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Are you looking for ways to supplement your monthly income by working from home? What about online polling sites? Here’s an in-depth Survey Voices review to help you decide whether it’s a legitimate way to earn money or a waste of time. Continue reading.

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Survey Voices Review: Is it  a Scam or a Legit Site?

survey voices review

How much time do you spend in front of your computer these days? Whether it’s watching YouTube videos, playing online games, or browsing through your favorite topics, we all engage in some form of online activity every day.

According to recent research, the average person spends more than six hours per day on the internet. What if we told you that you could use this time to make some extra money?

Apart from freelance work and blogging, taking surveys is becoming a popular way to earn money online. Many companies and platforms will pay you for factual information, believe it or not, due to the overabundance of information available online.

Finding a legitimate platform to help you make money with surveys, on the other hand, is difficult. You might get caught up in online scams that cost you more than they’re worth if you don’t have the right guidance.

This is where Survey Voices can help. Survey Voices is a well-known website that helps you find the best survey platform so you can start making money with surveys right away. To learn everything you need to know about Survey Voices, read our review.

Introduction to Survey Voices

is survey voices legit

If you’ve read other Survey Voices reviews, you’re probably aware that this site acts as a go-between for you and various survey platforms. As previously stated, you’ll need a mediator to assist you in finding the best platforms for getting the most bang for your buck.

Unlike other marketing research companies, such as Swagbucks, which collect data directly from users in exchange for money and other benefits, Survey Voices connects you to the best online survey sites.

Simply put, the site assesses you based on your qualifications and directs you to the sites that are most appropriate for you.

Survey Voices is a product of Reward Zone LLC, a well-known company. Although it promotes a number of market research and survey sites in exchange for a commission, it claims to only promote legitimate sites.

Most importantly, Survey Voices claims that users can earn up to $300 in as little as a week after signing up. That should be enough to get anyone excited, but it makes us wary of the site itself.

So, is Survey Voices a genuine company or just another con? Let’s take a look at the specifics to find out.

The Process of Using Survey Voices

survey voices reviews

Now that you know how to make the most of your daily screen time, you’ll want to know how to get started. To begin using Survey Voices, you must first complete a simple sign-up process. It’s completely free and takes only a few minutes to complete.

How Does the Survey Voice Work?


It’s all in good fun until they ask for your phone number and address on the first level, which is the same as signing up for any other site.

We understand exactly what you’re thinking.

Unless it’s for online food delivery, you don’t usually give out that kind of information.

Unless it receives a commission by selling your personal information to a third party, the site has no direct use for it. Unless you’re someone who doesn’t mind their personal information being leaked as long as you get paid, that’s a bit shady.

Once you’ve signed up for Survey Voices, you’ll be given a list of survey sites to choose from to begin earning money online.

Keep in mind that each survey site has its own set of terms and conditions, payment methods, payout schedules, and other requirements. If you’re interested in a platform, you can always do some additional research online before you start filling out surveys for them.

Aside from that, as a Survey Voices member, you’ll receive advertisements for a variety of freebies and gift cards. While the ads may lead you to believe that those offers have a catch for the platform, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of them.

Who knows, you might strike it rich.

Why are most Survey Voices reviews negative?

survey voices legit

Although Survey Voices is a legitimate survey aggregation site, it has a bad reputation for a reason.

Because of the way Survey Voices is advertised, most users mistake it for a real survey site.

In reality, it’s a leading survey aggregator that refers users to other survey sites.

As a result, when users sign up for the platform with the expectation of being directed to surveys in exchange for money, they are disappointed when they do not find this on the site and dismiss it as a scam.

We’re not saying the site is completely free of tricks and deceptions, but it’s also not a complete rip-off. 

Payment Structure Survey Voices

You’ll want to know how much money you can make with Survey Voices and how to get it. This platform’s payment structure has no set rules; you are paid according to the survey site you choose to join.

Despite this, the website claims that you can make up to $300 in your first week. We’re sorry to tell you this, but you won’t even come close to that number during your first week.

The following are the reasons for this.

To begin with, not all survey sites pay you money if you complete surveys for them. You are usually compensated in points.

These points can later be redeemed for valuable items or gift cards from the company. However, to get something substantial enough for the time you put into it, you’ll need a lot of points.

Second, you’ll be surprised to learn that, while surveys may appear to be the holy grail of home-based income, they don’t pay very well.

On average, you’ll get a dollar or two for completing a single survey, and many of them are mind-boggling and time-consuming to complete.

Third, you’re unlikely to qualify for all of the surveys you apply for. Some surveys, for example, require a specific age, gender, or demographic setting.

