charge no transactions fees. If you sign up for the starter plan, you will pay a $5 fee for every course you sell. It may be more cost-effective for you to purchase the Pro Trainer plan.


Learnworlds support four payment gateways:

  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • PayPal
  • Shopify

These payment gateways are used to accept payments via credit or debit cards. Your sales proceeds will then go directly from whichever gateway you choose into your bank account.

Learnworlds Refunds

The company is certain you will love your learnworlds plan, that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.   

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Usage:  Learnworlds

Learnworlds inclusions

As you can see from the image shown above, each plan has some great features.

Learnworlds is an excellent choice when it comes to growing your online course.

Each plan includes the option to produce an unlimited amount of courses.

Customer Support: Learnworlds Contacts


Learnworlds offers excellent customer support for all clients. 

Each plan will receive a slightly different level of customer support.

If you sign up for the starter plan, you will receive 24/5 email support; they do not provide telephone support for customers with this package.

Pro Trainer and Learning Centre plans receive 24/7 email support.

In addition to email support, Learnworlds offer free access to the LearnWorlds Academy for Pro Trainer and Learning Centre clients.  

The support centre is also a great place to find the answers to your questions, with 400+ articles on a wide range of topics.

Learnworlds customer service

Sales And Marketing: Learnworlds


Now, let's consider the tools you need to grow your online business.  

Learnworlds are considered one of the top online course platforms and offer all the tools required and more, to sell your courses and manage your online payments. 

Learnworlds - Pricing Options

Offer your students numerous ways to pay for your courses; the platform supports Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, PagSeguro and 2Checkout, allowing students plenty of options to pay. Every payment received will be paid directly into your bank account.

Offer your student's payment plans and provide them with the option to pay for your online course in regular, monthly instalments. Offering diverse ways to pay for your course is an easy way to increase conversions.  


You can set Learnworlds subscriptions from the dashboard, bear in mind these subscriptions will need to use Stripe as their payment gateway.  Each subscription can have a unique name, you can choose which courses to include, set trial periods and can define the order in which subscription plans appear.

Offer free courses; this is another fantastic way to entice potential students; you can even offer a small element of your course, letting customers see if the course is relevant to their needs.

One downside to Podia's plans is although you have the option to choose which currency, your course is priced in, but you cannot have multiple currencies.

In addition to the above, Learnworlds offer:

  • Learnworlds Course Bundles - powerful upsell offers, where you bundle two or more courses and offer them at a discount.
  • Embeds - to sell products from your website, embed a 'buy' button within your site. 
  • Coupons and promotions - Use customised coupons to attract your customer's attention. 

Learnworlds Expiration Date

While you are considering how much you want to sell your courses for, you might also want to consider the need to add an expiration date, do you want to leave your courses open when purchased, or do you want to give students a number of weeks or months to complete.  Setting a course expiry date can be achieved for all courses, except free courses.


Learnworlds Affiliate Program: 

Included within all plans, except the starter plan is the ability to use affiliates for marketing your course. The Learning Center plan includes advanced affiliate management.

Using affiliates to market your course using Learnworlds is relatively simple, and building and managing your affiliates can be carried out from your dashboard. 

Your affiliates will gain access to their private dashboard. From here they can access the learnworlds affiliate links, and track sales and commissions.

From your dashboard, you can choose how to much to pay your learn worlds affiliates.  You can choose your commission rate, which is a percentage of the revenue generated. For customers signing up to the Learning centre plan, you will be able to set a customised commission rate for each affiliate.

You can also choose your cookie expiration date and the number of days delays between the customer purchasing your course and the time you pay the affiliate.

There are pre-build terms and condition pages and self-register pages available for your convenience too.

Email Marketing With Learnworlds: 

As Learnworlds do not have inbuilt email marketing features, you will need to integrate with one of the email marketing tools.

Email marketing platforms to consider include:

Learnworlds also integrates with Zapier so that you can integrate with hundreds of third-party apps.

