LearnDash: A Comprehensive Review


Hi, Welcome to Our Review On LearnDash, one of the top Learning Management Systems In 2021.

This article will provide you with an in-depth analysis of LearnDash to assist in your decision making when considering which learning management platform is right for you and your business.

Let us introduce you to the Learndash LMS plugin, provide an overview of the incredible features it offers, explain how the plugin works, review the dashboard and take you through the pros and cons and pricing.



Who Is LearnDash?


In 2012 Justin Ferriman carried out extensive research into the availability of a Learning Management system.  His goal was to find a learning management system aimed explicitly at WordPress users.

Through his research, he found out that there were no such systems available.  With demand being high, he decided to create his own, so LearnDash came to fruition shortly after in 2013.

LearnDash Homepage

Today LearnDash allows its customers to connect directly into their WordPress websites, allowing online learning to form an additional element of their current operations or as a new standalone educational business.

LearnDash differs from most other LMS available, in that it is a plugin for WordPress; it is not a standalone platform. Built to specifically work with WordPress sites, themes and plugins, the platform makes it an easy and perfect option for anyone with a WordPress site.

The company markets itself as 'the most trusted WordPress LMS', and they are probably not wrong. Learn Dash's website explains that it is the number one choice of major universities, training organizations and other companies across the world, including Fortune 500 companies. If you choose LearnDash as your course platform provider you will be in good company.

In 2019 the company released LearnDash 3.0, which made the company a force to reckon with, so let's find out more about these features.


LearnDash Pros and Cons


  • Course Builder Is Easy To Use
  • Provides The Ability to Sell One-off Courses Or Subscriptions
  • Drip fed content is available
  • Video Progression Feature
  • There Are Many Third Party Add-ons 
  • Great Value For Money


  • Third Party LearnDash Plugins Are Required To Sell Your Course
  • Takes Time And Effort To Master
  • Some Features Are Resticting

LearnDash Pricing


LearnDash is competitively priced and offer some great inclusions. The prices shown below are for annual plans; this differs than most other learning management platforms which charge monthly. All plans include one year of access to plugin updates and support.

LearnDash Pricing


Basic Plan

$159 annually

Plus Plan (Includes ProPanel)

$189 annually

Pro Plan (Includes ProPanel)

$329 annually

Basic Plan

LearnDash's Basic plan allows you to install the plugin to one WordPress website. On that website, you can create unlimited courses, and allows you access to unlimited users. The basic plan also allows you to include drip-feed lessons, Learndash certificates, advanced quizzes and course forums.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan allows you to install the plugin on ten WordPress websites. Again unlimited courses and users. In addition to the basic plan features, you can track user activity, review student progress and results, and prepare student assessments.

Pro Plan

LearnDash's Pro plan lets you install the plugin to twenty-five WordPress websites and includes all features available in the Plus plan.

Free Plans

Free plans are not available with LearnDash, nor do they offer free trials. If you decide within 30 days that the platform does not meet your expectations, you can apply for a refund as per their refund policy.

Transaction Fees

No transaction fees are charged.


You will receive an instant payout on your earnings. The plugin includes a PayPal payment gateway addon and a free extension to Stripe.

Top Of Page

Usage:  LearnDash

LearnDash Package Inclusions

With each of the three packages, you will receive unlimited courses and users. You will have only have to upgrade your package if you require additional site licenses.

Customer Service: LearnDash Support


LearnDash offers excellent customer support.

After installing LearnDash on your WordPress site, you will receive access to the Bootcamp. The Bootcamp provides access to some great, easy to understand tutorials on how to set up LearnDash. 

These articles make setting up your course straightforward. How-to articles, announcements, learnDash tutorials, and tips and tricks are also available for your information.

LearnDash Knowledge Base

LearnDash has a comprehensive knowledge base on their site; if you can't find the answer there, you can also submit a ticket on their contact page for further support.

Within the LearnDash Academy, you will also be able to view the learndash demo, so you can assess just how good your online course could look.

Sales And Marketing: LearnDash 


Now let's consider the tools you need to grow your online business.

Pricing Options

LearnDash has a range of pricing options for you to choose from, charge a one-time fee for your courses, or charge your customers subscriptions or provide access to instalment options. In addition to these options, you can also offer your customers free samples of your content.

LearnDash Subscription options

Within the LearnDash dashboard, after a few clicks, you can offer your courses singularly or as a bundle.

LearnDash WooCommerce Integration:

WooCommerce is the most popular shopping cart software for WordPress; you'll be pleased to hear that you can use the WooCommerce add-on to sell your LearnDash course.

You can easily map your courses singularly or as multiple courses in bundles, you can also offer coupons by creating a Learndash coupon code for each course. 