There are qualifying surveys to help you figure out if you’re a good fit for that particular site, but they’re long and time-consuming. Sometimes you’ll be told at the end of the lengthy surveys that you’re not eligible, wasting your time.

Fourth, survey quotas tend to fill up quickly. This means that if the site requires a hundred responses and two hundred people complete the survey, only the first one hundred people will be paid.

All of this does not rule out the possibility of earning $300 per week. If you’re doing this as a part-time job to supplement your income, you won’t be able to do it.

In that case, you’ll most likely earn much less, if anything at all.

How Will I Receive Payments on Survey Voices

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Furthermore, you should be aware that your payments will not be made directly by Survey Voices. They will simply refer you to another survey firm that will compensate you for your time.

For example, if you complete a Swagbucks survey, you will be paid directly by them. Also, each platform has its own payment thresholds and methods, so research them before you begin.

You’re probably ready to jump right in now that we’ve covered everything from how to sign up for Survey Voices to how much money you can make with Survey Voices.

But hold on a second.

We’ve given an honest representation of all the aspects to help you make your decision, unlike other Survey Voices reviews that either glorify or completely dismiss the platform.

Advantages of Survey Voices

survey voices review

Even though this platform isn’t entirely legitimate, it does have a few advantages that make it a viable option for earning passive income.

It’s completely free to join.

is survey voices legit

Survey Voices is a survey aggregator on the internet. The majority of these sites charge their users for the surveys and information they provide.

With Survey Voices, this isn’t the case. It provides its services for free. This means you’ll be investing only your time and effort, lowering the overall risk of working online.

Reputable Parent Corporation

survey voices reviews

Reward Zone LLC owns Survey Voices, as previously stated. This is a well-known business with an excellent BBB rating.

The rating indicates the company’s trustworthiness, so you can be confident in your security before signing up for their platforms and websites.

Some of the best-rated businesses pay on time.


Although we cannot say this for all of the companies listed on Survey Voices, some do pay their users on time.

Just make sure to read the reviews for any site you’re considering working for, or you’ll be wasting your time.

The Drawbacks of Survey Voices

survey voices legit

Following the positives, here are some of the platform’s drawbacks that you should be aware of before signing up.

Website Scamming

Every site that Survey Voices promotes is said to be thoroughly vetted. However, we can’t help but have reservations about their selection procedure.

Some of the websites they recommend to their users are downright misleading and will waste your time.

Harassing Calls and Videos

During the sign-up process, the platform requests your address, email, and phone number. You’ll be bombarded with advertising emails and spam calls from marketing companies affiliated with the site as soon as you finish the process.

These sites benefit Survey Voices, which is why they don’t charge their users when they sign up.

Restrictions based on demographics

Some of the options on their list are inaccessible to people who do not live in the United States.

There are no customer support services available.

If you have any complaints or questions, you will be unable to contact the website in any way. They primarily connect their users to other websites.

That is why they do not want people to contact them with non-related questions.

Is Survey Voices the Best Platform for You

Whether Survey Voices will work for you or not is entirely dependent on your passive income goals. It’s an excellent option for you if you spend a lot of time online every day and wouldn’t mind earning a few dollars in exchange.

Survey Voices, on the other hand, is not for you if you are serious about making money online and want to spend your time wisely.

Best Alternatives to Survey Voices

survey voices reviews

A survey aggregator is Survey Voices. There are many alternatives to Survey Voices that you can use if you want to earn money directly.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a well-known survey website. It has a large number of survey options, allowing you to earn a consistent monthly income.


Here are some of Survey Junkie’s key features.

  • Payment Method Minimum To Maximum Earnings Per Activity
  • Next Steps for Cashing Out
  • PayPal and gift cards are available in denominations ranging from $1 to $50.
  • SIGN UP FOR $10



Apart from filling out surveys, this website offers a variety of ways to earn money, including watching videos and playing games.

They also compensate you for the advertisements that they send you via email.


  • Payment Method Minimum To Maximum Earnings Per Activity
  • Next Steps for Cashing Out
  • Cash and gift cards worth up to $5



Apart from taking surveys, there are many other ways to earn a consistent, passive income on this platform.

Take a look at these important Swagbucks considerations.


  • Payment Method Minimum To Maximum Earnings Per Activity
  • Next Steps for Cashing Out
  • PayPal or Gift Cards $0.4 – $2

Is Survey Voices a Scam or a Legitimate Business?

survey voices review

Finally, the question is whether Survey Voices is a legitimate business or a rip-off. After reading our Survey Voices review, we believe the decision is entirely dependent on your objectives and preferences.

While Survey Voices does offer some legitimate benefits and income opportunities, it is far from ideal.

That’s because it has some shady elements, such as unwanted calls and messages, erratic payouts, and untrustworthy website recommendations.

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