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Kajabi Vs. Teachable: Welcome to Our Comparison Article.

This comparison article discusses the individual reviews I have carried out on Kajabi Vs. Teachable

Reading individual articles that compare online course providers can be confusing. So, I thought this quick comparison of two of the major players would help you decide which online course platform provider you should choose.

So let's compare Kajabi Vs. Teachable.


Kajabi Vs. Teachable Overview


Product Name

Kajabi Plans

Teachable Plans


Customer Support

Sales & Marketing

Course Creation




Prices: Kajabi Vs. Teachable

The prices shown below are for monthly plans. With Kajabi you will receive a flat 20% on all plans, with Teachable they are slightly more generous offering between 20% and 25% depending on the plan you choose.

When considering which plan you wish to sign up too, it's important to note that, if you sign up for a plan with Kajabi, each plan only includes a limited number of members, so as your business grows, you will need to increase your plan level.

Teachable differs in that; you will only need to increase your plan level if you want to add additional features. All Teachable plans include an unlimited number of students.


Product Name

Kajabi Cost

Teachable Cost

Discount (If paid Annually)


20% to 25%

Basic Plan



Mid Plan



Top Plan



Kajabi Vs. Teachable Free Plans

Only Teachable offers free plans.  

Teachables Free plan allows you to provide unlimited courses to ten students with basic features. They also charge $1 +10% transaction fees.

Kajabi Vs. Teachable Transaction Fees

Kajabi does not charge a transaction fee per sale on any of their plans. 

Teachable, however, charge 5% on their basic plan, if you sign up for one of the higher-level plans, you will not pay transaction fees. 

Kajabi Vs. Teachable Payouts

Both companies include instant payouts on your earnings.

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Usage: Kajabi Vs. Teachable

Kajabi Vs. Teachable: Kajabi Inclusions

Teachable: The Teachable plans offer the option to have unlimited students and courses, along with unlimited video bandwidth and unlimited hosting.

Kajabi: The basic plan falls short of Teachables in the number of students you may have at one time, offering the ability to only teach 1,000 students, with three courses. They do, however, provide unlimited hosting, including unlimited video hosting.

As your course grows, you will have to move up the plans with Kajabi to accommodate your growing needs.

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Customer Support: Kajabi Vs Teachable


Both providers offer excellent Customer Support, but Kajabi comes out on top when comparing Kajabi Vs. Teachable.

Teachable: Teachable offers access to award-winning customer care team through email support.

Kajabi:  This is where Kajabi outshines the rest. 

Offering both email and chat support and a help center where you can find answers to all your questions. 

In the Kajabi University, you will gain access to a range of courses ready to help you create and build your online course.

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Sales And Marketing: Kajabi Vs. Teachable 


Now, let's see how Kajabi Vs. Teachable compare while considering the tools you need to grow your online business.  

Checkout Pages

Teachable: Offer a one-step checkout. Your customers can enter their details on the same page as making payment. Checkout pages can be customized to add testimonials and money-back guarantees.

You can accept payments using Stripe and PayPal. Pro and Business users can only access Teachable's gateway.

If you are in the U.S., Canada, or the Uk, this is okay as you can receive an instant payout. However, if you reside outside of these areas, you will receive your daily, weekly, or monthly payouts. It will take 7 to 14 days to receive your first payout. 

One advantage of using Teachables gateway is the ability to access BackOffice. Using the back office, you can automatically pay your affiliates and authors for a 2% admin fee.

With Teachable, you can charge EU VAT on top of your prices. The platform automatically calculates the VAT rate.

Kajabi: When designing a checkout page you will have the ability to create a one-step checkout page, with all the options required to convert customers. 

One-step checkout pages allow your customers to complete their purchase without having to create an account first. Checkout pages can be customized to add your branding, videos, testimonials, and money-back guarantees. You can also collect your customer's details on this page.

Another great feature included in this plan is the ability to track abandoned carts; you can automatically send follow up emails to those who do not complete their online purchase.

Kajabi accepts payments from across the globe, using Stripe and PayPal. They do not handle EU VAT and other taxes.