You have the option to choose any payment gateway offered by WooCommerce, charge customers a recurring fee for course access and remove users when they are refunded or have cancelled a subscription.

Affiliate Marketing: 

There are a variety of ways to market your course using affiliates using LearnDash. The AffiliateWP plugin is the most popular option. 

LearnDash Course Grid Add-on

The course grid add-on gives you the ability to create a course library, which can be inserted on any page of your site.  If you a number of courses for sale, then this free add-on will allow you to provide them with the ability to filter through them in a responsive grid layout.

Third-Party Marketing Tools: 

LearnDash affiliates with many plugins. These are managed by 3rd party companies and are subject to their terms of use. These are detailed further down in this article.

Creating Your Course:  LearnDash 


Now let's assist you when building your online course and landing pages.

Can I Include Quizzes and Assignments?

Building quizzes on LearnDash is relatively simple. On the dashboard, you can create various quizzes, using many different question types, such as single choice, multiple-choice, or your students can fill in the blanks.

You can add points for each question; you can even provide your students with hints if required.

In addition to your average quiz, you can also add learndash gamification.  You can start small by polling your users, and implementing points and leaderboards into your quizzes.  Find out more here.

Can I Include Community Areas?

To add a community area, you will need to use the bbPress plugin. This forum plugin for WordPress has over 1.5 million downloads. Forums can be added easily and are protected, so only users enrolled can view content and post new threads.

Is It Possible To Produce Certificates?

Certificates are created automatically within LearnDash; you can assign these certificates to a course or a quiz. Certificates are easy to design, and students can download them in PDF format.

Can I Drip and Lock Content?

The Learndash Drip content feature offers the option to deliver your lessons using a pre-set schedule. You can deliver all your lessons at one time, or schedule your lesson in two ways, either on a specific date or set several days after enrollment.

The free Notifications Add-On allows you to automatically notify students when new content is available for them to access.

Can I Track How Students Are Progressing?

With the LearnDash Plus and Pro packages, you will receive access to ProPanel. This tool enhances your administrative experience by providing you with the ability to see how your students are progressing in real-time, among other things.

The pro-panel allows you to view and download each students course progress and their quiz results, you can approve, delete and manage all assignments and watch how they progress all from your dashboard.

The dashboard will provide you with a course overview, including the total number of students, the number of courses, and assignments pending.

From the dashboard, you can then use filters to review each course and student information and how they are progressing through the course.

Designing Your Website: LearnDash 


What LearnDash Themes Can I Use To Design My Course?

LearnDash will try to adapt your current theme if you already have a Learndash compatible themes installed. If you do not have a Learndash theme selected, then LearnDash recommends one of the following:



Astra Theme

Build Your Course Pages: 

Using the LearnDash course builder, you can quickly and easily create your course. The drag and drop feature lets you edit the course, including an unlimited number of topics and quizzes under each lesson. 

The editor allows you to place all types of content, including videos, photos and texts. 

A great feature included within LearnDash is the ability to reuse any of your content, so if you wish to use the same lesson within multiple courses, then you can, saving time.

It is also possible to use the learn dash shortcakes to build your courses more efficiently.

LearnDash Propanel


The ProPanel is a reporting tool available with the PLUS and PRO plans. It provides you with detailed insight into your course. Using the reporting filters, you can filter and view data for specific courses, users or learndash groups.

ProPanel is only visible to Admins and Group leaders and comes with four reporting widgets:

Overview Widget

Student and course numbers are shown the LearnDash Overview Widget, in addition to pending assignments and essays. If you require more information about any of these topics, you can click the link and will receive more detail.

Activity Widget

The activity widget provides more analysis of your real-time activity. This widget displays course, lesson and quiz completion information, with associated scores and timestamps.

You can export Reports by clicking on the buttons at the top of the activity widget.

Reporting Widget

This widget allows you to filter by course, group or user. You can also communicate by email with users selected in the filters.

Chart Widget

In conjunction with the reporting widget, you will see two charts appear when you filter any information. The first chart shows the overall progress distribution chart, showing how the person or course is progressing. The second chart shows a break down of how all users are progressing in the course.


LearnDash Conclusion


This Learning Management plugin for WordPress is excellent; LearnDash provides all the functionalities you require to create your successful online course.

The Course Builder is intuitive and really easy to use. You can add video, audio, images and almost any other kind of media you want too for each course or lesson.

LearnDash gives you control over your course, the plugin takes time to learn, but the tutorials provided take you through each element step by step.

Concluding, LearnDash is excellent value for money and delivers everything you need to create a successful course. Most features are included within LearnDash's purchase price. They are a learning course provider; you should explore if you want to create an online course.

If this learning platform is not for you, you might like to check out some of Learndash's competitors:

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