How to Get Free Steam Codes in 23 Different Ways (2021 Version)

It is certainly possible to obtain free Steam codes and Steam gift cards. All you have to do now is look for the best opportunities. You can use Steam codes to get free games and other accessories by earning them.


Earn Games with Free Steam Codes

Did you know that there were over 9,000 games and a million other products available on Steam as of 2018?

However, not all of these are free, so if you’re one of Steam’s 14 million users and want to play them, you’ll need free Steam codes.

You can use a free Steam code to get free Steam money in your wallet, which you can use to buy your favorite games and other items.

Even though getting these Steam codes isn’t easy, we’ll show you how to do it and save some money in the process.

Where Can I Get Free Steam Codes?

Moving on to the most important question: how can you get a free Steam gift card or free Steam wallet codes to use to buy games?

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is all about surveys, as the name implies. If you don’t mind filling out a lot of surveys, this platform may be the most convenient way to make money.

All you have to do is answer questions and complete surveys on a regular basis.

Earn Per Activity from $1 to $50. Payment Method through PayPal & Gift Cards.

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Furthermore, even if you don’t want to do that, you can sign up and get $5 right away. Some surveys will pay you up to $50 if you complete them.


InboxDollars, a popular website, is a great way to earn some quick cash and get free Steam codes. All you have to do is complete a few small and straightforward tasks, such as:

  • in response to a few questions,
  • completing a questionnaire,
  • and watching videos
  • I’m reading my emails.

Earn Per Activity Up to $5.Payment Method through Cash & Gift Cards.Min To
Cash Out is $30.

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PrizeRebel, one of the most popular sites of this type, offers a variety of ways to make money.

On this get-paid-to (GPT) site, you can complete tasks like filling out surveys in exchange for points and gift cards that can be redeemed for cash.

PrizeRebel is one of the few survey sites that will directly provide you with Steam codes.


In this PrizeRebel review, you can learn more about the site.



If you’re having trouble navigating through all of these cashback sites, MyPoints is the site for you. It’s extremely simple to use.

All you have to do is shop as usual, and you’ll be rewarded with points.

You can later use these points to earn cashback or to do whatever you want with them.

Earn Per Activity  $2.5.Payment Method through PayPal or Gift Cards. Min To
Cash Out is $3.

When you complete your first five surveys, you will receive a $5 bonus.



Swagbucks is yet another well-known and well-liked website where you can get a lot of free Steam codes. To earn points, you can complete simple tasks such as watching videos and answering surveys.

Then you can exchange your points for gift cards to places like Amazon, and your Steam codes are just a click away.

Earn Per Activity  $0.4 – $2.Payment Method through PayPal or Gift Cards. Min To
Cash Out is $3

There’s good news! Simply by signing up, Swagbucks will give you a free $10 bonus.


Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)

Ebates, like the other cashback sites, is a cashback site. It’s linked to a number of different stores via affiliate links.

Ebates pays you cashback when you shop at these stores. Ebates is now known as Rakuten, which acquired Ebates a few years ago.

Ebates is also set up to notify you when products are available at a lower price on different websites.

For signing up today, Rakuten/Ebates will give you a free $10 bonus.

Rakuten offers a generous rewards program that allows you to earn gift cards and cash by referring friends.

Cashback Up to 40%.Payment Method through PayPal or Gift Cards. Min To
Cash Out is $5.


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You can get an instant $10 bonus at ShopAtHome if you register and spend at least $25 within two months of registering. Aside from that, you get cashback when you shop at Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

You have the option of receiving $10 in the form of an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash as part of the bonus offer. Both of these things will provide you with funds to purchase Steam codes.

In our ShopAtHome review, we go over more about the site.



BeFrugal, a cashback and online coupon website, also offers a great way to earn money while getting all the free Steam codes you want.

In addition to the $10 bonus when you sign up, you get paid to shop with up to 40% cashback at over 5,000 stores.



Ibotta is a mobile app that allows you to earn money

Consider how frequently you go grocery shopping; that’s how many chances you’ll have to earn cashback with the Ibotta app.

You’ve just won some cashback by combining the offers, shopping as usual, and showing the receipt. Furthermore, if you complete all of their steps, you will receive an additional $20 bonus.


TopCashBack is one of the best cashback sites in the United States, and it offers you the chance to earn money as well. You can browse through their thousands of stores once you’ve signed up for their platform.

TopCashBack receives a commission from the retailers when you shop through their affiliate links, and you receive cashback. You can then use that money to get your free Steam codes.

Do you want to know more? More information can be found in our TopCashBack review.



If you’re not a fan of the whole attaching-pictures-of-receipts thing, Dosh can make your life a lot easier. You must link your debit or credit card to this website in order to earn cashback when you shop at any of their affiliated stores.

Additionally, simply linking your credit or debit card will earn you a $5 gift card or PayPal cash.



WikiBuy is a browser extension that acts as an online shopping assistant. It will notify you of lower prices, coupons, or simply products that you’ve been looking for.

It doesn’t get you free Steam codes in the same way that it helps you get them through other platforms.



Honey is another browser extension that you can download and install on your computer or laptop. Honey will guide you to the best coupons with the best discounts rather than sifting through endless coupons.

You’ll save time and money this way, which you can put towards getting Steam codes.