Kajabi Vs. Teachable:Teachable  homepage

Pricing Options

For both course platform providers, you can create a one-time fee, a subscription, or payment plans. 

Teachable: The Teachable plans allow you to offer your courses in multiple currencies, with one-off payment options or installment options.

The free trial option is not available with Teachable, although you can use coupons to solve it. They do not allow you to set an expiry date for courses, so you will need a plugin to get around this.

Kajabi: With each of the Kajabi plans, you can package your products and price them in a range of major currencies. You can charge your customers in multiple ways using subscriptions (weekly, monthly, or yearly). You also have the option to offer free courses.

When using Kajabi's pricing model, a great feature is the ability to price the same course in several ways; you can price it with a one-time fee or offer subscriptions.

You can sell courses singularly or as a bundle and set a course start date, which is an excellent feature if you want your students to start at the same time.

Creating coupons with Kajabi is simple; you can choose which offers the coupon will be applied too.

Affiliate Marketing: Kajabi Vs. Teachable

Both companies, Kajabi Vs. Teachable, enable you to market through affiliates to promote your online courses.

Teachable Affiliate:  This online course provider will provide you with a user-friendly affiliate dashboard, which allows you to share affiliate links and track performance.

You can set a custom commission for affiliates and manage which courses you would like them to promote. Using the teachable gateway, you can automatically pay your affiliates, which is a handy option if you have a significant number.

One great feature not available on Kajabi is the ability to set custom cookie periods.  

Kajabi Affiliate: Adding Affiliate programs is simple using the Kajabi platform. By logging into the Kajabi affiliate dashboard, manage which courses you want to promote, share affiliate links, set commissions, and correspond with your affiliates.

Also, you can track affiliate performance information on the Kajabi dashboard

Third-Party Marketing Tools: Kajabi Vs Teachable  

Both course platform providers, Kajabi Vs. Teachable offer email marketing tools.

Teachable: The Teachable plans to integrate with MailChimp and ConvertKit. You can also integrate with Zapier and Google Analytics.

Kajabi: Integrates with Aweber, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, and Drip. Integration with Zapier and Google Analytics, is also possible, allowing you to integrate with other marketing tools and track user activity.

Marketing Funnels: Kajabi Vs. Teachable 

Kajabi: The Sales Pipeline Builder with Kajabi is excellent for anyone with no marketing experience. Registration pages, confirmation pages, and reminders are some of the few fantastic options available. Also, you can automate follow up emails.

You can also use one of their landing page templates to allow you to customize your landing pages for selling your courses.

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Create Your Course: Kajabi Vs. Teachable


Both providers offer similar features to assist you when building your online course and landing pages. 

Uploading content: Kajabi Vs. Teachable

Both platforms, Kajabi Vs. Teachable allow video, audio, pdf, text, and other content types to your courses.

Teachable: Compared to Kajabi, Teacahable's course builder is much easier to use. It allows you to drag and drop lessons and modules to your course. You can bulk upload or add them individually. 

The course builder allows you to select lessons from the main area to modify, wherewith Kajabi, you need to go into each lesson.  

Including multiple content types is a fantastic feature if you want to include a video and a quiz on the same lesson.

Teachable allows you to import all types of content from Dropbox and Google drive.

Kajabi:  Using the Kajabi's course builder, you can add lessons and modules to your online course, rearranging them, using the drag and drop option. 

Add content to your course in one of two ways, you can add content by each piece, or you can bulk upload it using a dropbox or google drive.

The only downside is you cannot add a video and a quiz in the same lesson. 

Kajabi Vs. Teachable: Kajabi homepage

How Are Online Courses Delivered?: Kajabi Vs. Teachable 

Teachable:  To deliver your course with Teachable, you will only have access to one default theme.

The course player is mobile responsive, and Teachable offers a mobile app for iPhone users. The mobile app also provides offline viewing.

Kajabi:   There are ten well-designed and user-friendly course area themes for you to customize. 

A mobile app is available for iPhone and Android users. 

Can I Include Quizzes and Assignments?: Kajabi Vs. Teachable: 

Teachable:  The teachable platform also allows you to create quizzes, with automatic grading. 

