How To Become A Grubhub Driver

Becoming a Grubhub driver is becoming an increasingly popular job.

 It allows you to set a flexible schedule around your other commitments and is a great way to earn some extra cash or offers you the freedom if you need a part-time job.  

If you are interested in becoming a food delivery driver, Grubhub is a great place to start, signing up is quick and easy, allowing you to get started in no time.

This review will provide you with everything you need to know to get you started as a Grubhub driver.

Who Are Grubhub?


As you are interested in working for Grubhub, I'm sure you would like to know who they are and what they do! It seems like a great place to start.

Grubhub is a leading American online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace, offering its services to over 3,200 cities in the U.S. and London.

Grubhub customers to over 350,000 restaurants by the Grubhub app or their website; this allows its customers to order from their favorite websites at a time convenient to them.

​​Being A Grubhub Driver


As with companies like UberEats and Uber, as a Grubhub driver, you will be employed as an independent contractor, you are not a Grubhub employee.

This is important to note, as you will need to take into account all the additional expenditures you will incur to work out your hourly pay.

As an independent contractor, you will pay estimated taxes four times a year; however unlike employees, you can take advantage of several tax deductions; these include an amount for your business mileage. 

Top tip - make sure you keep mileage records to support your deduction.

​Being an independent contractor offers you the opportunity of working for a variety of delivery companies at one time.

Grubhub welcomes drivers from UberEats, Postmates, Lyft, and Uber and other delivery companies so you can easily take advantage of the extra work two delivery jobs will bring.

Why You Should Become a Grubhub Driver

There are a number of reasons you should drive for Grubhub rather than one of its competitors:

  • Grubhub owns a number of other companies, one of them being Seamless; this means you will drive for both companies, which should result in more jobs coming your way.
  • You do not have to pay for the food on the customer’s behalf (like some other delivery companies).

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Grubhub Driver Requirements


Grubhub are constantly on the look out for new drivers, they note on their website

“​You do not need previous delivery driver experience or special skill for this role.  However, a positive attitude and excellent customer service can help you earn more.”

Any drivers out there have the opportunity to become a Grubhub driver, they do, however, set some requirements you must meet:

  • ​​You must be at least 19 years old (​In Chicago and Las Vegas ​you must be at least 21 years old)
  • ​Drivers must own a smartphone (iPhone with IOS 11 or later or an Android with 5.0 or later)
  • ​You have a data plan to ​be able to access the Grubhub driver app
  • ​Grubhub drivers must own a car or motorcycle, with valid registration and vehicle insurance
  • A valid driver's license is essential.
  • You must have held a license for two years
  • ​All drivers will need to pass a background check
  • ​You will have a bank account, which allows direct deposits to receive your weekly payments.
  • In some areas, GrubHub drivers may use an electric scooter or bike to deliver for Grubhub. These bike delivery partners will need to submit a state ID in place of a driver's license.

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​Grubhub Driver Background Check

As detailed above, one of the requirements to become a Grubhub driver is to pass a background check.

​The Grubhub driver check uses a third-party company called Checkr to complete their screenings, to ensure safe deliveries for all.

Your social security number will verify your identity and provide information on your driving history and criminal record.

Grubhub Driving History Checks:

Grubhub wants to ensure their drivers are safe and have a clean driving record. 

If found with any of the following offenses on your driving record, Grubhub will not accept your application:

  • You must not have more than three moving violations in the three years before you apply for the job (includes speeding tickets, accidents, driving without insurance and stoplight violations)
  • ​In the three years before your application, you must not have had any major violations (includes driving with a suspended license and reckless driving)/
  • You must not have had any drug or drink related violation in the past seven years.

Grubhub Criminal History Checks:

If Grubhub discovers any of the following crimes have been committed in the seven years before your application, they will not employ you:

  • Felonies
  • Drug-related crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • Violent crimes
  • Theft and property damage

Background checks usually take between three and ten days.

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​Grubhub Driver Levels And Blocks

Grubhub ​manages its drivers using a system of levels​ and blocks.

Grubhub Driver Levels

​As part of the Grubhubs driver recognition program, Grubhub analyses their driver's stats, ​then place drivers into levels using the information they gain.