It’s another of the best cashback apps because you earn money simply by making regular purchases.On autopilot, to be precise.


InstaGC is ideal for when you require cash quickly, as the name implies. Even if your earnings are as low as $1, you can withdraw them.

As a result, you can earn digital cards on this platform instantly by doing things you probably already do, and use them to get that free $10 Steam code quickly.


Mr. Rebates

Log on to Mr. Rebate’s website for even more cashback shopping, where you can earn cashback from over three thousand stores.

If you’re not in the mood to shop, you can simply register yourself and receive a $5 bonus right away.

Furthermore, that is the minimum amount required for a Steam gift card, making it a win-win situation.


Gift Card Granny

You can get discounts on various types of gift cards or even sell the ones you don’t use on Gift Card Granny.

This way, you can look through all of the gift cards and find low-cost Steam gift cards or even Amazon gift cards that can be used to purchase Steam codes.



ReceiptHog, another great cashback site, allows you to earn points for every purchase you make. You can then use these points to quickly and easily earn cashback and free Steam codes.

You can also earn bonus rewards by completing other tasks, such as surveys.

ReceiptHog is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.




When new users register for the first time on this website, they will receive a $20 bonus. They also have the opportunity to earn cashback when they use the website’s coupons and codes in specific stores.

They have coupons and cashback for over 10,000 stores, including well-known retailers like Sephora and Bloomingdale’s.


Amazon Gift Cards

The majority of the websites we’ve discussed so far are all about earning money that you can then use to buy Steam gift cards or codes.

Another option is to use Amazon Gift Cards, which can be redeemed for money in your Amazon wallet. You can then use these to buy Steam codes from Amazon directly.

Perhaps it’s time to ask for Amazon Gift Cards as birthday and holiday gifts.



Free Games

What better way to get codes to play games than to actually play games for them?

You can do just that by playing free games on platforms like Mistplay for a set period of time and earning money. With your phone, you’ll be able to make money while on the go.

There are numerous games to choose from, and you can begin earning money by playing the ones you enjoy.


Steam Wallet Codes Generators

If you want to get Steam wallet codes without taking surveys, you can use Steam wallet code generators. These software programs are usually virus-free and have a low risk of spreading malware.

More importantly, they’re simple to operate. You go through the software’s steps and then press the ‘Generate’ button to get a code that you can use.


Giveaways and Social Media

Steam codes aren’t exactly hard to come by, nor are they cheap. Like you, a lot of people want them for free.

As a result, you’ll see a lot of people offering free Steam codes as part of giveaways and promotions on social media.

Typically, you’ll be asked to complete some tasks first, and then it’ll be a game of chance.

Even if the odds aren’t always in your favor, it’s always worth a shot.


Card Companies

With your debit or credit card, many banks and card companies provide you with a variety of benefits. These perks may include the ability to earn points on your purchases.

Eventually, you’ll be able to use those points to buy Steam codes.

Similarly, these cards can sometimes provide discounts, which can help you save money and be used to obtain Steam codes.



What Are Steam Codes and How Do They Work?

To comprehend how Steam codes function, you must first comprehend the Steam wallet. The Steam wallet is a Steam-only feature that can only be used by Steam users.

It’s similar to a digital wallet in that you can store money and then use it to make purchases on the platform.

You can use that money to buy and download games, or if you sell something on the Community Market, your earnings will go into your Steam wallet.

It’s a different way to pay than using your debit card or PayPal.

In some cases, such as Downloadable Content (DLC) for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s the only way to get something.

A wallet is also more convenient for minors than using their parents’ debit cards. Now comes the tricky part: how do you put money into this Steam wallet?

This is where Steam codes, which are one of two ways to add money to your wallet, come in handy.
The other option is to transfer funds from your bank account.

Steam codes function similarly to regular gift cards.

You can get the codes by scratching the back of a Steam gift card, which you can buy online or in various physical stores. Once you’ve received these codes, you can redeem them on Steam to receive credit in your account.

Additionally, you can purchase Steam codes separately to gain access to a game, similar to how you would receive a code for a game’s activation.

Steam Codes: How to Redeem Them

The steps to redeeming a Steam code are as follows:

Step 1: Log into your Steam account, or register and create one if you don’t already have one, because this is required to access your Steam wallet.

Step 2: Click on your username in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Select the ‘Account Details’ option.

Step 4: Locate and select the option ‘Add funds to your Steam Wallet’ on the right side of the screen.

Step 5: Go to the ‘Redeem a Steam Wallet Code’ link.

Step 6: Enter the code and click “Redeem” to receive the credits and begin buying your favorite games and items.

The Most Effective Methods for Obtaining Free Steam Wallet Codes

Here are a few of my favorite methods for obtaining free Steam codes. Finding ways to obtain Amazon or Walmart gift cards is the first step. They’re almost as good as cash.



Final Thoughts

After reading this list, it may appear that obtaining these codes for free is quite simple. All you have to do now is register?

That is fairly straightforward, but you must exercise caution. There are many scams and frauds out there that you do not want to fall victim to.


Stick to popular sites with good reviews and avoid shady sites that may ask for a lot of personal, sensitive information.


Aside from that, now that you have this fantastic list of over 23 ways to get free Steam codes, you can start working on earning them.


More importantly, you’ll never have to miss out on a great game because it’s a paid game again.



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