You will not be able to produce assignments or surveys as you can only add multiple choice and multiple option questions. 

Kajabi: You can create quizzes, surveys, and assessments in Kajabi with a click of a button. Include multiple-choice and written questions, in addition to images.

Kajabi also enables you to set a pass mark for quizzes and automatically mark students' completed quizzes. 

Can I Include Community Areas?: Kajabi Vs Teachable:

Teachable:  Community forums do not form part of the teachable package.

Kajabi:  With Kajabi, you can create a community area. Access can be provided as part of the course or by selling it as an additional option.

Create topics, pin posts, and send announcements within the community forum. Students can participate in discussions and send private messages to complement their learning.

Is It Possible To Produce Certificates?: Kajabi Vs. Teachable

Teachable:  Certificate can be created automatically and added to a particular course. There are three templates to choose from, all of which can be modified.

Kajabi:  Within the Kajabi platform, you cannot create certificates for students; you will need to find an external provider.

Can I Drip and Lock Content?: Kajabi Vs Teachable:

All platforms allow you to drip content.

Teachable Drip Content: You can send automatic emails to your students using the dripping function.

Locking content is only available at a course level. Students must complete each lesson to progress through the course. You can also set an option to ensure students watch at least 90% of a video before moving on.

Kajabi Drip Content:  You can automatically send course content, setting specific times such as an enrollment or a particular date. 

With Kajabi, you can lock content down to a lesson level. Unless they complete a specific lesson or pass a quiz, they will not be able to access the next element. They also allow you to set an option to enable the student to watch a specific video percentage before moving.

Can I Track How Students Are Progressing?: Kajabi Vs. Teachable: 

Teachable:  Reporting has a separate section in your course dashboard, which allows you to track your student's completion rates, performance, and how well they achieve in quizzes. 

Kajabi:  With Kajabi, you can only track students' progression at the lecture level.

The automation section within Kajabi helps boost student engagement. Automatic emails check why a student hasn't completed a particular element of the course, or if your students pay on a subscription basis. The other two platforms do not have this feature.

Kajabi Vs. Teachable:"  Teachable Features

Design Your Website: Kajabi Vs. Teachable 


It's now time to consider how Kajabi Vs. Teachable compare when designing your site.

What Themes Can I Use To Design Themes?: Kajabi Vs. Teachable: 

Teachable:  You will have access to a default template with Teachable, which is limited in the features it offers.  It does the job and will help you create great landing pages.

Kajabi:  There is one theme available, the premier theme. The premier theme is flexible and really user friendly. Within the theme, you have access to six presets, which will help you design your course.

Build Your Course Pages: Kajabi and Teachable: 

Both providers provide you with access to a drag and drop page builder. All are easy to use and make customizing your website simple.

Teachable: Having updated their page builder, the builder offers the option to have multiple sales pages for the same page. 

Kajabi:  Add animations, controls, in addition to the other features offered by Teachable.

Can I Add A Blog To My Course?: Kajabi Vs. Teachable: 

Teachable: You can create a simple blog, adding posts with text and images.

Kajabi:  An in-built blogging feature is available with Kajabi. You can create blogs, add content, and optimize to run a simple blog.

Can I Design My Site Using My Brand?: Kajabi and Teachable: 

Teachable, and Kajabi, allow you to remove their white labeling in your courses.

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Other Online Learning Platform Competitors


Other Kajabi and Teachable competitors include:

  • Thinkific - this online leanring platform is affordable, and does not charge transaction fees. You can create unlimited courses for unlimited students, which makes this another great option.

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Conclusion: Kajabi Vs. Teachable 


To conclude this article on Kajabi Vs. Teachable, both options offer great features, and each platform has different strengths. The platforms are easy to use and will give you the ability to design and sell your courses with ease.

Teachable offers the most affordable plans, each one containing lots of great features. To find out more sign up for Teachable's free trial.

Kajabi is an all in one solution; you will not have to sign up for any extras as the price includes everything you need to design your course and excellent customer service.

One negative point to Kajabi is that as your course grows, you will have to upgrade your plan, as you can only reach a limited number of courses and students on each plan.

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