All levels are updated weekly based on the driver's stats over the last 30 days, or for new drivers after your 20th delivery.

​​Grubhub base your driver on the following stats:

  • Attendance rate - ​Grubhub works out the percent​ of blocks scheduled ​that you attend.
  • Acceptance rate - The percent of offers that you accept.
  • Block drop rate - The percent of blocks you schedule, but drop before or during the block.

Each Monday, you will be given details as to which level you have entered.

Grubhub levels

As you can see from the screenshot above, Grubhub has three levels, Premier, Pro, and Partner.

To become a premier driver​, you will need to have a 100% attendance rate, at least a 95% order acceptance rate, and less than a 10% block drop rate.

​If you reach this level, you will have access to new blocks first, you will ​be eligible for catering orders (in areas where applicable), and you will also have access to referral programs, where you can earn money for every diner you refer to Grubhub.

In areas where it is applicable, access to large catering orders is a great perk, as you will receive a large order fee and more significant tips.​

Grubhub Scheduled Blocks

​Scheduled blocks are used by Grubhub to create a flexible schedule for ​its drivers.

Drivers can schedule a delivery block for up to two weeks before working.

Drivers who schedule blocks are preferred over drivers that do not; this does not mean drivers cannot get work without scheduling, it just means they might not get any orders during that time slot as the scheduled drivers receive priority.

​Blocks often fill up fast, so if you miss scheduling a ​block, keep a lookout for dropped blocks as other drivers may drop their blocks, making them available.

The earlier you book your block, the more orders you will receive, and the higher your earnings will be.

​The next thing to note is once you schedule a delivery block, Grubhub drivers need to get into ​your predefined delivery zone before Grubhub sends you delivery details.

​To schedule blocks, you go into your Grubhub app and choose the blocks that are convenient to you by tapping on 'scheduling' on the menu.

You will receive a message when blocks are open; I would advise opening the app immediately as there will be more opportunities.

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​A Day In ​The Life Of a Grubhub Driver

Once you start working for Grubhub, you will follow a similar pattern each time you work.

Receiving Orders

You will need to get into your predefined delivery zone before Grubhub sends you any deliveries.

You will need to open the Grubhub app and select 'View region boundaries' to ensure you are within your unique delivery boundary.

Now you can adjust your status to 'Taking offers.' You need to tap on 'Unavailable,' then on the next screen, slide the red dot to 'Taking offers.'

​It shouldn't be too long before you hear a cowbell, indicating that an offer has been received.

You have 90 seconds to accept the order; if you do not take the order within that time frame, it is sent to another driver.

The offer will show the locations of both the customer and restaurant and also where you are in relation to the two.

The proposal will also show how much you will earn when you accept the order.

​If you decide to accept the offer, the Grubhub app directs you to the restaurant.

When you arrive at the restaurant, you click 'Arrived' on the app and enter the restaurant.

​Picking Up Orders From Restaurants

​In most instances, restaurants will have the order ready to go; you need to verify that you have the complete order and click 'Got order' and 'leaving.'

This will indicate you are ready to leave to the app, which then gives you directions to your customer.

Grubhub has payment processing agreements with several restaurants, meaning you do not have to pay for the food on the customer's behalf, the restaurants accept payments directly from Grubhub.

Delivery Of Food Orders To Customers

When you arrive at the customer's location, you will need to click 'Arrived' and proceed to deliver the order. 

​After delivery, you will need to click 'Delivered' on the app, and the process will start again.

Hopefully, upon delivery of the food order, your customers will give you a tip, they can do this in person, or they can pre-tip via the app when they order their food. 

Drivers keep 100% of their tips, so it is worth going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service.

If you run into any problems along the way, click 'there's a problem' on the app, and the Grubhub team will offer help.

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Pros and Cons of working As a Grubhub Driver

As, there is for working for any company, driving for Grubhub has its pros and cons:

Advantages of Working As A Grubhub Driver

You Are Your Own Boss

​Being their own boss ranks as the number one positive for the majority of drivers, If you are following Grubhubs rules and guidelines, you can manage yourself, make your own decisions, and ​answer to yourself. 