Creating Your Course:  Learnworlds


Now let's look at how Learnworlds compares when building your online course and landing pages.

The first area to note is how intuitive the whole process is, you do not need any experience, as you can follow the detailed prompts when you login to learnworlds.

Uploading Your Content

Within the course manager, you will be able to add sections to your course; then within each of these sections, you can add your chosen type of content for that particular section.

All Learnworlds plans include unlimited video hosting, allowing you to upload videos. Students can also download videos from the platform by offering a companion file, you will just click on the 'add digital download' button on the learnworlds dashboard.

Structuring Your Course

When uploaded, your content will sit within the section element of your course; you can then use the course builder to arrange your activities within each section, allowing you to organise your course appropriately.

You can publish and un-publish pages in your online school, quickly and simply in the 'all pages manager'.  

Can I Include Quizzes and Assignments?

Adding quizzes to your course is simple, again Learnworlds delivers by providing easy to follow steps. 

You can create each question individually using the menu provided, or you can import questions from other questionnaires or your question bank.

You will have several options relating to your quizzes; questions can be:

  • multichoice
  • true/false
  • poll
  • short answer
  • text, with feedback.

Students will receive immediate feedback at the end of the quiz.

Assignments can also be added to your Learn worlds course, in the dashboard, you will be able to choose whether you alert the student before they submit the assignment, you can show students the wrong answers, and set a passing grade.

Grading the assignment is simple; you will have the ability to grade and add comments.

In addition to quizzes and assignments, you can create exams. In the dashboard you will be asked to set the exam duration, the passing grade, whether the students can see their mistakes, you can even offer a random subset of the questions and set the maximum number of re-takes.


Can I Include Community Areas?

A community area is included within the Learnworld packages.

You can choose to allow all learners access to your community or limit it to enrolled learners.

Several community groups can be created; you can allow anyone to create these groups or manage the creation internally.

Is It Possible To Produce Certificates?

Producing certificates for your students is a great way to reward hard work and celebrate their achievements.  

Using a PDF template, it is possible to create personalised certificates for your course.

Can I Drip and Lock Content?

Dripping content is possible within Learnworlds. Within the dashboard, you will have the option to drip feed your course; change at any time.

You will have two options, drip by days, for example, ten days after someone has started the course, or you can drop feed on a particular date.

Within the course player, you will notice three options on how learners can navigate through your course:

  • Free navigations mean no restrictions; they will have access to the complete course.
  • Sequential navigation means the learner will have to complete each learning until before they gain access to the next.
  • Navigation with prerequisites means some units are prerequisites. Students complete these units before moving on.

Can Live Sessions Be Offered To My Students?

By integrating with zoom, you can offer your students live sessions. To offer zoom meetings or webinars, you will require a paid zoom account.

Course Delivery Within Learnworlds

The course player within Learnworlds is fantastic; you are given several options when customising and include any of the following:  

  • Select the feel and look of the course player
  • Show the course name
  • Show a back to the course page
  • Progress Bar
  • Show all learners profiles
  • Show the course discussion tab
  • Display the estimated reading times of ebooks

Designing Your Website: Learnworlds


Making your site look good, and fit in with your brand is an essential element of ensuring your course sells, so let's take a look to see if Learnworlds will meet your objectives.

What Themes Can I Use To Design My Course?

Learnworlds theme editor on the dashboard provides several options to customize your course.

Upload your business logo, and customize your course colours. It is also possible to visualize each change before exiting the theme editor.


Learnworlds Conclusion


If you are looking for an online course platform that will provide you with everything you need to provide your students with an impressive online learning experience, then Learnworlds is the platform for you.

Learnworlds is one of the best learning course platforms on the market today, they have an incredible range of sales tools, and offer course creation tools, above that of some of their competitors.

Yes, they are more expensive than some of the other online course platforms available, but your students will receive a learning experience far superior than with the other platforms.

Learnworlds offer a 30-day free trial, so before you sign up, give it a go by clicking below.


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