Guaranteed Minimum Earnings

​There are slow times when Grubhub drivers are sitting around, waiting for orders to ​​​come through; this can be frustrating for drivers.

In some cities, one advantage of becoming a driver for Grubhub is they pay a guaranteed minimum hourly rate, while your status on the app shows you are active. 

This means you will always make more than the minimum wage, regardless of the number of orders you receive.

​There is one caveat in place; to qualify ​, you will need to maintain a specific attendance and acceptance level​.

Make Extra Cash ​As A Driver

Working for Grubhub doesn't have to be a full-time job, if you need to make some extra cash in addition to your everyday wage, this is a great job to do at weekends.

There are a significant number of drivers who work part-time too; as I said above, the decision making is all yours.

You're on Your Own

As you are just responsible for collecting and dropping off orders, you are pretty much on your own; there is no need for small talk while dropping passengers off, you need to spend a few minutes making your customer feel important when you drop the food off.

​Great For Finding Somewhere To Eat Out

As you'll be spending most of your working day, in and out of restaurants, it allows you to do your homework on where you'd like to treat yourself for a meal when you are off duty. 

You'll be able to get an idea of where the hot spots are, what restaurants are popular, and those you want to avoid.

​​Working as a Grubhub Driver Cons

Now to the ugly part of working as a Grubhub driver.

Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

Driving around all day/night ​means you will start to accumulate many miles on your vehicle, which in turn causes additional wear and tear on your car.

You will start to spend more on fuel, tires, oil, and other maintenance costs. 

As you are an independent contractor, Grubhub will not pay for any of these expenses.

You will need to pay for all vehicle expenses including insurance, depreciation and maintenance.

​Tax Returns

As a Grubhub driver, you are an Independent contractor, this means you are required to file a tax return at the end of every year.

You can pay an estimated tax amount four times a year but I would advise you set aside a proportion of your income to cover any income taxes due.

As I said above, keep a record of your mileage as you will be able to deduct these expenses.

In addition keep a record of you car insurance, maintenance costs and fuel costs as you will be able to write these off too.

​No Two Pay Packets Are The Same

There are going to be slow times throughout the week, when you will be sat in your car doing nothing, getting frustrated by the lack of order coming through.

​Your pay can be affected by these slow times, the weather, the traffic, how many drivers are on the clock and a​ variety of other economic factors, so your pay packet will never be the same meaning you are unable to plan.

Missed, Rejected, Or Dropped Orders

Grubhub wants to give its customers the best service possible, so they put in place penalties for drivers who do not accept orders and miss their shifts.

Grubhub have high standards, and as the levels indicated to become a Premier Grubhub driver you must have a ​95% order acceptance rate, 100% attendance rate and ​you must not drop any blocks.

​This is pretty tough for the majority of drivers, things happen that are out of your control, so these high standards can be hard to achieve.

Demanding Customers Can Be Frustrating

We've all been there, watching that customer in front of you giving the cashier grief, the same goes for food deliveries, there will always be that unhappy customer.

There are a variety of reasons, the meal could be late, the customer didn't receive the correct items, or they may have another complaint.

Most reasons for the customers dissatisfaction will be out of your control, however as the face of the company you will need to apologize and let them know you did everything you could to get their delivery to them in a timely fashion.

Grubhub customer care difficulties

You have to contact Grubhub's customer care through the driver app, as the driver app is sometimes slow, this can occasionally cause delays in connectivity, which is a problem if you have an urgent issue.

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Grubhub Drivers Salary


Grubhub driver earnings will vary each week significantly, depending on the number of deliveries you complete and the size of those deliveries.

In some cities, you will receive a minimum amount per hour regardless of how many deliveries you complete. 

As a general rule, Grubhub drivers receive:
A rate per order + $0.50 per mile (from the restaurant to the customer) + all of the tips received.

The rate you receive per order depends on which city you reside, cities with a higher cost of living will pay a higher amount.

Most drivers earn between $11 and $13 per hour.

To maximize your earnings, work in an area that receives a high volume of orders, and provide outstanding customer service, which increases those tips.

Working as a Grubhub Driver is a great way to make an income, it provides individuals with flexible, easy to do work.

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